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  1. I would like å badge that increases the time when players can spawn to my car. Would be handy in games where no ISV tickets are available.
  2. So you get to have SMG, scoped BA, H3 and medkit in one loadout? Well...
  3. Keeping some general badges tied to fps is not a problem. The problem is that all the badges for generals is tied to fps. There should be more badges available, where some of them was unlocked by playing RTS. There could be badges for increased warfund earning, larger assault team size, larger view distance, increased flight range, etc. All badges in fps = no reason to buy generals. All badges in rts = no reason to promote soldiers to generals. I think that most badges should be tied to the fps, but rts need to have enough good badges to make it worth both buying and promoting. But the thing with the logistics badge is a bit weird, as you mention.
  4. I agree that kill count would be a good solution if we got rid of the problems with the tier system. But right now using kills to determine who wins makes it impossible to contribute to a win with any other than the best planes. If you use a player slot to use your recon plane you are only contributing to a loss for your side. With capping, recon planes could still contribute to a win by capping, even if useless against high tier fighters. It would even make tail gunners more useful, as it could provide another player in cap while waiting for your own plane.
  5. If we could persuade to make a dogfight game mode asap, what would be the best way to decide who is the winner? A huge cap in the map centre, elevated so it is only possible to cap with planes? It would kind of resemble having air superiority, while still making it possible to contribute to a win in other planes than FW190/P51/LA-7. Is there any better ideas that should be considered? Both using the current existing mechanics and with new ones.
  6. Junell

    Mounted machineguns on maps

    I would rather have a equippable LMG to be used in this role. Make the MG42, M1919A6 and Maxim Tokarev(?) cost 9 points to equip, make it worse than the other LMGs when standing but it should be really stable when deployed on bipods. If using 250 round belts for all guns, the ammo loadout would be 750 rounds as standard, 1250 for one additional equipment point and 2000 rounds when both spending one extra point and using Hoarder Gold badge. The gun should be crap when running around, but perform really well when used in a more stationary sustained fire role. IMO this would be more fun than premade MG nests, because it would make it possible to play in a specialized MG role with both great strengths and weaknesses.
  7. There is no need in changing a gun that is already in the game just for the sake of changing it. Without any changes to how sights are modelled this suggestion is just a waste of development recources. However. If they start to model rear aperture sights to be translucent, to closer represent how they are perceived in real life, it may have some benefits. But there are still other guns that should be higher on the list than the 1903.
  8. Junell


    If you spawn a AA truck in war you have already made a contribution to a loss for your side. Instantly dying from HE is just what you deserve. AA trucks will never be useful as long as they restrict the use of mobile spawns. Boots on cap is the only thing that counts if playing to win.
  9. Junell


    Keeping AA tied to ISV tickets is bad for both people who think playing AA is useful and those who think it is the exact opposite. Either make a new type of AA assault team with its own recources right now or switch them over to terrain vehicle tickets as a interim solution.
  10. Junell


    That depends on UI and how the feature is implemented. A poorly made garage feature is just as useless as a poorly made voucher system. We both agree that this is something that should be addressed. If it is a part of a booster/voucher revamp or included in a garage remake is not really the issue. That said, the garage feature is nonetheless long overdue for some love.
  11. Junell


    I have wished for the possibility to buy stuff directly to the garage exactly for this reason. A garage overhaul in general would be nice.
  12. Should shovels be OHK to differentiate them from knives? Why not make them cost 2 points to equip and maybe a little bit slower to use, but make them reliably kill even HSG with one whack? It would both give new players a powerful close combat tool, and be a interesting option for the more experienced trolls.
  13. How about adding a bike as a vehicle to inf? Make it take a vehicle slot just like cars, trucks and motorcycles, but let it spawn without needing tickets.
  14. Junell


    Have you considered expending the map to include all of Norway, Finland and Murmansk to the north? That would open up a new large front between US and SU. That could be a alternative to moving GE out of Germany, @Reto.Hades. Redbjarne once mentioned in a devstream that he have a map of those areas suited to make an expansion to the north.