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  1. boldin

    Hitlers suicide

    And is still waiting?
  2. boldin

    Why the repair is so expensive!?

    Fully modded ppsh has always been expensive af. The only smart way to play is to get yourself enemy's weapon after respawn as soon as possible and shoot for free.
  3. boldin


    Самая ржака, что во время французской революции, про которую игра, шпиль Нотр-дама как раз тоже ломали. И починили только полвека спустя.
  4. boldin

    Siege of leningrad (H&G edition)

    Usually even if I get into such squad, I report the guy who created it and leave it. Better to play solo than to be associated with it. But I do understand that some people are newcomers and don't know how to leave a squad. Still, sorry that I take this shirt seriously, but I strongly believe it has no place in the game. On the topic: @NinjaDutchman00 gg man, I had 200 kills game only once or twice in all the years
  5. boldin

    Siege of leningrad (H&G edition)

    Yes, them. And I don't really get the hahaha part.
  6. boldin

    Siege of leningrad (H&G edition)

    Ummm... Did you report the SS guys? Kinda against the rules, you know.
  7. boldin

    This is BS

    Whoa, this is some grade A vet speech, Rolf
  8. boldin

    Новости и слухи

    Это баг. Его скоро поправят. В случае репорта читера надо в суппорт отправлять номер боя. Вот это, которое после /M - это MissionID, то есть ссыль на запись боя. По окончании боя копируешь и шлешь в поддержку с лучшими пожеланиями.
  9. boldin

    Memes are now illegal Putsch Time!!

    Meh, you guys have it sooo easy. Dumb f*cks from Russian government are planning to go full China and cut the country from the Internet completely. They even develop the project for it costing about $50mln. The only hope is that those dumb f*cks would steal it all for themselves and screw it up, like they always do. But if they won't - Europe will start breathing with ease, no more russkies in EU games or anywhere online.
  10. boldin

    SU Pilot is wondering

    1) Matchmaker doesn't take players skill into account. 2) Playerbase is too small to segregate. 3) Pilot playerbase is disbalanced. Germans have more active players. 4) Germans have got a new flying toy which is better than its counterparts. 5) Suffer well. In other words, the astrologists have proclaimed a week of german FW190 air dominance. The quantity of german pilots have doubled.
  11. boldin

    Update 1.14 - NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE!

    It has long been the Reto way - cutting away players freedom. Remember Squad 2.0 that cut off the abilityto play any class you want or choose the attack lane of your liking? Or inability to choose a war match? That's the same. Reto tries to play a shepherd for sheep again. For our own good, ofc. Convergence is too hard for us, remember? At this point it's safe to say we are way past the frustrating point. Now it's just fascinating to watch what other grotesque ideas they can dish out. With Reto it's always interesting, in what ways you can break your own game. Kinda like a developers bible "How to frustrate your community"
  12. Heeey, it depicts pz38 as an equal to t34! That clearly downsizes the gReAt sOviEt tanka! German bias! -- Good gosh, Alfonso, nice one
  13. boldin

    Prototype test: Tank versus Tank

    Never trust hedgehogs when you are a tank
  14. I'm slowly growing on buying Post Scriptum because of their new tank-only mode.
  15. boldin

    Give us weapon statistics.

    Wow, that's a huge amount of data, thank you!