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  1. matziti

    Devolution of a once great game

    I made a vote about this in reddit. In this vote, around 15% is not using steam. I notice during primetime CET, battles are popping a bit faster lately. Even yesterday we could fight soviets from the map rather easily between 20 - 23 CET.
  2. matziti

    Devil's Brigade Recruiting!

    We received 8 applications! It is great fun to pass our knowledge and let players experience the 'endgame' of Heroes and Generals. Pushing from the map.
  3. matziti

    Any tips to remove/see through bush?

    object quality to very high
  4. matziti

    Devil's Brigade Recruiting!

    @Heid31stwc check your message
  5. matziti

    Devil's Brigade Recruiting!

    We are opening our clan for new recruits. Myself and @Thisbirdisonfiya joined the council Some info Devil's Brigade is an US-only clan formed in 2013 by several first-hour players and long time community members. We are a group of organised US players who play from the RTS map and try to achieve a high % win-rate on the map. We defend as a team, attack as a squad! REQUIREMENTS: * You have to side with US in war, since we are an US clan! * Have at least one rank 8 Infantry character and one other character of a different career The different career can be ANY career EXCEPT a Recon * You have to be able to work together. * Join our discord ( ) & fill in our form:
  6. I would for sure main the Belgian faction! L'union fait la force!
  7. matziti

    fix hitdetection

    I'm an EU player. I have ok hit detection on EU and US servers. But the Moscow servers never were good. Lately I literally need 30-40% more shots to get the same amount of hits on this server. It is very annoying and I feel instantly the difference.
  8. Actually looking forward to how this turns out. Giving a thumbs up to Reto to try to balance the gunplay. The BA, SMG and lower LMG changes favor the newer players as they often try these guns out first. They are the future and growth of this game. Maybe as an US player I can change my captured stg/avs/mg42 back to US automatic guns, because most endgame US and SU players were running around with German captured guns. BA rifles: looking forward on this the most of all, I play this gun a lot as infantry. I almost never see players use this gun besides people sitting or proning somewhere in a bush LMG changes look good, reduce the running and shooting. The mg42 can be superior but not as a run and gun weapon. Really happy to see the BAR gets buffed: such an epic gun on other WW2 games ( I played with this gun for many years in Day of Defeat but it is pretty useless in HnG). Maybe I can also dust of my captured mg13. AR changes: wonder how the stg will act. As of now I feel this gun is too strong (even as a captured gun). Especially the little recoil combined with the accuracy the gun has on mid to even long range annoyed me a lot. Good to see the avs will have less sway. Please give us an option to remove snowballs. Fun for the first days but now it just becomes annoying. Do not change the flamethrower as it's just a troll weapon. Pistol rpm shouldn't be highered the P38 is already OP getting headshotted from midrange.
  9. matziti

    fps drops with every update

    Just remove 50% of the bushes.
  10. matziti

    best mod for M1G?

    I'm a headshot semi automatic guy but since they nerfed the headshot hit box to counter automatic guns it also was a nerf for the semi-automatic weapons. Still sad that headshot multiplier just didn't get adjusted to 2 or 2.5. So I'm struggling between 2 builds. I used to play with this build: match ammo, scope, trigger, heavy spring and scout barrel. Problem is that after your first shot the gun isn't that accurate (recoil) anymore and it became harder to shoot headshots. I really like to play with the same build but with basic ammo. I had several games with 35-50% headshotrate. The gun is super accurate and hasnt that much recoil but often a 3or4 hit kill in distances over 75 meters. Just bullets has lower velocity so harder to shoot people 'sideways'. So against vets you often get lasered down by stg44.
  11. matziti

    personality and loadout

    fully modded mg42 in staged krepost = hiding things on pc from real life (size and stuff)
  12. matziti

    Mod for captured weapons, when?

    Not really a fan. If you play a match with US vets vs SU vets, almost half of the players run around with stg44 / mg 42. My most used automatic guns as an US player are the STG 44/ AVS and mg42... But Reto should just tweak all guns to be very similar. Like the m1903/k98 or m1 garand/svt/gewehr43 and no captured guns. Small rof or ammo adjustments. Of course there is no turning back with all the gold / credits spent.
  13. matziti

    thread to evacuate your anger against randoms

    I only play staged first encounter to warm up. I used to play krepost to grind credits but now with captured guns I'am breaking the bank
  14. matziti

    hackers, a lot of them

    @Lored1 You didn't really hid the names well as I can recall most of the names. ORB aren't hackers, they have been around too long for that. I also noticed names of other veterans too. They have a good coordination. The top guy is one of the best players in the game. They play with voice communication, so in some cases ( my case) if you kill two/three of them they come hunting you Actually I wonder that they had to play that long to win the game . So you did a good job