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  1. won against US ✔ won against SU ✔ won against reto ✔
  2. viS1337

    Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    I hope this will also stop the false banning.
  3. viS1337

    An user is being very disrespectful

    Happens from time to time, just contact the official support. By making a screenshot without blackening the playernames you violate against the forum rules (naming and shaming). Have a good laugh and set them on ignore list. Yesterday I did the same. @AdrianVictus
  4. viS1337

    Official Spamming and Trolling Thread the Third

    F A S H W A V E A S H W A V E
  5. viS1337

    AXIS vs ALLIES in War

    2/3 of the community support your idea. Sadly those choices aren't in the hands of the playerbase. viewtopic.php?f=17&t=48790 I already mentioned it last year: Every new faction they add in the FFA system will create even more unbalance. Allies vs. Axis scenario is the most logical solution towards an even gameplay experience.
  6. viS1337

    Your favorite WW2 game?

    Sudden Strike II + RWM Mod
  7. viS1337

    Nerf alclarkey !!!

    Divishua is a really good player with alot of game-intelligence, it's a real pleasure to play alongside with him. He isn't our POW any longer, at least in my books. I would donate some ATs towards him, if it was possible.
  8. Reto decides the direction of development and the community has to follow. My steam review is also negative, because I don't want to follow this direction and feel shifted by the reto-development. That's maybe the cheapest way to speak up, but as we can see alot of players feel the same lately. Heroes and Generals was just to promising for me. Salute to all the old vets who already left. [thumb][/thumb]
  9. Since this was an attack mission, I was only playing Infantry.
  10. viS1337

    The grind for a General

    You can get generals "really" fast, depending on how many credits you save. Don't waste your credits on useless stuff like camos or stg44.
  11. These kind of battles where you lose half of your hair.. [thumb][/thumb] [thumb][/thumb]
  12. viS1337

    Zeigen von Hakenkreuzen im Support-Chat

    Du hast vergessen den Namen der betroffenen Person unkenntlich zu machen. Dadurch betreibst du "name-calling/shaming", welches hier im Forum auch nicht erwünscht ist. Falls Probleme mit anderen Mitspielern entstehen, ist immer der offizielle Reto.Moto-Support zu kontaktieren und nicht das öffentliche Forum. Wenn du schon auf solch pedantische Art Korinthen kackst, dann bitte auch selber an die Richtlinien halten.
  13. viS1337

    Battlefield 1 Discussion The gameplay-VOD, for everyone who missed it.
  14. viS1337

    A fellow soldier has fallen.

    If this is true, it's a really sad day for our community. Baskerville was one of the most active members. He also had alot of great ideas how to make H&G a better and more userfriendly game to play. Requiescat in pace.