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  1. boldin

    MiG-3 or Yak-9

    Not a movie, it's a War Thunder sorta-ad made like a war flick.
  2. boldin

    SU SMG

    I prefer to use it with stability ammo, sights and rof spring. And ofc the hipfire badge. Hipfire headshots all the way (at least until headshots multiplier is gone)
  3. boldin

    SU SMG

    PPD/PPSH indoors only, and requires helluva bullets to kill anyone. I prefer PPS hands down. Good hipfire, more range, much better than PPSH if you are into agressive attacking and prefer mobility. It's like Mp40 indeed.
  4. boldin

    Historical balance of tanks

    А ты упрямый, надо отдать тебе должное. Глупый, но упрямый) Если ты хочешь какого-то обсуждения со стороны иностранцев - размещай такое не здесь, в русском болоте, а в главных темах форума.
  5. How AVS shows itself in streak kills comparing to STG and M2 I wonder? Also, if AVS is supposed to be an Aassault rifle with stress on assault, i.e. attacking, why is it so shirty to shoot on the move and strafe? DP-28 has almost the same mobility but 3 times more bullets.
  6. T20 actually functions very much like a car, just a tracked and slow one. While SPAAs have nothing common in their role with APCs. If you want logic, simply ask for SPAAs to have their own resource. (Not that it would happen, mind you: Reto isn't touching RTS part of the game)
  7. Because it's not an APC, silly. The only problem is that it uses APC resource to spawn (the idiocy of such design decision is so thick it's almost palpable)
  8. I admire how you keep derailing the conversation to your preference of gameplay but again: if you want to discuss it, create your own topic please.
  9. Will another rework of Mountain town do the job?
  10. I'm not the best hunter myself, but if you are using rockets, hitting tank's back hull plate after destroying 1 track to stop it from running away proved to be the most efficient for me.
  11. Sorry but your answer shows your experience with tanks. In war matches AT rambos are always present. 2-3 guys in cars, carrying bazookas or PTRS. They hunt you down like birds of prey. And yes, you can place yourself near your troops, but: 1) the maps are made the way that more often than not you can't help your team attacking the objective if you stay near your troops spawn point. So you have to move away from it. Which is - you guessed it - usually means staying solo somewhere at a flank. 2) even if you stay near your troops, in 50% situations randoms don't see anything even if your tank gets stuffed with rockets right near them, unfortunately. The level of your teammates' awareness is mediore at best. But all this is off-topic here, really. The topic itself is about armor 2.0 meta, not tankers life.
  12. - Исправлена проблема с рукавами формы, проходящими сквозь текстуру рук - Исправлены различные проблемы с отображением униформы и амуниции - Танковые соосные башенные пулеметы теперь стреляют с правой кнопки мыши - Введен режим от первого лица, когда высовываешься из люка танка - В этом режиме можно стрелять из танкового оружия - У Panzer I правый пулемет считается соосным и работает отдельно на правой кнопке мыши - Добавлен отсутствующий курсовой пулемет у ИС-2 (не прошло и пять ле... а, нет, прошло) - Увеличен боезапас у Panzer I - Увеличен темп стрельбы у малого пулемета легкого танка M2A2 - Снова работает курсовой пулемет у M2A2 - T-38 теперь может возить два типа боеприпасов - Стартовое окно боя теперь сообщает, будут ли боты участвовать в сражении - Плюшки от "ветеранки" теперь показываются с помощью специальной кнопки на экране получения уровней игрока - Игроки будут выкидываться из матча после 5 минут бездействия (со специальным предупреждением, появляющимся через 4 минуты) - Добавлены ежедневные бонусы (введены вместо бонуса золота за первый бой дня) - Переделаны перки:
  13. boldin

    New Players !!

    Too little info on the circumstances. If you've played a War match, resources there (infantry, tanks, etc.) are provided by player generals. So tanks might not be sent in every battle even though enemy might have them. If you've played in Staged, it might have been that it was a 2 lane attack and enemy side (while defending) has completely captured 1 of your attacking lines - and by doing that it has cut the supply of tanks for your side.
  14. If that person gets close and knows what to do, you are kinda screwed, yes. Detrack, then smack the back, and it's done. Been on both ends of such duels, tankers never have a chance there. And since AT rambos usually hunt in packs, it's rather easy to miss one and let him get close. With heavy tanks 1 AT rambo might not destroy you completely, but will cripple you so much that you won't be able to do anything, and the second one will finish you off easily.
  15. boldin

    fix the game

    Agree. 10-15 years ago I was a dire fan of headshots, but as my FPS reaction time grew (getting old, unfortunately), so did my feeling that headshots are not really necessary and fair)