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  1. Gerhacht

    Tune in for our Developer Live Stream

    @Reto.Hades Just make sure RedBjarne will talk about the GAME DESIGN plannings esp. planed whenever in very "soon" future when the war code is finally finished sometimes ... AND NOT the weapon balance/tweaks, new factions and cool skins or brand new toys as usual. Just focus the entertainers on FPS-RTS interaction, resource- and faction player balance plans. A major design overhaul is essentiallly required! You know what I mean old buddy ;).
  2. Gerhacht


    Two questions some1 may enlighten me: 1. Are the resources for the new staged missions drawn from war resources? 2. Does the autosolver still working for war missions?
  3. Gerhacht


    Rdanzer is right! If in any future iteration the resources will be 100% used by spawns or a battlesimulator and lower battle picking applied, the game will work somewhat better as explained in this forums dicussions since forever. E.g multiple (in same time or sequencial) battles per battlefield. The bitter downside is still the timeframe the game designer needed to discoverer his failed/infuctional design and improve it by corrective measures since years of loosing players in this game ...
  4. Gerhacht

    Battle of Berlin: Aftermath

    Nice event that showed 1. battle picking IS the major problem, 2. your population balance records (& UD bonuses) are just a peace of nonsence, 3. your game design is failed in most basic and essential core parts that arnt adjusted by ideological reasoning Known and acknowledged since years for a person with a decent intellectual level. I dont believe in the lack of intellegence by the reto team BUT the willingness to correct the core mistakes ... Go ahead RB and proof statictically your design is infunctional BUT it while be convinced it SHALL work in your own game play world model. Because its the fail of the players, market or community or anything else tan the core game design ...
  5. Gerhacht

    Matchmaking is beyond BS

    Would say: Game design is utter BS that results to have a playerbase consisting of WoT, WT and PUG players that dont care to play a combined arms team gameplay. A design that never worked only to be explained by a game designer that WANT the design to work since years ... The MM is just able to deal this worst mess.
  6. Gerhacht


    Dear Reto Game Director aka Chief in failed Game Design, please do the (re)design changes needed in HnG b4 the game dies! Stop doing designs YOU want/guessing are good and make the game fun for soldiers and RTS players. Asset control and AT customisation for Generals Spawnable equipment defined by ATs (applies for vehicles and infanty weapons as in every game in the market) to lower/reduce the spams Merge SU and US Limit overpopulated OPness in the FPS game by spawn delays and not by battle picking by low pop faction clans Make the ATs better accessable in control aka play them when a RTS player becomes online instead of sput out of deploy queues sometimes Implement RTS content features - in addition to the very essentially required but crippled limited faction supply - that make the RTS gameplay more than just another&worst FPS battle creator compared to system staged STOP do infuctional features and game designs just because YOU want them to be fuctional as done over years! PS: For details just look up for the suggestions made over years in your forum.
  7. Gerhacht

    Update 1.14 - NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE!

    Wow! Reto is pushing/clearing out everything in the pipeline now. Meanwhile, they need to remove the map- and gamemode choices of their remaining players /customers ... Massive content released and MM issues in create matches in a reasonable time doesnt sound very promising for the game's future, I really loved some years ago.
  8. Gerhacht

    Mal so richtig Dampf ablassen!

    Ich denke der Ablauf ist so wie meistens im Business. 1. Neuer Kopf/Chef der den RoI erreichen soll (1-2 Jahre) 2. Nachdem der feststellt, dass sich der Umsatz nicht ausreichend steigern lässt kommt der Einsparungsschnitt um den RoI zu wuppen 3. Wenn dann nach ca. einem Jahr die Zahlen immer noch rot sind wird der Laden dicht gemacht und bestenfalls noch verscherbelt 4. Evtl. laufen die Server noch auf low budget (könnte sein dass wir das schon haben...) und wenn nach allem Rest-Reto oder ein neuer Rest-Verwerter auch kein Geld megr machen kann ist ENDE. Glaube Reto hat noch bis Ende diesen Jahres um ein Wunder zu vollbringen. Habe schon andere Unternehmungen gesehen, bei denen durch einzelne aber einflußreiche Personen (meist im Development) eine Verbesserung verhindert wurde, weil diese nicht einsehen konnten, dass Ihr Baby von Ihnen selbst an die Wand gefahren wurde. Naja RB ... schade drum.
  9. Gerhacht

