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  1. Both like there is only two. Both like there are always jeep spawns. Both like some spawns map aren't the equivalent of auto-erotic asphyxiation death for either side.
  2. VenstreDjevel

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    Your line of argument is flawed. Yes it is possible to avoid a ptrs IF you are not engaging enemy aircraft and IF the enemy spawn lines are conclusive to higher angled attack runs. But if you are in that situation you are without doubt killing and earning less than an otherwise unmolested pilot. Recoil/reload are irrelevant as it is a luck weapon rather than a skill weapon. A fuel tank shot is still a near death sentence due to the proclivity of rocks. Rocks which you will never learn locations of unless you are constantly flying with air superiority which it entirely seems you are basing your stance on.
  3. VenstreDjevel

    getting killed before you actaully spawn

    How are players spawning in an apc being watched by the enemy? Did I miss this being patched back in?
  4. False equivalency, already disproved above but I will re-iterate. Cheapest loadout infantry is a shovel knight in a civ vehicle who will have to have multiple instances of luck to earn. A 14 credit tanker can take magnitudes more damage and re-earn multiples on top of that. Pointing to tankers that don't know how to tank-drowning or advancing unsupported as some form of justification paints over the effectiveness of tank weapons and armor. That will only get you so far, ultimately the formula is taken from irl situations and war by design is to make the other guy die for his country. The winning side is meant to exploit battlefield restrictions and ultimately spawn camp. Every rambo defender in this thread will spawn as armor when needed to win, they just don't delude themselves into thinking this game is worth playing if it isn't balanced. It is a feature, accuracy of AT rifles is nerfed to death to counter use as AA which it ultimately just delays rather than stops. No money , no capability to work (due to covid+ excessive watching of John Dillermand). They need more people buying ptrs and tiger 2 with gold...
  5. That post entirely overlooks secondary machine guns which are entirely free and the use of which even against nothing gives xp and thus credits. A tanker using said weapon only pays spawn cost while earning with tier 1 paying for itself after 20 seconds of fire. What costs tankers money is missing or dying after spawning expensive. Infantry faces the same losses when their vehicles don't directly result in a captured point. The fail state for tankers is simply never as high as it is guaranteed to be for their targets, if it is costing it is the result of poor play-missing, bad positioning/spawn and the continued throwing good money after bad. Class switch for a tanker is near always an option in viable battles. Masterfully sumerized, I would point out that pre-armor 2.0 tank v tank has the speed edge at 3hk at range.
  6. VenstreDjevel

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    Trees+ terrain counter AT rifles. They are however working as intended, by price and grind it is blatantly obvious that their meta use is company approved. They are also the crutch for the perceived weakness of actual AA-your request is a wish on a monkeys paw that would snowball into a demand for a buff of cheaper and easier to access weapons that will leave you in a worse position. The guys that stomp you with a ptrs would do so with buffed AA or mgs (when infantry first was worth a damn).
  7. You can up the cost when wrenches cost credits to use. Every non kill hit is wiped away by a single eq and a little time. Heck you want classes? Why weren't you begging for a mechanic class so tanks don't just walk off multiple hits for high damage weapons. Hell a game winning combo is a heavy on a cut off with a couple of wrenches, that force magnifier stops a team and keeps them down.
  8. VenstreDjevel

    An other debate about the effect of some badges.

    imo every new toon I level I boost pointer quick fire with a pocket pistol as once gold it is incredibly useful for every other weapon. It isn't just about end game but how viable it is to aim for specific badges to net a benefit in a reasonable play time. Lored1d post is on the money for general understanding though. As useful as quick draw/ quick aim/ camoflaged are they are not a viable goal for a new player to attain where as the above. Tight grip also - as it is tied to high damage automatics which help against more experienced opponents and objectively aids multiple other weapons.
  9. VenstreDjevel


    I wish I were in the battles the op seems to be, at a profit requirement of a 2:1 k/d all I see in the air is a numbers game to suppress the enemy and then dunk on infantry. They get rid of flak jacket to help the infantry then buff basic plane health anyway so that has re-enforced one sided battles. Long gone are the days of a skilled solo player able to fight off more than one opponent, or for that matter good long ace duels 😞 .
  10. VenstreDjevel

    nerf of rocket launchers.Part 1:

    Spoken like someone unfamiliar with war that also thinks a Rambo has the same respawn timer as a shovel knight.
  11. VenstreDjevel

    RPzB vs M9A1

    "Historical accuracy". That ship has sailed and then it sank. Ergonomics is a massive factor which is only ever surmounted by overbuffing (cough 1919 cough). Every sight that passes over your target when you ads is disruptive every nerf and buff gets push back from the victims which is why I have a mg42 and stg in every faction.
  12. VenstreDjevel

    nerf of rocket launchers.Part 1:

