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  1. BF-D1

    I count the D1 better than the yak due to its harder hitting cannon. In steep dives you can pen the top of panthers with 50 cals and they dont hide so its getting easier to kill them in p40s.
  2. BF-D1

    Very well I out fly consistently 2:1 odds in the 109d simply because its lower speed isn't a factor in turn fights or rolling scissors because the vast majority of pilots in the air don't think throttles exist till they have to land.
  3. BF-D1

    It has poorer performance than an E4 in every category. That said in a dogfight you aren't going fast anyway. I have beaten top 10 players in a D1 when they fly thier yaks purely because I out flew them. At a cheaper spawn cost its not going to hurt your wallet.
  4. Medium fighters

    Its been worse for American mediums for being outnumbered and with poor infantry. Mig 3 same as the me410 in that you have to be turning using the rudder as you are being chased, start long in advance and you end up flying along the edge of the map.
  5. Heavy Fighter Repair costs

    They are unlocked by a progression that needs to be increased, if there weren't a learning curve assault maps wouldn't be restricted initially and my point is that the price of not knowing how to fly a heavy is steep for a reason- a heavy aircraft has the most damage potential in the game and if you know how to fly it the lowest cost of entry into a battle due to the wrench and astoundingly simple landing characteristics. Just cross your fingers that they introduce tier 1 heavies so people dont cry over thier wallets anymore. Can't wait for the bf110 tbh.
  6. Heavy Fighter Repair costs

    Just leveling a new pilot and without boosters I will have unlocked heavies before even getting flak jacket silver, that is way to fast imo. The lack of experience and survivability of those that just get the heavies that fast is why people are getting wrecked. The dogfighting ribbon should at least progress half that speed to give enough flight time to be good enough for heavies.
  7. Heavy Fighter Repair costs

    That is only going to happen when outnumbered, you still spawn with the potential to earn massively and thats what they have to balance for. The me410 on its own can earn exactly like a p38 blowing up cars. If they want to reduce spawn costs to match your thought direction then they would have to heavily nerf the kill potential of aircraft, what sort of game will it be if all heavies have p40 bombs?
  8. Heavy Fighter Repair costs

    Costs are balanced to potential rewards, hopefully when vehicle 2.0 gets implemented we will see a reduction in price when you fly clean though someone turning hard in an me410 probably isn't going to be smart enough to fly without bombs.
  9. The Bf 109 E-4

    lol so many need to get good, 109 destoys all turning aircraft but it only has the second best ttk behind the p40, if you know how to aim in a p40 you can explode an AA gun in under 5 seconds by sheer volume of fire.
  10. Lost opportunity with planes

    vehicle 2.0 ,read up and watch the streams - modifications and additional types coming. But it will be ignored by german higher ups that just turn everything into bombers.
  11. Boycott Any Games with Heavy Fighter

    When climbing or turning how big of a target is a heavy? And with the twin booms a p38 is massive while an escaping me410 is barely a target at all . So what you have is when peforming maneuvers in the manner to maximize effectiveness against an enemy a p38 has to expose itself near constantly to raking fire while an me410 can speed around the map turning only with rudder with minimal exposure hitting targets and moving on "boom and zoom".
  12. Boycott Any Games with Heavy Fighter

    1 v1 going straight for each other the me410 has more firepower. More speed means it can climb and strike when it wants. Luftwaffe aces all taught the same doctrine of high speed strikes and flying off and up to set up the next. P38 is noob friendly down to its agility but no noob can chase down a top speed me410 in a p38. I fly everything and I prefer the me410.
  13. Boycott Any Games with Heavy Fighter

    They are more balanced than the population believes, (though when aircraft only maps come people will realise that the p38 wont survive). Its just that the stigma continues and the general pilot populations turns in me410s and doesnt climb in pe-3s, all everyone ever wants to do is turn fight. Which is why german and soviet heavies get stomped so the few dont fly outnumbered.
  14. Boycott Any Games with Heavy Fighter

    Asymmetrical balance and as for the p-40 point wait till rockets get introduced.
  15. Boycott Any Games with Heavy Fighter

    There is no way to effectively execute a boycott, as long as pilots can filter only for heavy fighters there will be noobs that ignore or dont know about a boycott and get rofl stomped.