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  1. ААААА, это шикарно!
  2. Боже мой, хватит насиловать этот форготтенваре, дай ему спокойно сдохнуть)
  3. boldin

    Game Update and New Feature

    No. Do not expect anything like that.
  4. boldin

    Голосовой чат

    Предлагалось на форуме на всем протяжении развития игры. Сам лично предлагал лет 6 назад, и после видел такие предложения еще неоднократно. Результат можно наблюдать в игре. Вывод предлагаю сделать самостоятельно.
  5. boldin


    Вероятнее всего - никогда
  6. boldin

    Where is Hades?

    Let's be honest, It should've been dead 3 years ago. And I really hope Reto has finally switched gears and working on something new. Though I'm not sure I want them to develop HnG2, really. Too much has gone wrong with the first one in my opinion. Nontheless, I wish them good luck in their efforts.
  7. boldin

    MiG-3 or Yak-9

    Not a movie, it's a War Thunder sorta-ad made like a war flick.
  8. boldin

    SU SMG

    I prefer to use it with stability ammo, sights and rof spring. And ofc the hipfire badge. Hipfire headshots all the way (at least until headshots multiplier is gone)
  9. boldin

    SU SMG

    PPD/PPSH indoors only, and requires helluva bullets to kill anyone. I prefer PPS hands down. Good hipfire, more range, much better than PPSH if you are into agressive attacking and prefer mobility. It's like Mp40 indeed.
  10. boldin

    Historical balance of tanks

    А ты упрямый, надо отдать тебе должное. Глупый, но упрямый) Если ты хочешь какого-то обсуждения со стороны иностранцев - размещай такое не здесь, в русском болоте, а в главных темах форума.
  11. How AVS shows itself in streak kills comparing to STG and M2 I wonder? Also, if AVS is supposed to be an Aassault rifle with stress on assault, i.e. attacking, why is it so shirty to shoot on the move and strafe? DP-28 has almost the same mobility but 3 times more bullets.
  12. T20 actually functions very much like a car, just a tracked and slow one. While SPAAs have nothing common in their role with APCs. If you want logic, simply ask for SPAAs to have their own resource. (Not that it would happen, mind you: Reto isn't touching RTS part of the game)
  13. Because it's not an APC, silly. The only problem is that it uses APC resource to spawn (the idiocy of such design decision is so thick it's almost palpable)
  14. I admire how you keep derailing the conversation to your preference of gameplay but again: if you want to discuss it, create your own topic please.
  15. Will another rework of Mountain town do the job?