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  1. Gerhacht

    Stop deforming the game

    An interesting suggestion. Would give it at least a try, mate.
  2. Gerhacht

    Stop deforming the game

    ROFL! No, I dont try again to argue against such nonsence. Waste of time on such level of logical breakdowns ... Anyhow, I will respond on other posts you may do in order to prevent broken logic and lies being distributed unanswered.
  3. Gerhacht

    Stop deforming the game

    You seriously mean if 50 % of a playerbase doesnt like a feature and 50 % does like it (not that I agree to your number because I played it that time knowing alot of the people that did too) is game breaking??? Possibly the 50 % crying its game breaking BUT that isnt true because other players like it and its possibly gamebreaking for them how it is currently because of class spamming. You may find some complaits about it by searching the actual forum. I disagree on the point about its game breaking for staged as well while I do understand it would be for you personally. In my book its pretty ignorant to call repeatly other players preferences game breaking because its game breaking for you and possibly some share in the playerbase we both dont know at all! So, yes I admit that I am incapable to understand such broken logic ...
  4. Gerhacht

    Stop deforming the game

    For you "It was bad" ... not for all the people that played H&G that time. Reto even implemented the weight point system (replacing hard coded slots as main, side arm and grenades) to lower restictions with all the mess that came with it. E.g. MG or SMG spams. It wasnt short lived at all (at least it lasted months possibly even a year) and it was in game even b4 the current game mode called staged (was initially called training if I remember correctly) was implemented. Anyhow you even didnt specify talking staged only PLUS it wasnt any different in staged and war at any time. Therefore, what you wrote isnt true thats called a lie by most people.
  5. Gerhacht

    Stop deforming the game

    Obviously you didnt played the game back that time, your memory got screwd up or you just lie ... The number of a class was simply given by the number of slots as defined by the slots in the AT. Very early in beta, it was even dictating the role to play by AT slots for rifles, smgs and MGs. It was working, pretty playable and fun! Btw it is the mechanics used in MOST FPS games and it worked well in most of the games as well. It is unplayable and bad JUST FOR YOU and players that share your preference!!! Meanwhile it is unplayable by spams NOW for a decent share of players ... Global limits are just impossible without limiting individual players. Anyhow, you seem to be unable to understand&accept such simple facts. We can agree to disagree BUT we cant agree on lies you used to support your story.
  6. Gerhacht

    Stop deforming the game

    Hard caps were just a failure from your PoV, opinion and game preferences. Because it was in game the early days and got removed and replaced by the brilliant squad 2.0 system designed isnt for sure a proof for the fail of hard caps ... Quite the opposite from my PoV since the FPS matches suffered by the removal of hard caps since the day one of removal by a messed up class balance! The failed system was the squad 2.0 feature. The old system did work perfectly to balance classes in the FPS matches even if you didnt like it personally. Guess we agree on disagreement again.
  7. Gerhacht

    Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Ich glaube, dass es keinen weiteren GRUND brauchte den RTS Teil von H&G zu ignorieren. Insbesondere läßt sich das kaum mit dem kürzlichen update erklären, das sich nur auf den FPS Teil bezieht. Die ebenfalls gesunkenen FPS Spielerzahlen hingegen schon. Gutes Konzept extrem schlecht umgesetzt ... nicht das erste Mal bei diesem Game Designer. Es (für mich) gibt einfach z.Z. und auch schon lange Zeit vor 1.12 keinen Grund den angebotenen RTS Teil zu spielen weil dieser Service völlig bar jeder Spiel-Motivationen oder Unterhaltungswert für den Nutzer ist. Das als Boykott zu bezeichnen ist eher weit hergeholt und entspricht eher dem Standpunkt von Reto. Meiner Meinung nach ist die Ablehnung der Nutzung eher darin begründet, dass der RTS-Kriegsteil einfach an sich Scheiße ist! Übrigens, Deine Kritik am Update 1.12 ist trotzdem weitgehend richtig. Das neue modulare Schadenssystem ist einfach in der schlechtesten möglichen Weise umgesetzt und durch planlose Kompromisse so verkrüppelt wie es vor sehr langer Zeit schon mit den "Limitierten Fraktionsresourcen" gemacht wurde. Wenn man mit maximalen Aufwand etwas sehr verbesserungswürdiges machen will, dann macht man es genau so am besten.
  8. Gerhacht

    Heroes and Generals: 5 Years ago

    Really did enjoy it, Kumpel!
  9. Gerhacht

    Wich light tank schould I buy?

