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  1. Strange, I don't have no trouble tracking or being tracked. And with HE you can straight flip them.
  2. VenstreDjevel

    Expencive and useless pistols

    They are worth the sum of their cost. By weight and ttk they have to be expensive. Dropping their headshot capability would allow for lower costs but then no one would use something that doesn't kill.
  3. VenstreDjevel

    Nerf Tanks

    Keep your shirt on, the cost haven't been acceptable for well over a year but no one with h3 and veterancy gave a s***. Welcome to m world, just be happy provided you don't miss with those weapons your costs get covered unlike 2 weeks ago. 2 RPG (5 ptrd) and 2 Faust's and you come away with some profit. Heck even using the pirate cannon on trucks gives something. The sad thing is that it still gives tonnes of XP while little credits. Reto wants you to unlock the late game AT but not afford it and that has suited tankers fine so it remains the case. Indeed. As to my stats, go fetch they are public and entirely unsurprising and totally irrelevant to the truth but will be used to attack none the less.
  4. VenstreDjevel

    Nerf Tanks

    What do leaderboards actually show? It damn sure isn't skill, it's rather troubling that you use it as a gauge while claiming superiority given its obvious flaw. Last I checked "veterans" hated people grinding new heroes or testing in war? Has the policy changed? It wouldn't appear so given the hostility to "non vet club" input on this forum. Yet I get results y'all find impossible. And I don't post only my results so ask yourself why your friends aren't backing you up while I continue to find them in streams doing what I only copy. I mean I do wish "veterans" would utilize their greater resources to form a ptrd gun line to waste a panther in under the minute it took me. My stats are available to those really interested, what's rather troubling is the denial of what obviously can be recreated with ease in minutes. And if I just get lucky with a crit here or there it could be figured out but no you would much rather attempt ab homonyms than find out for yourself till someone else tells you to. Really it should be easy to make me waste time, just state some bs about what occurs in game and I will probably waste time figuring out if it's true. But then figuring out the mechanics of the game is not as important as using the forums and devs as an outlet to the hate and frustration in your own life.
  5. VenstreDjevel

    Armor 2.0 sigh

    Oh ya BTW check the s m k thread. I blew up the wife with my 42 and 200 ends but the whole time the "armor" on her film doesn't reduce while the modules break. It makes me suspect the ring is stupidly basic so any hits not on plates don't weaken armor while destroying the tank :-S
  6. I'm a glutton for punishment, didn't filter maps before so nothings changed for me. The only time I leave a match before its over is if my team as a whole is sabotaging chances of victory and even then it has to be especially moronic like a full team of pilots and tanks.
  7. VenstreDjevel

    AT paras, as soon as tanks are nerfed

    Or the chance of ammunition cook-off could be increased with load out. Tankers went light into battle so the chance that they would die burning was lower. It would make life interesting and cost those that spam fire dearly. Hard to implement though.
  8. VenstreDjevel

    Nerf Tanks

    Except I don't state this exclusively from my own tests but corroborated by watching others. My s m k test did nothing targeting the left side compartment on a p4 but the right side destroyed the engine rapidly. Location is all that matters.
  9. VenstreDjevel

    Nerf Tanks

    And go back to tanks one shotting jeeps? Sounds like you can't deal with balance and also can't aim. Others are using 2-4 rockets to take down mediums with infantry fist. If you get taken out before destroying a tank then have to start a fresh while the tank has repaired it isn't a problem with the damage it takes to destroy but what killed you.
  10. VenstreDjevel

    Nerf Tanks

    Last I played as long as you hit module's you "do damage". Last match I played my pirate cannon took tanks out fine enough with a tidy profit. When everything else costs a handful of credits and can be used 5m outside spawn rather than having to cross into enemy territory then that may be true.
  11. VenstreDjevel


    And at that point Germany still doesn't push back, over pop leads to weak players having to hold lines they can't so Germany will always get bitten into by having Hungarians and Italians guarding their flanks :p
  12. VenstreDjevel

    Delete Heavy Set badge.

    Heavy set is the epitome of a free to play mechanic, it keeps people playing more than any other badge,weapon or vehicle. It is the ultimate carrot and its hilarious hearing people using it claiming "skill" is how they win.
  13. VenstreDjevel

    Going to revamp the P-51?

    Turning buffs would be a dead end as they won't allow it to out turn the fw190. A climbing speed buff could be a benefit though as with its better roll rate it could do what the p40 used to and still be balanced. Ultimately though we should have gotten the la5 with 2 cannons at a higher ROF, there is too much space between shots so aircraft fly though unharmed and its only in the stall where there is more time on target for the 3*20mm to be effective.
  14. VenstreDjevel

    Your Easter present has been delivered!

    Yo, I am out in the sticks can someone do me a solid and post up pics/prices of the new stuff?