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  1. Junell

    Project 'Close Combat' Tech Tree Explanation

    IMO melee weapons should be grouped into "fast stabber", "slow stabber", "one handed whacker", "two handed slasher", etc. All small knives should have identical stats, and the same for all one handed hammers/clubs/beer bottles... That way melee weapons could act as the default competition and event prize.
  2. Junell

    It's H&G, not WOT

    For new players the tanker speciality maps is a harder and slower, MUCH slower, way to rank up. In assaults you pit your starter tank vs. better lights, sometimes better meds, with the possibility to take out a few vehicles and the occational recon plane. In the tank game mode you allways have to fight better meds, TDs and HTs. Ranking up requires you to do damage and kill stuff. For new players that's much easier in assaults than in the tank game mode. New players should avoid the tank game mode alltogether.
  3. Junell

    Heavy set - Bolt Action Rifle Debatte

    Equip all new soldiers with HS. Reverse the stats so HSG is weakest and bronze the most powerful. That way new players get more protection, while gradually losing it as they play and rank up. Most vets also get a larger game advantage from 5% than new players get from the full 15. Make both kills and caps also count towards ribbon progression to avoid static gameplay.
  4. Junell

    Game Survival - suggestion

    My preferred waste of gold would be gold-only-weapons. Or shiny new gold only vehicles. Use existing stats, but new looks. Clan/squad functions could all be unlocked by gold. For example by giving gold to the clan in addition to the player for the first game each day. Clans could spend that gold to purchase various features, like raise the amount of players in the clan, number of active clan orders, clan uniforms, emblems, skins, etc. Fast forward to a large and cool clan by spending money.
  5. Junell

    It's H&G, not WOT

    Tanks are generally reducing a teams chance to win a game. But as new tankers need to play assaults to rank up, and there are relatively few assaults with tanks, it's only logical that you get a lot of tanks in those game. Players don't misunderstand anything. They just want to play the classes available.
  6. Junell

    Capture & Hold [Tanks] Gameplay is getting far too toxic.

    Any new players should avoid this game mode. Period. It is designed to disfavor new players. If you want to level up a tanker it's much faster to do so in regular assaults. Pretty stupid, I know.
  7. Junell

    Air defense for the US

    Why would you want that? Dedicated AA guns should be the obvious choise against planes. Plus other planes of course. Not hand held single shot anti tank rifles. Even LMGs should be better at taking down planes than AT rifles.
  8. Junell

    Air defense for the US

    The solution is to reduce the effectiveness of AT rifles against planes, not to make them a even more preferable anti air gun.
  9. Junell

    Capture & Hold Tanks

    A lot of effort would be the AI and a new map. Maps are supposedly so much work that we only get one every other year or so. They spent a lot of time on the AI and to make a new map, then won't spend time making more than one battle setup for staged or make it playable in war. Pitting new players in crappy lights against players in mediums and heavy tanks results in a weird paradox. If you want to rank up a tanker, then you should avoid the tank game mode. Not making the game mode playable in war makes it uninteresting for clans and a lot of veteran players. So. Currently we have a game mode that veterans don't want to play and newbies shouldn't play.
  10. Junell


    Flamethrower? Why make novelty weapons before another set of normal high tier guns? Or carbines? Or recon rifles? Or the silenced recon SMGs? Or the AT trucks? Or attack aircrafts? Or bombers? Or the last three recon vehicles? Or more AA trucks? To be clear. I want flamethrowers. But why not finish the countless things that you already have proposed first? And again. Roadmap? Flamethrowers are just another whim. Why not make a plan?
  11. Junell

    Capture & Hold Tanks

    Are there still not battles for light vs. light only? It is so strange that reto puts a lot of effort in to launch a new game mode, then can't be bothered to tweak it to make it playable for most players.
  12. Junell


    Still hoping to find a normal roadmap somwhere in the development overview. Or is it on hold? I can't seem to find it there either.
  13. Junell

    Recon vs Recon gamemode maps

    But would you consider making other recon vs recon game modes on the existing maps? I guess that would be less time consuming, or at least pull more of the hours from a different resource pool. Capture the flag on the skirmish maps would be a nice way to go. Or is the there need for a massive rework to make the maps function without cap zones?
  14. Junell


    I wish we could get a proper roadmap with actual plans for this game. Not this overview of which of Retos whims that are currently in effect.
  15. Junell

    Carbines-For Paratroopers and Infantry

    If a pistol is stupid or the MKb 42(H) is better than the MKb 42(W) was not the point. I will gladly discuss those issues with you, and more so discuss how and why. But you have to create a better context than a wishlist and a few pictures of well known guns in a part of the forum intended for "[..] gather[ing] the information that we need to further Develop some of the aspects of the game [...] discuss constructively and are able to provide good sources for your information [...]" Provide better information or a more interesting explanation of how and why your suggestion works, then maybe people will discuss the matter here. If not, you are better off posting it in another part of the forum.
  16. We still miss the possibility to queue for games with all tankers/pilots. Queuing with "this soldier" disables the possibility to queue with all tank types, and you kind of need to set up a dedicated matchmaking tanker with four different tank types if you just want to play a quick tank game.. The same goes for pilots, although less critical atm. Why not add the option to queue with all tankers/tank types?
  17. Junell

