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  1. As long as Reto designers stick to their HP monster called a tank design, it is pretty useless to implement TD that stuggle just the same to destroy enemy tanks, currenly. It is just a stupid design, again ... TD could be nice in case Reto design starts to understand the battle role concept (essentially requiered for decently different tanks) on a - at least - very basic level!
  2. Gerhacht

    Petition to turn AR off again

    ... is translated as the majority of the customers left resulting is the business measures we saw recently. Know the requests and needs of the customers is a very needed skill for business success. Decisions based on mind reading - often called statistical analysis - by marketing guys isnt as reliable it seems ... Would have been smarter to use communicated complaits of customers.
  3. Gerhacht

    Switch sides in WAR

    Exactly on spot, mate! The game designer/decision maker just LOVES to implement and keep features that dont serve to improve gameplay in any way, always, since a very long persisting time ... The game design must be good because of the idea/concept origin.
  4. Gerhacht

    Idea to reduce plane bomb spam

    You are right! The problem persits since a very long time already. Reto mentioned they want to do special class maps months ago and started with the concept for a tank only map. This project was put on hold (prevents the implementation of hard limits in combined arms matches as well ...) because the game designers concept requires AI bots as well. Meanwhile, the most easiest special class only map (LoD mainly but with significantly enlarged map sizes) for planes - possible in several iterational variations - wasnt even initiated, afaik. Several concepts were suggested over several years and got ignored by the decisions takers while a basic new flight model got implenemted with some game design deficits as a result of just the half way done ... In result, the game design became even more infunctional. Well, it wasnt the only mistake, anyhow.
  5. Gerhacht

    When are the sales and xmas skins coming

    Go ask your parents for x-mas gifts this year ... has tried several sales very recently, you may have missed. They have to fix their product first, anyhow.
  6. Gerhacht


    Most excited about one question: Is the game director that made the decisions about HnG game design, priorities, possibly the team's human resources focus & resulting future roadmap over years, still in charge for it? In my record book, the current status is mainly a result of game design decisions taken, isnt it? Creativity is a skill that supports content ideas while innovative is THE skill that supports a design that performs in the market by servicing customer needs ...
  7. Gerhacht


    The team got about a year to improve the business after some investors brought new money in. During the year, time schedules were missed and the number of active players decreased. The conclusion could be drawn in basically 2 versions. 1. The product created has reached the point were its isnt uptodate anymore resulting a very limited future development and not worth any further investment. Main measure = cost cutting 2. The product does still has decent potential in the competetive market but needs serious adjustments in design to be successful. Main measure = replacement of decisions takers and focus resources on "critical tasks". My conclusion by previous decisions taken Market expansion to early using an unfinished product Creative approaches in game design instead of choosing solid features Unbalanced human resources in the team for the critical tasks (to many artists and to few programmers/coder writers) I guess, Reto.Moto may get a last chance to adjust and reach a business level that doesnt need to burn further money on the base of a solid business plan that defines mile stones to be fulfilled in time within the budget. That was the task communicated by the new CEO to the team one year ago. Time is money when it comes to investment calculations and ROI ...
  8. Gerhacht

    Nominate Heroes & Generals for a Steam Award

    Anytime Reto Team IF you can provide anything on the RTS part's improvements! Possibly b4 the awards nominations ended? No? Well than you derserve a NO from my side for the time being ... PS: Half the promised/propagated game broken since years and you asked seriously for a support?🙄
  9. Gerhacht

    ATS for everyone!

