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  1. boldin

    i want to enjoy my tank

    It's now a common practice for me: if I get a text log that I'm damaging a module that I've already destroyed, I switch to HE and throw one near enemy tank. Usually it gets me a sertified infantry kill
  2. boldin

    Great job Reto

    Yeah, zookas are completely loved up now. I too don't even bother turning when I'm in a tank duel and somebody starts hitting my back with rockets. As usual, we wait for a year till Reto finishes new AT toys and (hopefully) do some kind of rebalancing during their introduction in the game.
  3. boldin

    Новости и слухи

    Погоди-погоди, ща они кааааак 1.12 допилят! И все станет в шоколаде! Вот еще чуть-чуть осталось! Немножечкоооо! Так они и новье не набирают сейчас, сами говорили. Такое ощущение, что Рето взяло модель распространения у Картмана из "Южного парка", который купил парк аттракционов и перестал туда пускать вообще всех.
  4. boldin

    DP28 is the best LMG in the game

    I just wait for the recoil update that will make m1919 completely OP. Right now the only thing that stops it from being too good is the recoil and flashes, that make leading targets problematic. With them toned down it's going to be a new era of m1919 pwnage.
  5. boldin

    Игра в целом.

    И воззвал к небесам шаман на горе, ударяя в бубен и гремя костями предков. И разверзлись небеса над тайгой. И был свет, и шелестом ветра снизошло на шамана откровение. И было оно: - Патамушта.
  6. boldin

    Новости и слухи

    Бинго! Каких-то несчастных +50% экспы за первый бой дня. Но хотя бы каждому из солдат, которыми сыграл. Т.е. если солдат 10, лучше за каждого по бою провести по отдельности, чтобы максимальная выгода была. Хотя ветеранам это нахрен не надо, тащемта. И добавили PvE самолетики в небе в боях начального уровня. Для атмосферности.
  7. I threw enough turd Reto way. And sure will do in the days to come. But I have enough sense to acknowledge other's efforts when I see them. The managers do their jobs. They do not alienate developers and community the way the previous Reto stance was (aka "we know better, so shut up and eat what we serve").
  8. boldin

    Новости и слухи

    Создание масок вообще свернули, так что про них можно даже не вспоминать.
  9. boldin

    where is this weeks hotfix?

    I read it the way there are actually 2 things hinted. First "will surely be appreciated", and second was announced for 1.12, but "might or might be ready". So I thought no AR might be the former feature.
  10. @Reto.Millan and @Reto.Hades, With @Reto.Circinus and @Reto.Robotron3000 clearly taking a leave from inserting their input on forums, you are now our most valuable information sources about the game. And though I don't like a lot of Reto decisions, I want to thank you for your work trying to interpret Reto's will to us, the community. I know, fighting HnG toxicity levels is very depressing, but you are doing a good job. Keep on, please.
  11. boldin

    Новости и слухи

    Рето.Милан кидает завлекалочки: пишет, в завтрашнем хотфиксе будет какое-то нововведение, которое игроки "обязательно оценят". Но это не новая карта, не новая отдача, не возможность объединения сквадов и не отключение автобоев. Так что я даже и не знаю, о чем он. И еще, по его словам, если успеют доделать, то добавят какую-то из фич, анонсированных для 1.12.
  12. boldin

    where is this weeks hotfix?

    No AR? Ahh, no, @geschlittert already asked. /me_sad
  13. boldin

    Why Reto?

    They have no dedicated sound engineer, only some outsource help.
  14. boldin

    M2a2 Accuracy

    Well, it's not in the gap, it's tier 1 plain and simple, so it should be equal to Pz1 and T38. But even you realise it exceeds its designated role. And frankly, m2a2's little inaccuracy is a bless: after you eat enemy's armor (and even after the nerf it is still easy against light tanks), your inaccuracy basically gives you autohit on ALL subsystems, resulting in fast enemy destruction If you want accuracy - come closer. If not - just aim at the center and enjoy autocrits. Profit!
  15. boldin

    GE War losses showing faction issues

    1) Stop using realtime metrics and historical facts. All those 37mm vs 45mm mumblings and such. First, even in real life these tests had myriads of small factors that would affect the outcome. Secpnd - they don't mean shirt in HnG as Reto cares very little about historical accuracy. 2) As @Trollfaktor said, you now should play at least 19 wars as US and SU to become able saying anything. All sides have problems and weak spots in their arsenal. Just try aiming angles of SU tanks - you will cry blood tears, I promise you. Or how about m4a1 Sherman having no zoom at all, making it basically impossible to engage targets at any distance further than a hand can reach. APC rant is just clearly GE biased, btw.