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  1. VenstreDjevel

    please buff the warhawk

    First it was everyone experienced in dog fighting now its anyone to lazy ti waste time. I can see where this is going....And keeping to brand by picking the Yak like its the most agile and hard hitting of all mediums, the last talk I had with someone that knows what their doing that was not their pick. I am still waiting for a duel using that aircraft in both roles or at least with evenly skilled pilots where the yak wins, it just isn't good enough- At no point in that battle did the yak not hold back its pilot, centre mounted guns are easier to learn but don't have the ttk potential once wing mounted weapons are used properly.
  2. VenstreDjevel

    German bias and Soviet feebleness

    With a bipod requirement.....
  3. VenstreDjevel


    The vast majority of those variants would not be competitive against the enemies that are also going to be tier 3. 0.50 cal is the bread and butter of American ww2 airpower everything else really couldn't compete and its only the poor simulations of those aircraft that gives the impressions that they could (cough aircobra cough). Imo the p51 airframes biggest strength of operational range has no place in the fps side, hopefully it will have an effect rts but its only because its the more iconic fighter that we didn't get what we should have -p47 thunderbolt, the radial engine would have fitted with the durability of its enemies and upped to 8 .050 cal really would have hammered home its effectiveness.
  4. VenstreDjevel

    please buff the warhawk

    Speaking for everyone?
  5. VenstreDjevel


    Those prices are while its on discount, which does confuse me since the only places it states that is in the headers on the bundles themselves it only has one number rather than one crossed out and another beside....
  6. VenstreDjevel

    please buff the warhawk

    From the same dude that brings up 2m difference in wing length like it makes a massive difference? What should really be telling is a larger drop in performance for the bf109E when its wings are destroyed since it relies on so many extra mechanisms to give it such excellent performance-which would cease to function thus overall putting the p40 at an edge for never having them.
  7. VenstreDjevel

    Merge Staged to war

    Or more likely as they already hinted at have staged battles affect war in some way.
  8. VenstreDjevel

    P-51 The direction of progress, with one of the most agile and fastest aircraft used in the war. Or heck in one of my books for the mark 1 they strapped 40mm vickers S on it, if we absolutely have to have an aircraft that was poorly suited to a dog fighting role we may as well go for that one.
  9. VenstreDjevel


    If the mustang mk1A had the merlin engine it may be something, it didn't so it isn't. If a single 20mm apcr slugs did more damage than two 13mm apcr slugs there would maybe be something to the complaints. Living in denial isn't healthy and rather than chasing a British myth we could be after the cream of the crop in the p47 thunderbolt. And talk is most definitely cheap when trying to dismiss someones ability.
  10. VenstreDjevel


    The p51 with cannons flew like a brick. If absolutely necessary to match the la7 reto will buff the damage of the p51 like they did the jumbo. People whining about cannons doing more damage on modules ignore 1/3rd of the damage received is from 7.92mm guns (if you face Germans its that weapon that kills your elevator). Learn to aim and machineguns perform exactly as they did during the war.
  11. VenstreDjevel


    Naa it won't help at all with more US and SU pilots......
  12. VenstreDjevel

    please buff the warhawk

    30*274 is more than 40*200. And that is without factoring in that the 40 damage weapons will only be available for 18 seconds. How is it self celebration to state what we will be doing? I celebrate the experiences our grandfather's had and am reminded of the books I read when the exact same thing occurs in the air as was written down in them. Where does my ego come in to it, anyone can do what Rohl Dahl describes in over to you, sure we dont have trim or flap control but riding the throttle is a good enough substitute. And if anyone has an ego issue it has to be the dude with a hitbox the size of James' peach.
  13. VenstreDjevel

    please buff the warhawk

    You are deliberately obfuscating the fact that with the higher rate of fire more mass and therefore damage hits the locations both weapons fire at. You know you are doing this so yes when you leave no facts to counter argue you are the only target. I would never encourage half the tream to fly which is why if someone can replace me in the air I am on the ground. What we will be up to is the same thing we did last week with MIGs(take a wild guess as to why my people chose to start piloting careers with soviets rather than America?) Mainly we use cheap aircraft to thach weave and have fun flying how ww2 pilots were ment to. I am the only one with gold flak jacket so tend to be the bait, seal or vet doesn't make a difference vs properly executed tactics. And most importantly we don't just turn in circles exposing all our modules to fire.
  14. VenstreDjevel

    please buff the warhawk

    Higher rate of fire, why do you persist in making up stuff so it appears that your lack of skill isn't what keeps you from landing shots? Pilot sale is here to address the population imbalance, since they haven't buffed the p40 instead that must mean statistically its fine and its pilot quality that brings it down. To those about to dip their toes into the USA air force my group will be flying this weekend to level the new pilots they buy, feel free to add me if your in Europe to queue up. If we have enough in the air I will be on the ground keeping the lines alive so we stay in the game. Tally ho chaps!
  15. VenstreDjevel

    Is US pilot worth it?

    Fly more boom and zoom aircraft, the mig and me410 are not more maneuverable and their strengths aren't in the wings. The flight pattern for these aircraft are what damaged aircraft are reduced to when they lose their modules. Flying the mig3 for a month will teach you how to use a limited aircraft to its full potential without costing ridiculous amounts. And funny how quickly a certainty of a double size vanishes on the mere inquiry of fact.