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  1. matziti

    The grass is in fact greener on the other side this time

    Well the gunplay in the other game is better, and a good player can do a lot with the starter weapon. Only it's a more or less casual game and the battles are random ( I dont like every map). You can only queue with a couple of people so most games are more even. The thing I miss is the higher goal, except the grind There is no rts or community play. Just casual shooting on a random picked map. Gunplay of this game with hng rts mechanics and war system would be great.
  2. matziti


    I am enjoying Enlisted but I don't think it will replace Heroes&Generals. The grind is huge though.
  3. matziti

    matziti fragvideos

    @Mvrck89 The video you watched is a year old. That time the captured mg13 was the best gun in the game. Almost no recoil and very accurate. It got nerfed. I rather use micro's.
  4. matziti

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    Well I got every assault gun as US. You can buy the stg 44 as a captured gun and mod it. Stg 44 and m2 carbine are easy guns. Stg44 is the most versatile and is best gun to mow down several players whilst controlling a full clip of spray. It's competetive on close range, best in it's league in mid range and burstfiring on longer ranges.
  5. matziti

    Isn't the M1 Carabine overpowered for its price?

    It is a fun-meme gun, very accurate on short-midrange and a headshot machine in the right hands. OP? naaah, just buy it
  6. matziti

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    Good. I already make a reservation for the biggest bush and a big empty bag to collect salt
  7. Not really a fan of this, breaks the total immersion. In clan play this could be a thing, but lately most clans avoid eachother. Although the the prospect to only see 2 or 3 guns used on 36 players isn't fun.
  8. matziti

    Cheater in H&G

    Was a decent game, my first kills will be in my next video, 6 headshots in a row with garand. I attacked as defender. Amendeon being a newb as always and camping as a pr0
  9. I do agree. When you want to play war you should have some kind of phone authentication. This counters alt abuser & people hacking passwords.
  10. It is annoying and they should remove the feature where you can block towns from retreating 1 at from skirmishes. @Lored1 There are enough German players doing this too. I don't have the time to do this and babysit my ats. I just use my at's so I can play the battles where I queue.
  11. matziti

    Should War be pay-to-play?

    You can do this if there are too many players playing war. This isn't the case. Just don't leave recon and light tank ats at the front line. /close
  12. matziti

    AVS in new patch

    I only use it captured. Before I mainly used the captured stg, captured mg42, m1919, carbine m1/m2 and captured avs. Now the captured avs improved. It is pretty good and super accurate. My main captured guns now are captured avs and captures mg34. Bar is good, it's competetive but for sure not op. I prefer captured avs over it.