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  1. WarMan099

    Just a comparison.

    Would be better if General McNair and other generals weren't opposed to upgunning the m4 sherman. Could of had a 90mm armed sherman which had better explosive and anti tank power than either 75mm or 76mm guns and therefore perform better in infantry support while being able to protect itself against enemy tanks.
  2. Historical accuracy, I guess... Despite the devs ignoring historical accuracy in other areas like the M2 carbine having a scope when it did not in real life.
  3. So can the amphibious jeeps have supply crates or not? The devs say it can't, but the wiki says it can. Could that be corrected, please?
  4. For the most part I agree with the defensive boost, however with some tweaks. Give greater defending points and worse attacking points to the defending team, and greater attacking points and worse defending points to the attacking team. This should help ensure attackers to mostly attack and defenders to mostly defend. There has been too much irritation when attacking teams camp too much and defending team gets too aggressive and neglects defending points.
  5. WarMan099

    Forum nerfed?

    Browsing the forums got harder. When you make, change don't make change for the sake of change. Change to improve. This is not an improvement, this is a downgrade.
  6. WarMan099

    Why explosives share between nations?

    Ignores armor ingame and superior than rpg-43 and panzerwurfmines despite being a crappy anti tank grenade compared to said counterparts in real life. Not to mention, USA never used those things as far as I can recall. Hawkins AT Grenade or M7 mine would of been much more unique and interesting to add instead, but Reto watched Saving Private Ryan one too many times and didn't seem to grasp that the sticky bombs used in the film were improvised explosives and not No. 74's.....
  7. WarMan099

    Noob looking for a clan

    If you play Soviets, hop in We'll give you comrade status so you can play with us.
  8. WarMan099

    Para plane is easy to kill

    I'm not asking for invulnerable transport planes, I am asking for more durable planes that don't offer as much xp. They are still vulnerable and can be taken out. Seriously, AA guns can easily destroy the paraplanes and taking out the AA guns isn't as easy as you think when the transport plane's pathing is so poor.
  9. WarMan099

    Para plane is easy to kill

    +1, decreased XP reward and increased HP. AA guns should be good against fighters, not paraplanes. Really irritating how fast and easy it is to kill a paraplane meanwhile the fighters are more challenging.
  10. WarMan099

    devs answer

    Can't do that when people can't freely switch to some other class with the way auxiliary seats are implemented. Not all armor squads have aux seats.
  11. WarMan099

    Fix war

    Was done a long time ago, too late. Either shut up and deal with the deploy queue or grind Soviets. We need all the help we can get.
  12. WarMan099

    Change infantry to general

    Buy a major and rank him to general instead.
  13. WarMan099

    Fix war

    If you want to lower the Q times, STOP OVERPOPULATING GERMANY AND EVEN USA!!! Try Soviets out for once.
  14. WarMan099

    Anyone know whats going on with server ? :(

    Estimated time 3-4 hours they said.... 6 hours later and?
  15. WarMan099

    "Rate this Battle"

    As Soviets, I normally vote 1 star unless I really enjoyed the battle. As USA, 5 stars against Soviets, against Germans(depends on battle) Gotta send RETO a message that the weapon balancing still sucks.