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  1. Timberwolf581

    Looking for good soldier loadouts.

    M1919 used to be able to be modded close to 500 RPM. Now the lowest it can go is 545 RPM while I wanted 450. Same with the M1918A2, but that thing at least has a higher RPM setting of 550 to 600 which is still achievable, but I'd have to spend at least 30k credits extra for that. At 450 RPM the M1918 used to be almost perfect though I still wanted 350 to 400 RPM. Greasegun and Thompson might be good within 15 meters, but 9/10 of all my engagements are above 15 meters. If I had to guess usually between 20 and 60 meters. At those ranges they're awful and I rarely if ever have the chance to close that distance.
  2. Timberwolf581

    Looking for good soldier loadouts.

    I beg to differ. M1919 used to be great before the mods nerf and now it isn't, as is the M1918. The Grease Gun and Thompson are still pretty garbage, the M9 Bazooka is decent tho. M1903 with a scope and 1hk mods is great, but if I had to pick a gun and say was overall good, I'd say it's a fully modded 2hk Garand with highest possible rof and no scope. Carbine is half decent now, but still no M1 for infantry.
  3. I don't like the BAR anymore. Before the mods nerf I could get 400 rpm and it was stable and incredibly enjoyable. Now after the nerf I can't reach 400 rpm anymore and my only other choice is tossing 60k credits out the door to try and max the rpm to 600. The M1919 with 545 minimum rpm is dead to me.
  4. Timberwolf581

    New capitals vote! (round 1)

    Welp, seems like the option I want isn't there and I don't see any way of finding the next best option without putting hours of work into it.
  5. Timberwolf581


    You could lower the maximum firerate to a little over 700. I've run the Thompson at 698 RPM for the longest time.
  6. Timberwolf581


    I'd rather see the Thompson do a tad more damage than the MP40 with less range than the MP40 on account of .45 ACP vs 9mm Parabellum.
  7. Timberwolf581


    I mean, more damage for more recoil is something I can definitely support.
  8. Timberwolf581


    Why not increase damage on .45 ACP, full stop? Thompson feels like I'm shooting wet tissuepaper.
  9. For the M1919, I got chrome barrel and heavy bolt for max damage, longer range, and 500 RPM. Just find a good spot to put down your bipod and just start hosing. You can do walking fire in a pinch but I advise against it.
  10. Timberwolf581

    Weapon feedback thread for 1.17.1

    Mine's min RPM with chrome line barrel, MMS and because of the free veteran TGG because people say I need it. I think it's fantastic gun, and if I could exchange a bit more RPM for even more damage, I would.
  11. Timberwolf581

    Weapon feedback thread for 1.17.1

    Like you say, I'm hoping for 15 round box magazine with modded 3hk with higher RoF, and less recoil (because smaller bullet) per shot. Something you can spam more easily than the Garand but pay for in damage per shot. Ideal as something of a smaller semi-automatic when you need the equipment points for something else but don't quite want to resort to a pistol.
  12. Timberwolf581

    self loading rifles

    I think the SAs are in a good spot, the modded (for range, damage, and RoF) M1 Garand anyway. Other weapon types not so much. Edit: It's the M1 and M1A1 Carbine that need a RoF nerf
  13. Timberwolf581

    Anything going to be done about the dead weight?

    You need to be able to unequip those weapon modifications at will though. The last thing I want is my M1A1 Thompson turning into the M1928 against my will. Medal of Honor airborne had it and it was utterly terrible.
  14. Timberwolf581

    Sherman vs Panther part 2 ...

    Not sure what this thread is about.