    First Deploy

    Because all discussed solutions are ignored and denied by game design ... Alot easier than the problems the brits have to agree on a brexit procedure they WANT but same basic reasons. The muppet show is just not able to agree on something that may work.
  10. Gerhacht

    auto resolve

    ROFL... Some time ago the vast majority of players, that are willing to contribute to the forum's community voted for AR off PERMANENTlY. = infinitive AR timer. Now some complain about an extended AR timer that kills the RTS ... encouraged measures for improving HnG off the horizon so far. The RTS is killed by the focus of the developers AND the game designer on the FPS part. The FPS players can play without any worries in staged battles only BUT the RTS entirely depends on the FPS players playing the battles the generals stage. THAT is the result of design decisions and nothing else! Another issue is the faction population issue that is obviously dominantly a result of a three faction design with the low populated SU faction that lasted for years now. Merge SU and US faction is strictly denied by the game designer ignoring the fact that it isnt solved by the players since years. THAT AGAIN is a result of design decisions and nothing else! Lack of ANY RTS content - no matter the AR timer - other than serving FPS players to fuel the match alternatively to the system staged battles. Equipment spawned in battle mainly by FPS player ribbon unlocks instead of AT design&development by the generals while preventing AT customisation/progression as well. THAT AGAIN is a result of design decisions and nothing else! As long as these core game mechanics are not adressed by the game designer the issues will persist forever because they are WANTED and ENSURED by design. And no matter if the war server code (tool) will become ever finished or not. A tool doesnt do any job if there isnt an operator that knows to use it correctly and does the job required ...
  11. QA wise it is a good approach to optimize a product in small steps. BUT HnG got by far to many failed decisions&priorizations in the core design (e.g. FPS-RTS-connectivity) to many (and to much effort) to list. The current product is to far away from being good and will possibly kicked from the market on its way to tweak it step by step consuming (&wasting) time&money. If there is something going terribly wrong in the market development and customer numbers the changes need to be drastic to make it a good product again thats worth the effort of optimizations. I know, you do know HnG was a good, promising and growing product some years ago. As you know the wrong turns taken as well ...
  12. Gerhacht

    Questions to Reto

    As for any features, content, updates or even implementation of basic improvements in the RTS part of the game, Reto worked since 2-3 years already on the new "war server code". AFAIK, this is just the tool to do anything in RTS and it seems to be in final development now according trello. Anyhow, Reto in general nor any responsable game designer in specific communicated anything specific planned after the tool is ready. Just very raw ideas and visions were presented over years of desaster for the RTS part. I am curious about the time frame required to implement any meaningful improvements in the RTS part whenever after the tool got finally finished at an unknown point of time in the future.
  13. Gerhacht

    H&G rating

    I may give HnG another try IF this dev team will be ever able to come up with any RTS that deserve the name at least at a very basic functionallity other than fueling FPS matches in a worst way compared to the system generated staged game mode. It is stupidly delayed since years in HnG history be it by lack of competence, interest, lack of resources or just few design decision maker's failed game design.
  14. Gerhacht

    Flying is kinda broken

    Quite simple ... Reward extra bonus XP for scoring hits on planes that recently (e.g. 30 sec time frame) scored a hit on a friendly plane. Btw enemy paraplanes dont score hits on enemy planes, most of the time. AND fix the absurd HP values all vehicles have while damage effects on module hits are a bad joke design!!! All soft targets dont have remarkable armor protection values, unless some special features sometimes available for some really special function or battleroles (eg, ground attack planes, pilot's seats protections or even APCs for ground transports). It isnt reocket science to just remove the most stupid game design features of the recently implemented damage model! But, on the other hand ... its Reto design, right? A vehicle that got the engine destroyed DOESNT move anymore in a non fantasy world (for planes at least further movement is strictly limited by altitude). I call that very basic realism that shall simulate what every human brain level would expect without any needs for implementations of all RL effects simulated as well (eg. needs for sleeping, take a shower or what ever RL humans may need). But fantasy results shall be just left for the games that generally named for it.
  15. Gerhacht

    Tank strength poll

    Neither of the vote options given. Srry mate. It needs buffs and nerfs to make it better. The damage system of all vehicles is just trash, imo. For a tank, the armor protection shall be the important factor. In case a vital part is destroyed by a penetrating hit, that vital part needs to be dead! The current HP based damage system, is just a failed design. Again ...