    Alike a conversation of a german LW officer and the LW's Feldmarschall during the battle of britain: LW Feldmarschall: "How may I help you?" LW Officer: "Give me a squadron of Spitfires!" Possibly a myth only ... So, buy a chaffee!😃
  10. Gerhacht

    FIX for the RTS

    and the most trolling joke to wrap it up ... after years of no development on the RTS part, Reto discovered that they need to rewrite the core coding of their game in order to even have the tools to improve and develop the RTS development myths. The already very limited resources assigned were derailed in no time to a fire fighter task to fix the sound system broken in the "major" FPS upgrade.
  11. Gerhacht

    FIX for the RTS

    I seem to be unclear about the part you referrred to. I agree, AT progression itself is (or was) linked to the result of the battle by less XP for loosers and more for winners. The "milked effect" was just linked to WF gains that are today distributed randomly among the pooled AT resources. That is least asset control possible imo but not the major issue I tried to point out in the part you may have referred to. Guess my bad, mate. My major complait in on the current system (AT progression and leveling up) is the slow progress and the marginal unit progessional development (ranking up) of the AT itself by the lack of e.g. customization unlocks that coming with that limited AT progression (that might base on max freedom of FPS players that allow marginal influence by the AT's content/kind of tickets aso.). Because of the lack of AT ranking motivations itself the only remaining motivation is linked to the need of XP (huge XP/rank is hardly earned by FPS only) for characters/commanders (heroes). Therefore, the motivation to play RTS is dominatly given by soldier ranking and barely by the progression of the unit (AT) itself because of its poor development possibilities. The most stupid consequence in view to RTS gameplay, is heroes progression in higher ranks (depending more on XP by ATs aka commanding) mainly gains the players just to deploy more ATs by CP while the motivation for RTS progression is just absent and just selfserving its useless existance. Question remains: Why does any1 still deploy any ATs under the given design that remained in this poor status of a marginal design close to worst possible since 3-4 years already? PS: The lack of even most basic RTS content cant be justified by the lack of dev resources anymore. The much more believeable explaination is the lack of interest or the lack of understanding about strategy features or the lack in game design abilities after the years passed with NO improvements since limited faction supply feature (very very most basic feature) was implemented ... RTS game design has stopped alike a construction (or even just draw board designs) of a pilot's seat (continously tweaked in fuction) without any effort on wings, controls or engines to make the baby fly.
  12. Gerhacht

    Update 1.12 - Sound feedback

    But its the developer that is possibly the only one that "work full time" on coding the war server upgrade required to get at least a very basic version of RTS. Thats even worst, imo!
  13. Gerhacht

    why do you keep deploying?

    XP, that might be needed to not deploy more ATs you possibly could?
  14. Gerhacht

    RTS competely broken?

    Why does any1 deploy currently esp. US faction or even over the last 2-3 years no matter the faction, anyhow? Its broken, undeveloped over years, has no-marginal content and its not entertaining nor fun to play since a long time. I stopped playing RTS long time ago and if thats called a boycott by Reto than I am guilty to not to use that part of their service as a customer, that cant be forced to play such service by default ...
  15. Gerhacht

    What's With The New Point Capture Time?

    Will be some compensation but it would not help that much the CP/objective defenders since they have to spawn far back/away if neutralized. APCs would become even more effective as well as cappers in higher numbers. Not it needs to be that bad in general, if wanted. PS: To be clear, it would effect defender and attacker team's role in the match pretty much the same.