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  1. We should not even mention MP40. Most of german faction players thinks that even PPS is better than MP40 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. You can feel worse accuracy becouse you use MG34 at longer distances than MP40. And at distances, MG34 have almost no damage drop, while MP40 is useful only up to 35 or 40 meters. If someone is so far that you can't hit him with MG34, it means he's a sniper or he can't hit you with his weapon. Even when you use SMK Hart ammunition, onetapping or bursting should let you kill enemies who are more than 100 meters away. In my opinion, taking SA in combo with any MG don't make sense, it's better to take nades and pistol, becouse MG34 lack in hipfire and sometimes you have to defend from SMG rushers. Maybe SA can be better at long ranges, but at most, MGs do a same job, but in other way
  3. KV-85 i T-34 85 statystycznie są bardzo podobne, prawie takie same (największa różnica to umieszczenie karabinu dodatkowego strzelca i ilość HP, ale grając na czołgi tego samego rodzaju się tego nie odczuwa). Jeśli chcesz jeździć czołgiem średnim klasyfikowanym jako czołg ciężki, to bierz KV-85. Jeśli chcesz mieć równiejsze szanse z wrogiem, to weź T-34 85.
  4. 1. Becouse it's the only motorcycle with crate 2. Becouse it's cool 3. Because they bought it and if they won't use it, they will feel that it was waste of money
  5. Plane fights are based on teamplay. At the war, me and my one friend have rekted with recon planes one Pe-3 player so hard, that he left the game. Then i got rekted at staged when playing P38, because i was the only one who was trying to fight with german heavy fighters, and the rest of my team was focused on destroying ground targets and dying (before 1.07). 2 coordinated players are worht much more than 4 randoms, whos are playing their own "singleplayer". It doesn't mean that one plane is better than other, fights are won by using planes advantages and disadvantages. P38 are still better overall, but ME-410 can do nice team-job with its speed.
  6. Dźwięki w H&G zawsze były pobugowanym gównem. Zaletą tych nowych jest to, że teraz słychać każdy dźwięk. Może niektórym (ja z moimi słuchawkami z określaniem pozycji i odległości mam tylko w budynkach) ciężej ustalić kierunki, ale teraz przynajmniej słyszę wszystkie strzały i przejeżdżające samochody. Wcześniej to byli i snajperzy widmo, chyba z najnowocześniejszymi tłumikami, i samochody z oponami z gąbki jeżdżące na wyłączonych silnikach, a zamontowane na nich karabiny też chyba nieźle wytłumione, albo strzelały bez strzelania. A klakson był słyszalny tylko dla kierowcy.
  7. From range, using MGs as "better" battlerifle isn't the worst idea. From range it's harder to suppress, but you can pick a lot of targets with high capacity of MG. Good machinegunner can do a job of one squad, by holding important position when rest of the team is assaulting objectives. As defender he can do same, just stay at position and wait for enemy to bait (suppression by fast killing ). One MG gunner = firepower of few grunts. Sometimes is better to spray and suppress, sometimes picking frags is more important. Sometimes, you have to combine killing and suppresing. Funniest thing is to spray through the wall. You can suprise a lot of newbies, and get a lot of kills just by blind shooting.
  8. The only weapon for which scope is worth is M2 Carbine, becouse without scope you can't even track the target when shooting. Garand and M1903 both have nice ironsight, with good proportions (M1 from H&G have better sight than in reality, it is blocking less of view, and M1903 sight is probably the best sight in game) and scale (in contrast to K98). Of course, someone can prefer the scopes, but for me it's nonsense.
  9. It's only raw data
  10. Moar correct TTK, based of new, in-menu ROF 4HK Full ROF MG42 - 0,171 TTK 3HK Full ROF MG42 - 0,114 TTK 3HK Full ROF Johnson/M1919 - 0,162 TTK
  11. It cant be heavy spring, it's shoting too fast for heavy spring ^^ Nice video BTW. Maybe it's fight with randoms, but it shows that you can hit the target with MG
  12. Yes, it doesnt nothing to help accuracy or reduce sway, becouse it is reducing horizontal recoil. And my tests showed me that tight grip works ONLY with M2 and MG42, becouse they are the only weapons which recoil can go horizontal. I tried it, you don't have to trust me, but you can check yourself if you can get better score with TG. Even if you don't feel the difference
  13. It isn't useless. Not for M2 and MG42. I was testing MG42 with TG gold (no mods, heavy spring, max rof and rof+ammo), without TG (all combinations), and Victus builds with TG Gold are the most controlable (with TG Gold, modded MG is easier in use than without mods, i don't know why). TG is required for playing with MG, becouse with TG gold MG recoil is only vertical, never horizontal. Without TG, recoil of modded MG42 can move the barrel down, then make a circle and point gun to the sky. I know that using "Tight Grip" can be a problem for some players, but since I buy a veteran membership for war battles, it does not matter to me. And making TG Gold build-in MG42 would be the best buff for this weapon.
  14. I think this is the problem
  15. You haven't even played with it, or you are just biased. I'm using only Victus builds. I can enjoy it. Adrian can enjoy it. I don't know, maybe we have superpower to use MG which noone else have