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  1. Gerhacht

    Flying is kinda broken

    Quite simple ... Reward extra bonus XP for scoring hits on planes that recently (e.g. 30 sec time frame) scored a hit on a friendly plane. Btw enemy paraplanes dont score hits on enemy planes, most of the time. AND fix the absurd HP values all vehicles have while damage effects on module hits are a bad joke design!!! All soft targets dont have remarkable armor protection values, unless some special features sometimes available for some really special function or battleroles (eg, ground attack planes, pilot's seats protections or even APCs for ground transports). It isnt reocket science to just remove the most stupid game design features of the recently implemented damage model! But, on the other hand ... its Reto design, right? A vehicle that got the engine destroyed DOESNT move anymore in a non fantasy world (for planes at least further movement is strictly limited by altitude). I call that very basic realism that shall simulate what every human brain level would expect without any needs for implementations of all RL effects simulated as well (eg. needs for sleeping, take a shower or what ever RL humans may need). But fantasy results shall be just left for the games that generally named for it.
  2. Gerhacht

    Tank strength poll

    Neither of the vote options given. Srry mate. It needs buffs and nerfs to make it better. The damage system of all vehicles is just trash, imo. For a tank, the armor protection shall be the important factor. In case a vital part is destroyed by a penetrating hit, that vital part needs to be dead! The current HP based damage system, is just a failed design. Again ...
  3. Gerhacht

    Did I get this right?

    As long as Reto's game designer denies any control to the Generals about battles to be played - decide about game / battles played - he just denies any startegy part of the game. Even after it failed to work over years, he cant be wrong after all, right? The interaction between RTS and FPS is just utterly failed design! Possibly decided by just one single person ... During the early days of HnG RTS was full of exploits BUT instead of removing the exploits its design went downhill. IN CONSEQUENCE, staged battles became the most popular game mode because the system generator is simply doing the better job than the generals without any control in the degraded boring RTS design.
  4. Gerhacht


    Well you bastard trick the old guy bad... ☺️ One row (each 4 ppl) of the 6 I counted was doubled. So, 22-1 CEO =21 Thanks to open my lazy eyes, mate.
  5. Gerhacht


    The staff number is 26 or 25 in case the CEO is off the counts ... The CEO wrote about a cut from 39 to 21. Was it reconsidered, new staff employed or does some staff members not counted as employee? Or do we see some Reto. - alt accounts in the presented list?
  6. As long as Reto designers stick to their HP monster called a tank design, it is pretty useless to implement TD that stuggle just the same to destroy enemy tanks, currenly. It is just a stupid design, again ... TD could be nice in case Reto design starts to understand the battle role concept (essentially requiered for decently different tanks) on a - at least - very basic level!
  7. ... is translated as the majority of the customers left resulting is the business measures we saw recently. Know the requests and needs of the customers is a very needed skill for business success. Decisions based on mind reading - often called statistical analysis - by marketing guys isnt as reliable it seems ... Would have been smarter to use communicated complaits of customers.
  8. Gerhacht

    Switch sides in WAR

    Exactly on spot, mate! The game designer/decision maker just LOVES to implement and keep features that dont serve to improve gameplay in any way, always, since a very long persisting time ... The game design must be good because of the idea/concept origin.
  9. You are right! The problem persits since a very long time already. Reto mentioned they want to do special class maps months ago and started with the concept for a tank only map. This project was put on hold (prevents the implementation of hard limits in combined arms matches as well ...) because the game designers concept requires AI bots as well. Meanwhile, the most easiest special class only map (LoD mainly but with significantly enlarged map sizes) for planes - possible in several iterational variations - wasnt even initiated, afaik. Several concepts were suggested over several years and got ignored by the decisions takers while a basic new flight model got implenemted with some game design deficits as a result of just the half way done ... In result, the game design became even more infunctional. Well, it wasnt the only mistake, anyhow.
  10. Gerhacht

    When are the sales and xmas skins coming

    Go ask your parents for x-mas gifts this year ... has tried several sales very recently, you may have missed. They have to fix their product first, anyhow.
  11. Gerhacht


    Most excited about one question: Is the game director that made the decisions about HnG game design, priorities, possibly the team's human resources focus & resulting future roadmap over years, still in charge for it? In my record book, the current status is mainly a result of game design decisions taken, isnt it? Creativity is a skill that supports content ideas while innovative is THE skill that supports a design that performs in the market by servicing customer needs ...
  12. Gerhacht


    The team got about a year to improve the business after some investors brought new money in. During the year, time schedules were missed and the number of active players decreased. The conclusion could be drawn in basically 2 versions. 1. The product created has reached the point were its isnt uptodate anymore resulting a very limited future development and not worth any further investment. Main measure = cost cutting 2. The product does still has decent potential in the competetive market but needs serious adjustments in design to be successful. Main measure = replacement of decisions takers and focus resources on "critical tasks". My conclusion by previous decisions taken Market expansion to early using an unfinished product Creative approaches in game design instead of choosing solid features Unbalanced human resources in the team for the critical tasks (to many artists and to few programmers/coder writers) I guess, Reto.Moto may get a last chance to adjust and reach a business level that doesnt need to burn further money on the base of a solid business plan that defines mile stones to be fulfilled in time within the budget. That was the task communicated by the new CEO to the team one year ago. Time is money when it comes to investment calculations and ROI ...
  13. Gerhacht

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    Anytime Reto Team IF you can provide anything on the RTS part's improvements! Possibly b4 the awards nominations ended? No? Well than you derserve a NO from my side for the time being ... PS: Half the promised/propagated game broken since years and you asked seriously for a support?🙄
  14. Gerhacht

    ATS for everyone!

    Does the US faction have long supply queues currently?
  15. Gerhacht

    ping limit

    It would be just the same as by any other filter set in MM! More limiting filters (e.g. maps, special classes or game modes OR even faction you like to play) = longer waiting time. The player ALWAYS trade a CERTAIN game they want to play and queue times with any filter checked... Anyhow, I do such trade within the current Reto rules any day. If I see a ping that relates to moscow server for me, I quit and requeue for a better ping/game QUALITY I WANT TO PLAY! Trading quality for time ... I am just deny to be forced to play a game a small service supplier wants me to play.