    So given the content of the original post we can be assured he wasn't around before launchers were hot **** . Wasn't one of the major reasons for the buff that it would give tankers more of a chance once engaged rather than hearing a couple of clinks and then be dead?
  13. Lol ignoring hard facts on the deployment timers of AT+jeep and calling it off topic. Here is another hard one- no player starting out as regular infantry stays as that after being killed by a tank. The equivalent would be being shot by a sniper and not either countersniping or flanking rambo style to make use of his e-tool. If you want a parody of ww2 how about trying to defend sending tanks into a battle unsupported...
  14. That seems to imply an either or. Wouldn't it be more logical that a person spending at all is inherently tied to their continued play. Who would buy camo for their shrek boi if their only chance of unlocking a shrek is playing even longer while getting stomped on by tanks? I guess it could be a way of incentivizing using gold to pay your way to a shrek but something makes me think people would quit before then.
  15. XP won't get a nerf as it is tied directly to a potential gold sale -High tier AT. An equivalent would be to nerf armour assault xp on starters lol! Credit gain is already marginal especially compared to tanking. Dropping repair cost goes hand in hand with dropping earnings. Imo damage disparity will always be a factor as long as the shell of a heavy can't hit as hard as the equivalent tier AT. Both are abusing armoured fist....
  16. THE ONLY DUDE... Read the initial post. Like, every word, then assemble these into sentences. Spend a few seconds deciphering the meaning of what is written. IF YOU CAN. Read, which is why I wrote- Show your math or gtfo. By my count with a launcher rambo you have a 50 second difference so your point would only be valid if you too drove everywhere with your head wobbling above your heavy. This is a heavy tank 3 minutes is because it is deadly and you should know how to protect it or have support to use it. There is a distinct lack of tanker honesty when it comes to how they die-there are simply more auto death locations on maps than not. There is more at play than simply the weaponry but rather than get spawn location changes or restricted classes it always comes down to attacking rambos. Even at its worst 2 years ago the veteran players still killed tanks as fast as you are whining about.
  17. Oh I love this, 5 American tanks dead with no change in battle advantage. 1 panther dead with no change in the battle advantage so an HE p3 would be useful and somehow this is meant to be on the side of tanker rights? So taking out 1 out of 5 Rambo's won't do a damn thing, it seems this is trying to stop the only dude killing you from playing the game.
  18. Take a lot of medium aircraft down with a recon plane do you?
  19. VenstreDjevel

    New tanks

    That won't happen. SPAAGs won't be put in their own category of resources because Reto said that "generals would not use those ATs", and they won't put them in car slots because that would be "too powerful". Car slots sounds like a perfect solution to me tbh. Given how badly they are already nerfed with depression, speed( 2/3) and cost -all that would be needed is to up the deploy timer more to secure them from spamming. Imo it is an aberration that they aren't used more as anti-infantry as in the war if necessary they would be. Far to often reto gives us the toys to play with and then drastically limits their utility to the point when they aren't used anyway and just gather dust, i.e. amphibious cars....
  20. VenstreDjevel

    Make Anti Tank more expensive

    What is the visual difference between an infantryman and an AT soldier when riding a bike?
  21. VenstreDjevel

    medium plane stats

    tier 2 reaches max altitude in 4 minutes with multiple stalls, tier 3 does it in 2 with 1 stall . The mig3 is an exception in that it recently got a buff closer to the tier 3 climb rate while poor in other areas. This is dependent on speed to an extent-a tier 2 may catch/destroy a tier 3 if the chase begins with the former at max speed while the latter at cruising or turn speed.
  22. VenstreDjevel

    medium plane stats This is drastically out of date but maybe ask nice on the discord....
  23. VenstreDjevel

    New tanks

    That is a glossing over of the infantry that are already sitting ducks when camped down anyway. Yes it isn't going to be an even match, but what the idea is by having the option it can draw fire from the infantry to eventually flank. Far too many matches are just prolonged rofl stomps due to imbalance of resources, what alternative is there? An auto win option for the side that has tanks when the other lacks the means to escape or retaliate? Yes AA is a drain on the APC resources but then everyone is fully aware it is a terrible mashing of the two disparate pieces of equipment with the power of APCs entirely overshadowing every other weapon in the game. Quite frankly there should be massively increase in APC resources but the amount of potential spawns from each limited as it stands an extreme amount of balance (map and game) is skewed due to the game winning potential inherent in those vehicles. Time and again Attacker map spawns get ignored because APCs can just invalidate the limiting value entirely so defenders will always have it their way because all they need to do is neutralize this one method and the rest is easy mode.
  24. VenstreDjevel

    New tanks

    Infantry spgs would be a boon not due to damage but range and rate of fire giving at least some way to counter spawn camping tanks when rambo routes are blocked.