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  1. Take a lot of medium aircraft down with a recon plane do you?
  2. VenstreDjevel

    New tanks

    That won't happen. SPAAGs won't be put in their own category of resources because Reto said that "generals would not use those ATs", and they won't put them in car slots because that would be "too powerful". Car slots sounds like a perfect solution to me tbh. Given how badly they are already nerfed with depression, speed( 2/3) and cost -all that would be needed is to up the deploy timer more to secure them from spamming. Imo it is an aberration that they aren't used more as anti-infantry as in the war if necessary they would be. Far to often reto gives us the toys to play with and then drastically limits their utility to the point when they aren't used anyway and just gather dust, i.e. amphibious cars....
  3. VenstreDjevel

    Make Anti Tank more expensive

    What is the visual difference between an infantryman and an AT soldier when riding a bike?
  4. VenstreDjevel

    medium plane stats

    tier 2 reaches max altitude in 4 minutes with multiple stalls, tier 3 does it in 2 with 1 stall . The mig3 is an exception in that it recently got a buff closer to the tier 3 climb rate while poor in other areas. This is dependent on speed to an extent-a tier 2 may catch/destroy a tier 3 if the chase begins with the former at max speed while the latter at cruising or turn speed.
  5. VenstreDjevel

    medium plane stats This is drastically out of date but maybe ask nice on the discord....
  6. VenstreDjevel

    New tanks

    That is a glossing over of the infantry that are already sitting ducks when camped down anyway. Yes it isn't going to be an even match, but what the idea is by having the option it can draw fire from the infantry to eventually flank. Far too many matches are just prolonged rofl stomps due to imbalance of resources, what alternative is there? An auto win option for the side that has tanks when the other lacks the means to escape or retaliate? Yes AA is a drain on the APC resources but then everyone is fully aware it is a terrible mashing of the two disparate pieces of equipment with the power of APCs entirely overshadowing every other weapon in the game. Quite frankly there should be massively increase in APC resources but the amount of potential spawns from each limited as it stands an extreme amount of balance (map and game) is skewed due to the game winning potential inherent in those vehicles. Time and again Attacker map spawns get ignored because APCs can just invalidate the limiting value entirely so defenders will always have it their way because all they need to do is neutralize this one method and the rest is easy mode.
  7. VenstreDjevel

    New tanks

    Infantry spgs would be a boon not due to damage but range and rate of fire giving at least some way to counter spawn camping tanks when rambo routes are blocked.
  8. VenstreDjevel

    this game actually rewards you for being toxic

    Not entirely accurate, yes you can get a single kill and if you are 2v1 you may well have to chase that damaged aircraft. 2v2 though is another story, throw a few bullets that way sure but you keep your team mates tail clean so that he stays alive for the enemy respawn. If you do have him clear then both of you get to spawn camp rather than being bounced by the fresh enemy. Additionally going after the same target is a quick route to collision while going after an enemy on a friendlies 6 is easier as you can see where they will move by the telegraphing of your teammate so are an easy target.
  9. VenstreDjevel

    Fix the tank mechanics

    Map data would show whether or not that is a fact, by virtue of the small rocks continued existence they do indeed work. Slowing down is also part of retos undoing of armor 2.0- Players were dying too fast, now instead they don't die as quick since they spend all day moving around rocks which also lessens the impact of delay after dying repeatedly and maybe get them to come up with a different plan.
  10. VenstreDjevel

    Fix the tank mechanics

    I bet they wouldn't actually release the stats on how much small rocks protect tanks/infantry spawns since their spread but thinking about mountain town and how many rambo routes and tank sniper spots are not viable now does give an idea of the scale of it.
  11. VenstreDjevel

    Dear Reto devs: how many does it make it ludicrous ?

    War would be extremely amusing if players in that situation just quit. That same phrasing applies to the tank they face with a bonus. They have a weapon of mass destruction *with space" bound to the left mouse button and a slightly weaker one bound to the right. Best case scenario 2 glass cannons facing off so it comes down to spawn locations -why defenders win.
  12. VenstreDjevel

    Flamethrower buff

    It shouldn't happen. It is going to happen because it will generate sales and they can hide behind "stats" as an excuse.
  13. VenstreDjevel

    Recon Planes Rework

    The Brits did test 9 of them but only got them in 1943 and by the time they evaluated them the war was over. US should have got the p47 instead of the p51 at that time, the 8 guns would have compensated the pos capabilities of the .50s at the time and it would have been different enough to not be OP and actually allow balance. imo as it is looking to progress with the gaz finally getting an lmg modding the recon planes load out doesn't seem that far away! If we could get 1000lbs on the owl or Rosie the rocketer style wing mounts they may get some teeth. Heck they could actually make life interesting and give recon planes some actual recon capability-uav style map intel could be deadly! Even without making them durable, I could totally tree hug my survival if it meant my team could see where the spawn truck is hiding because of all the red dots.
  14. VenstreDjevel

    flamethrower is a terrible weapon and could use a buff

    People wanting a buff seem to envision a TF2 flamer when it should be the complete opposite. I am all for it melting building inhabitants but it needs to be incredibly punishing when not rolling deep in cover(backup keeping you alive). Heavier movement penalties are a must.
  15. The majority of players cannot lead aircraft effectively enough to be their own air defense so the hope of hitting a target with a semi automatic weapon is not worth dev time. Anyone in range of a knife would have been more likely to be run over instead so that leaves grenades as some sort of short range mortar/ land based carpet bomber which is only viable for the few that have more money than they can spend and thus would be a form of p2w.