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  1. The main problem is not that there are too many pilots, but that they have nowhere else than assaults to use planes. Hard caps or not, we need game modes that are better suited for flying. A plane vs.plane dogfight game mode and a plane vs plane/aa factory bombing game mode would be most welcome.
  2. Junell


    I wonder if there has ever been a proper roadmap for this game. The Trello only show what current whim Reto is acting on. Can we get a roadmap? Pretty please?
  3. Junell


    Does this mean... Custom decals soon? Vehicles? Uniforms? Pretty please?
  4. 1. Specialist spam! What is fun in games won or lost within 3 minutes because all players on one team decides to only play tanks and planes? 2. Nowhere to play with my specialist class characters. The tank vs. tank could be good, but need a use on the RTS map. 3. No new RTS content since 2013. Or was it 2012? (Not kidding.)
  5. Junell


    Silenced SMGs for recon is at least more useful than the tier 3 planes and the M20/250. Reto waste way too much time making stuff that players, by design, must try avoid using. Tier 1 and 2 planes and the crappy recon cars don't have a use in this game until they make new game modes. For now it's a waste of time, both for Reto and the players.
  6. Junell

    Update 1.14 - NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE!

    It is so sad that the auto spawn UI and the idiotic desicion to remove MM choices takes all the focus from the new game mode. That is actually a step in the right direction. But it need to have more options than the current with all tank classes in one game. It is close to impossible to rank up a new tanker when most veterans spam heavy tanks like there is no tomorrow.
  7. Junell

    Update 1.14 - NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE!

    How is the new tank game mode triggered in war? The new 251 is awesome, but it also calls for a long needed change to the M3. The 251 have good protection for both driver and passengers, maybe even better than the 250 had. The M3 have no driver protection from neither front or sides, and most passengers can be killed from the front. And what is the actual intended use for the new recon vehicles? Where the BA-64 can be used for mobile MG support, neither the M20 and 250 is suited for this. So.. what was the plan here? I have long been arguing for using the M20 and 250 as a small and nimble APC choice for infantry instead of recon vehicles. I hope you consider adding them to inf as well. The matchmaker UI is confusing at best. Either make it better or.. No. Just make it better. (It is frikkin terrible. Like, proper crap.)
  8. Junell


    We are intending to update the develoment overview again in March. ETA mid April? And then the April update one of the first days in June?
  9. I would like å badge that increases the time when players can spawn to my car. Would be handy in games where no ISV tickets are available.
  10. So you get to have SMG, scoped BA, H3 and medkit in one loadout? Well...
  11. Keeping some general badges tied to fps is not a problem. The problem is that all the badges for generals is tied to fps. There should be more badges available, where some of them was unlocked by playing RTS. There could be badges for increased warfund earning, larger assault team size, larger view distance, increased flight range, etc. All badges in fps = no reason to buy generals. All badges in rts = no reason to promote soldiers to generals. I think that most badges should be tied to the fps, but rts need to have enough good badges to make it worth both buying and promoting. But the thing with the logistics badge is a bit weird, as you mention.
  12. I agree that kill count would be a good solution if we got rid of the problems with the tier system. But right now using kills to determine who wins makes it impossible to contribute to a win with any other than the best planes. If you use a player slot to use your recon plane you are only contributing to a loss for your side. With capping, recon planes could still contribute to a win by capping, even if useless against high tier fighters. It would even make tail gunners more useful, as it could provide another player in cap while waiting for your own plane.
  13. If we could persuade to make a dogfight game mode asap, what would be the best way to decide who is the winner? A huge cap in the map centre, elevated so it is only possible to cap with planes? It would kind of resemble having air superiority, while still making it possible to contribute to a win in other planes than FW190/P51/LA-7. Is there any better ideas that should be considered? Both using the current existing mechanics and with new ones.
  14. Junell

    Mounted machineguns on maps

    I would rather have a equippable LMG to be used in this role. Make the MG42, M1919A6 and Maxim Tokarev(?) cost 9 points to equip, make it worse than the other LMGs when standing but it should be really stable when deployed on bipods. If using 250 round belts for all guns, the ammo loadout would be 750 rounds as standard, 1250 for one additional equipment point and 2000 rounds when both spending one extra point and using Hoarder Gold badge. The gun should be crap when running around, but perform really well when used in a more stationary sustained fire role. IMO this would be more fun than premade MG nests, because it would make it possible to play in a specialized MG role with both great strengths and weaknesses.