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  1. Kauleiste

    What to do to look through walls and trees?

    This has nothing to do with position being known. This has to do with the fact that walls or forests dont matter to them. So I was simply asking what I have to do to get that unfair advantage? Simply cheat, but pay money so Reto wont ban me?
  2. I was just wondering what I have to do to see through walls and trees? I´ve come across enough Allies and Russians that have no problems in forests and can smell you behind a wall, so I was thinking that there has to be some trick. Do I need to spend more money on this game? Does spending money on this game make me immune to being banned, cause Reto needs my cash, so I can just install some wallhacks like them? Or is there anything else im missing? Im thankful for your help :)
  3. Kauleiste

    [Inf. Div. 501] searching Members! [Ger/Eng]

    Bin auf der Suche nach einem noch aktiven Clan, mit dem man koordiniert spielen kann :D Zu mir: In-Game name: Kauleiste Age: 23 Country: Germany Reason for Joining: Looking for coordinated team play Do you have a StG44/MP40/MG42 on an infantry character?: yep, yep, yep Do you have Assault Teams?: yep If so, How many and Type?: Currently 23 Command Points. Consists of one medium tank, one tank destroyer, one recon, one paratrooper. Rest is infantry (mecha/moto/foot)
  4. Kauleiste

    Underdog Bonus

    Reto dont take jokes very well, so please dont joke about such stuff. Also, the underdog bonus works and gives you exactly that what it shows.
  5. Kauleiste

    Underdog Bonus

    That comment gets on my list of "ridiculous shirt I have heard on this forum". And I think it gets a spot close to the top. Decker is right, WHY is underdog bonus still a thing? Theres NO reason for it.
  6. So why is the underdogbonus still a thing? Cant remember the last time Germany won a war.
  7. Kauleiste


    This can actually be a problem indeed. But there is no way for me to check it. Maybe someone will read it and will post his CPU and if he is having FPS-issues. If some people did this, I would contact the support with this.
  8. This is ridicolous. It bothers me the most and takes away my fun. I am not talking about imbalance and such (I accepted this a long time ago), but I am talking about the really, really poor optimization. I have nearly in NO match a consistent 60 FPS or even 30!. It is unplayable and that for years. Since a few updates it is even worse. It does not matter if I change the graphics settings, the resolution or anything else. Everything on low = 20 FPS, everything on high = 20 FPS and other combinations dont work as well. I also edited stuff in the localsettings-file without success. Still this poor performance. Just so noone is saying "get a better PC you scrub and dont play on a laptop" here are my specs (keep in mind that EVERY other game can be run at solid 60 FPS and more): Desktop PC: Gigabyte GTX 970 (4GB VRAM) AMD FX-6200 Six core processor (3.80 GHz) 8 GB RAM All drivers are up-to-date I did contact the support a long time ago about the low-FPS problem and the only answer I got after also sending my DxDiag was: "You should be able to play this game without a problem." Maybe there will be some answers, some help or maybe a fix for that. And not only in two years, because getting a game to run smoothly would be my number 1 on the list of priorities.
  9. Count me in. Once the servers are live I will join
  10. This sounds really nice and it is good to hear such things from game developers in this dark times of Ubisoft and EA... And I can only assume what the numbers are since I dont have the official ones^^ But, however, there is a clear unbalance between the factions. In the beginning of the time the German side was a little bit op (it depended on what you played (tanker, infantry etc.)), but now the only thing an allied player needs is a thompson (very low TTK, huge precision (able to headshot people from about 200m)) and he will mow down every enemy. I wonder why it still isnt able to destroy tanks. No German weapon can counter it.
  11. How it would benefit Reto you ask? Money is the answer. Newcomers mainly join the allies ("Beating evil Germans" or soon "fighting communism") --> See they got a very good equipment (better weapons, better tanks) --> dont want to play the game, because they actually suck very hard --> buy the weapon with gold instead --> ? --> Profit I bet people on the allied side are more willing to pay money and so to not disappoint them you make them better.
  12. Kauleiste

    Tallinn is love Tallinn is life

    Wow, nice reaction there, Reto. How about doing something and not making everyone shut up? oh and btw, German generals right now:
  13. Kauleiste

    Germany in desperate need..

    If you are so adamant about it then do your own homework kid and take it up with RETO. This is your own road, you don't need me to tell you crap or hold your hand. Private Message a RETO employee on the forums and ask what their stance is in regards to using crap like 55 instead of SS. I know for a fact they won't allow it, but please - by all means, don't take my word on it! It is not the case of using 55 instead of SS. It has nothing to do with it it was never meant to resemble SS, but just a simple number of a regiment.
  14. Kauleiste

    Germany in desperate need..

    WTF did I just read? First, try not to make a butthurt statement when you are calling someone out for being butthurt. Second, frankly I don't give a crap how you interpret anything. Take it up with RETO if you are feeling all butthurt with regards to the SS names. It's clearly stated under number 11 in the Rules and Guidelines. I have read it and it says "Names of people or organizations directly involved in crimes against humanity such as, but not limited to Waffen SS." and "Any names that within common sense violates the above rules. For instance if someone has been tried and convicted for crimes against humanity they are probably not a good role-model." Now tell me where it says that numbers are not allowed, except for 88 and 18. So, following your logic, that means any clan with numbers shouldnt be allowed... And 55. Polizei does not violate any of these rules.
  15. Kauleiste

    Germany in desperate need..

    Wow Kanga... You are making these insulting posts, but react butthurt when someone wants to open a clan to manage better on the axis side... or in what way should I interprete it that you dont want the 55. Polizei, because 55 looks like SS... [ Post made via Android ]