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  1. VenstreDjevel

    Bazookamen work like crazy for XP

    And everything about the simulation of "tanks" is natural....but do come up with some new and unique validation by all means.
  2. VenstreDjevel

    Bazookamen work like crazy for XP

    You would still die, it has all been done before but nothing with change till you get good.
  3. Lol! That looks like Zimbabwe, all it needs is for some of them to be on top of eachother!
  4. VenstreDjevel

    Map Additions - MGs and AT guns

    In what way would a fixed mg be better than a couch? At best all it would do is give the better side a way to kill for free when they already control the battle.
  5. VenstreDjevel

    New Aircraft and/or faction

    Like a spitfire or any aircraft for that matter would change the meta. 1 side dominates by numbers then stomps infantry, dogfights died with flak jacket. Way sooner will be captured vehicles and that would show the exact meta I just described except it will be dominating with whichever tier 3 is the latest buff recipient then switch to fw190s or heavies for the bomb+cannon load.
  6. I don't know what is sadder, tankers that can't take being out played or the people that pander to them....
  7. pay for cheat LOL I use a ptrd to kill tanks because AT is too expensive, to me tanker free mg and cheap HE both long range are pay for cheat. The sad thing is tankers still die to ptrds regardless of armor because they lack every realistic aspect of the time period simulated, they roll out on their own, under trained and under crewed so are demolished by anyone with a moderate amount of patience.
  8. You get what you pay for. If you want AT effects then pay AT prices. If you want AT to be as weak as a tank shell demand it drops in price too. Rockets used to be the weakest AT then tankers thought it would be easier to see and react to so the demanded the change in damage compared to other AT. It sounds like you are proving your own people wrong.
  9. VenstreDjevel

    me410, fw 190 or something else?

    Pretty solid except for- Outnumbered it still has a cannon and bomb, it is by far better to spawn a d1 as it wont cost to lose unlike the e4 which requires a minimum of 1:1 k/d and d9 of 2:1 k/d. The heavy has 2 bombs so faster to unlock the most used badge in the game for pilots but requires air superiority.
  10. VenstreDjevel

    The Luchs, a bad high tier light tank

    This is the most factually true statement about this game/forum ever. Short term Devs benefit from blinkered vision too but sadly changes made based on the continuation of self gratification rather than balance kill games.
  11. VenstreDjevel

    The grass is in fact greener on the other side this time

    Publisher whose engine they use. An engine that has had that investment to stabilize beyond what this small team can do but still has visible cracks. Hit detection is monstrously bad in H&G but there is a lot less environment to stop shots unlike THAT game, ruins and rubble are exactly where shots are going to cost you. H&G has the advantage of a simplified environment leading to the hope of a respite. Over time it will get worse for competitors as their own map catalog expands and less and less small details are taken care of. Aye, there isn't much hope there. I do wonder though how much the playerbase drove the game in this direction-for every miss step on the dev side there has been self defeating demands from the player base and insane power creep which further pushes away newer players. Imo if THAT game keeps investing in cornering twitch it is going to be bare bones by the end of summer.😟
  12. VenstreDjevel

    The grass is in fact greener on the other side this time

    The player leveling system does level the field quite nicely which I tested with an alternate. If the information needed to know what to do were readily available there is nothing stopping a beginner holding their own in a randoms war when they have it unlocked. Going toe to toe against a clan is something no lone wolf/randoms can deal with so it isn't something to cry over. Naaa, their higher capital has obfuscated a lot. Shots get eaten by cover all the damn time to the point where it isn't even worth using the damn lean mechanic. And good luck leading shots against an enemy in another country lol. In a lot of ways H&G is over developed, as much as I loved armor 2.0 it was introduced just to be largely gone again. THAT game has the advantage of not having to give a damn about the player base, just look how many left over squad 2.0 and bots yet are completely fine with it in THAT game. Sorry but that is a reach, they have a cash cow funding this development, probably much like reto wanted H&G to be for that other property that we heard murmurings about pre covid.
  13. VenstreDjevel

    The grass is in fact greener on the other side this time

    When it is as old as this it is going to be even worse due to class lock. We get what we pay for and THAT game is insane grind, more restrictive and massively incentivizes spending.
  14. VenstreDjevel

    Make Anti Tank more expensive

    This is true of so many facets of this game, for example a tank harassing the enemy will draw some of the best players into attacking it instead of defending the point but those sorts of tanker skills are not incentivized as it would involve skills like evasion rather than forum whining.
  15. VenstreDjevel

    Make Anti Tank more expensive

    I would love to see that.