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  1. Indication that you use label nazi tells me rather enough about yourself.
  2. Reduction of use of the swastika to a minimum must be applied to the hammer & sickle in the star background logo of soviets in the USSR for the same reasons of war crimes, since if we want to teach history we don`t do it with installing symbolism of the either of the sides that were radical in the political spectrum and used measures as harsh as gulags and forced exiles. Not banned in the EU is not good enough argument here, showing the RetoLogic™ in a nutshell.
  3. Thanks for the appraisals. I hope to live up with the high spritis that are expected of me and set an example for the future.
  4. Willhelm

    Thanks @ Total Axis

    Who am I hated by? I bet those who I shot continuously. Leadership is needed in elite-only battles, where I haven`t seen you and commands were given on TeamSpeak, by the way if you want to be sure - you can ask any partisan that is remaining of the 5th Panzer division 'Wiking'.
  5. Willhelm


    Discuss topic trees, content I created in the H&G wiki. Link to my contributions list: http://heroesandgenerals.gamepedia.com/Special:Contributions/5thPzDivWillhelm
  6. Willhelm

    Been away for a year

    It haven`t changed much in a year. would say it haven`t changed much since 2013 - Reto-Moto Aps. is still deadly hungry for money rather than performing for today`s quality standarts.
  7. ReDemon, it was an honour to serve with you. We - the great german Pantheon will never forgive nor forget. Expect us to find ways in any situation. And for those who are dead Valhalla awaits us to feast forever!
  8. Willhelm

    Official Spamming and Trolling Thread the Third

    Abyssus abyssum invocat
  9. Major overhauls are going on from 2012 and will go on for an eternity I guess.
  10. Just love your "arguments" :lol:
  11. Devs have departments and design of the game is not the main one of them. All of them are equally important and couldn`t function without one of them f.e. the back-end server, which is again a different department. QA in this case is responsable for game design development, so he must work with RedBjarne closely to make sure builds come out nicely done (I guess Kensolo is responsible for overal development). So you can`t take only design and tell everyone that is whole of the integrity he has to be responsible
  12. That`s not anyhow related.
  13. Willhelm

    The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    Who are you in the face of gods anyway...
  14. @Chill the confusion is mostly coming out not from the players, but from the devs themselves as you analyze their incoherent decisions