    Does the US faction have long supply queues currently?
  10. Gerhacht

    ping limit

    It would be just the same as by any other filter set in MM! More limiting filters (e.g. maps, special classes or game modes OR even faction you like to play) = longer waiting time. The player ALWAYS trade a CERTAIN game they want to play and queue times with any filter checked... Anyhow, I do such trade within the current Reto rules any day. If I see a ping that relates to moscow server for me, I quit and requeue for a better ping/game QUALITY I WANT TO PLAY! Trading quality for time ... I am just deny to be forced to play a game a small service supplier wants me to play.
  11. Not quite the examples I was looking for ... Like "interesting experiment" or never ever done/tried e.g rotate starting capitals ... "also fun": Wouldnt help GE faction at all if scandinavia occupation is the task to win the war by putting GE in a even more sandwiched position requred to win the war ... Excellent suggestion!🙄 In addition, the better approach in view to map design and to attack lines, it would be much more helpful to buff the attackers role no matter the attack lines. E.g disabling access points (A-E 1s) capping in order to remove a major advantage for the defenders that dont defend but better close a line disabling resources located there spiced up by WF sinks supported seriously for the attacker"s disfavor. But thats just related to FPS balance. Not to RTS balance NOR the faction player balance. Equal chances for the utilisation of equal limited faction supply is the real issue. Battle picking and an exploitable AR in favor to the underpopulated faction needs to be removed/replaced by a smarter design no matter the faction in particular. The best you can recall, really?
  12. Interesting! I assume you cited it from some records taken during insider event you attended. My statement would be "entirely not true", if I had blamed you personally. I havent, if you care to reread my post. I said "they got consulted". I just expressed my concerns about the results of that consultation but not the reasons for the outcome we can see using the service. That being said, you pointed out some issues to Redbjarne by this records, I entirely agree with, while I hope you were not be satisfied by the answers you got ... - Redbjarne called it an experiment to try out basically disabling limited faction supply. ROFL, that is an experiment every1 can expect the result. Overpopulated faction will win because the underpopulated factions cant field all resources by the lack of command points. What a BS experimental approach wasting effort and time! - Redbjarne and Splixxen talked about a major effort required to make ATs transferable in factions. Well, the ATs were NOT faction locked 2012! It was implemented intentionally by the game designer (guess it was implemented by - or in view to - the introduction of command points by Rommel update). The major effort required to switch it back is a sad consequence of a wrong game design decision taken, only ... An approach one can expect issues coming up if faction player balance becomes out of balance. Basically a manifesting feature for faction unbalance easy to predict! Especially if some1 plans to introduce a third independent faction later on ... In conclusion, Redbjarne mentioned that Reto is aware of the issues but cant solve it by a) the lack of decent ideas (trying useless experiments by disabling THE feature for resource balancing in war...) and b) the lack of dev resources required to correct an issue selfproduced. Same style of answers given in all the communication with the playerbase be it forums or dev streams. Always justified by a "big picture" created behind leading to the results in game play we witness today. Can you, by any chance, recall a point discussed during the event, Reto or Redbjarne acknowledged and came up with (planed or even confirmed) a measure/feature to implement that relates somehow adressed to the RTS part's issues?
  13. Gerhacht


    Sadly, you are right! Factions only matter in RTS triggering FPS matches. RTS is the most broken part worst possible designed part of the game just a small minority cares to play. It was the attracting feature and USP of HnG in 2012-2014 that was slowly but continously developed and tweaked to death by the game director watching war replays ...
  14. For you there isnt any disadvantage for the overpopulated faction. Well, it doesnt make sence to explain/discuss this any further with you. May be you will change your mind if US faction will become the overpopulated faction for some time. What is needed is a a game design that is able to provide entertainment to all players RTS+FPS independently all the time players come online no matter population or time zones. They totally failed to do so by deny commonly used working systems known! Even after they got consulted by players in the insider program. Innovation is quite different from unlimited ceativity in view to business success ... They seem to successfully balance the factions already by loosing a larger part of their playerbase reducing the overpopulated GE faction. Great business approach to drive away a majority of customers, really. Guess after the brilliance of such approach got better accepted, the Noble price for economics for Reto.Moto is near ... But hey its F2P! So, Reto doesnt have to get money and they dont need customers. Possibly, they may even explore a new business model that comes with W4F (working for free ) dev teams. In case Reto devs do share your PoV - as it seems to be - they will try arround with random tweaks in their MM while they still convinced about their RTS is not done but decently ok.
  15. Yes overpopulation or faction unbalance is an issue. Just to separate it 4u For me, the matchmaking system does fill battles with close to even number of team members (best it would match skill evenly as well) in FPS ONLY. By default the matches are fair in view to even player numbers, always! A good MM would even try to balance classes in a match. But all this has nothing to do with the broken, poor and stupid RTS mechanic / design. AFAIK, the MM doesnt start any new war battles but fills battles that are manually started. Was that changed? Battle picking (play the right battles, possibly in a team using voice) is an issue (as you admit b4 in here) for the overpopulated faction. At least TRY to not mess it up ... Solutions that may work, other than the poor tries applied by Reto design, were suggested in posts since years (lift the lock for assault teams or dynamic AT sizes to lower queues and idle ATs) or even just to switch of AR as a band aid, all were ignored or even denied with passion by Reto game design. RTS game design and the stupid FPS-RTS interaction is the major problem that is caused by Reto, ONLY!