    Carbines-For Paratroopers and Infantry

    There are plenty of existing threads to post wishes in, mate.
  18. Junell

    Field Medic class and arsenal

    Why post this here? Threads like this are better suited for the Action game feedback and suggestions part of the forum. Posting in this part of the forum is (or used to be) a privilege. Let's not use that privilege to make it more cluttered and less relevant to @Reto.Christiano. We want him to use the forum more, not less.
  19. Junell

    Submachinegun Tiers

    I still believe that the best way to add more SMGs to the game is to divide them into two basic groups. By having one 6-point group and one 7-point group of SMGs it would be much easier to have more useful guns that is not too similar to each other. 6-point-basic-support-standard-SMG This are the normal guns for tankers and pilots, and inf in need of points for other equipment, like a dual primary loadout. The current M3, MP-34 and PPD-40 falls into this group. In addition we could add something like the PPD-34 with high rof and 25 round mags. It would offer a different game play compared to the PPD-40, while still not being overall better. The Reising M55 could either be made as a 850rpm mini PPSh or as a 550rpm 12-round gun with PPS handling. Both would fit into this group. As usual, GE have plenty of guns that would fit, all depending on how soft stats are tweaked. 7-point-specialized-SMG-CQB-derp-guns SMGs in this group should normally be the best cqb guns in the game. It should be the preferred guns for loadouts dedicated to close range fighting. Need to storm and hold a cap? Get a 7-point smg and some nades/medpacks and you are good to go. All current high tier SMGs would fit this group, but tweaked/buffed even more towards close range derp. Even with a close range buff there should be room for guns like the PPS to give players options in play style. And to make it easier to implement the different guns. Both the Reising M50 and the MP-28, as examples, could be made to behave like the PPS, while the Tommy and MP-40 takes a even more CQB oriented role.
  20. Junell

    Recon vs Recon gamemode maps

    Kills? No. That could encourage games where teams win by not spawning as soon as they have a lead. IMO the best way would be some kind of capture the flag. 3-5 items placed around the map that players should retrieve would do the trick. With few players and a 15 minute timer it would call for a wide variety of tactics. Locate the items and lurk in a bush with a sniper rifle or zoom around in a recon car armed with a SMG and a wrench? The skirmish maps are all good for this type of games. It would even make the low tier recon cars useful again.
  21. Junell

    Moar BA rifles!

    Ok. Now i understand what you meant. What I was trying to say that it is better, easier, and more interesting to do the gun discussion the other way around. Start with the role needed ingame, and find guns that fit second. Carbines are a good example. The ingame use would be a gun that fills the gap between a pistol and a BA or SA rifle both in points and firepower. Then narrow down the gun models to the most plausible ones. M1938 fits. SKT-40 could be tweaked to work. Any full auto version would probably not fit, as the full auto in most cases would outgun a SA or BA. Trying to squeeze all guns with "carbine" in it's name into some logical order is a losing game. The 98k is a carbine. The M1903 is not. And they are just a few grams and millimeters shy of beeing identical in size. Squeezing all short rifles into a carbine line is not really that much better. The G33/40 is obviously a carbine. But the StG is even shorter. So... This said I am all in favour for carbines in this game. As something between a pistol and rifle in size and firepower.
  22. Junell

    Moar BA rifles!

    There is no problem having both. They fill different roles. The problem is to differentiate them in a way that makes them useful. Buffing accuracy at range is an easy way to do it. It makes them really useful for recons, even if most other stats are lowered. Having them recon only also makes them a end game weapon for snipers (no inf snipers, pls), and it limits the use of guns that really were not seen in combat. I don't understand what you are saying. What do you mean? None of the guns mentioned are new to the regular bunch of grumpy old forum warriors. Most people know the guns. The thing to discuss is how to implement them. What use they should have in game is a far more useful discussion than what model should be chosen. Why add carbines, what role and what use they should have is a god discussion, far better than arguing about preferring G33/40 or the G24(t).
  23. Is the M1 that bad? Don't play much para anymore, but I really liked it the few minutes it was available for infantry. I did not consider that it probably have changed a handful of times since then. Anyhow, bad accuracy was not the point, just some downside to balance out the higher damage compared to the M1. I don't really care if it's recoil, sway(!), accuracy or reload time.
  24. Junell

    Moar BA rifles!

    I would rather make a set of recon exclusive rifles and a set of carbines available to most classes. To me that makes more sense. Carbines: G33/40 for GE, M1 Carbine for US and either M1938 or M1944 for SU. The M1 is already in the game. Make the GE and SU ones slightly worse than the current BA, but at the same point cost as M1. Recon rifles could include the M1917, SVT-38, M1891, G98, G41 or any other oddball stuff. Make it more accurate than anything. Remove OHK from the bolt guns and adjust reload time, rof, and damage on any semi autos to make sure that they are better at range than close quarters. This should be the personal headshot sticks for veteran snipers.