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  1. Balance, heavy set gold on a tiger 2 with fast reload gold will mean no tank can kill it.
  2. Yeah when new to the game I got rofl stommped by tiger2s once, then I invested in at. You kill the enemy team thats the game regardless of what they are i/equiped with. When they actually simulate in game the weaknesses of a tiger 2 then I will have a little sympathy for german tankers but even then german infantry can get to my favourite h3s faster than any other faction so no wonder no one bothers spawning heavy tanks against germans. I have seen more german recons with at than I ever have russian/american never mind at infantry.
  3. The Lee can be fun, when you dont have to win. When you are actively being hunted you dont have a chance, the main gun has a weird shell trajectory and recoil pattern. Firing the 75mm or the 37mm alters the aim of the other gun so you have to co-ordinate to compensate for having to re-align after every shot from both. So in a straight close range fight you can still loose against p4s and panthers if you are not firing in sequence. And sure you can see further than the basic sherman but you wont hit past 300m consistenly while the tanks you face will.
  4. Use trees as cover, especially against the 222 as it needs to hit you multiple times to make a kill. If you are flying low in different parts of the map they cant see you just like the aa guns. I kill more recon planes in the greyhound though tbh since is sometimes a 1 hit kill. But yeah use trees and learn the map, watch for where the fire is coming from and use the forest as cover as you approach. But tbh you are really only going to go 1 for 1 if they are at all competent, you have a parachute though and if you crash behind them you can use bushes as cover and climb up, kill and steal. Recover your credits by killing him with his own vehicle, he cant do the same.
  5. I feel like the avs is the only lazer weapon left in the game. I can regularly get headshots on a moving jeep occupant out to 80m , it still takes too many body shots to kill targets but it can find heads easier than other weapons.
  6. Its not worth it at the moment, not only do you have to have it but infantry fist/ iron fist gold and fast reload gold to make it at least combat survivable. I use mine at the moment as a 3rd faust when tank hunting, panthers give me the most trouble but I love me some tiger hunting with it.
  7. Switch to infantry and help cap a line, halving thier rescources makes it easier to outlast them. Though if there are more than 4 p38s the match will end in under 10 minutes as they dont have enough ground presence, especially if they have tree fairy recons also.
  8. 222

    The 222 is awesome but only really shines with 2 people that can communicate quickly. I prefer being the commander/driver, since not focused on firing you can scan for targets and at the very least mark them with rally. Buy a ribbon boost for it as soon as you have it, getting faust on the back makes the difference against tanks. Get in position behind the tanks, driver/commander jumps out and fausts as the gunner fires and most tanks die in under 3 seconds. In staged its often facing no tank opposition so tends to be the only armor around so you will go entire matches without dying.
  9. Lol the M3 Lee may have better magnification but the shell trajectory and recoil feel completely random- as soon as I had enough I bought a sherman though its worse for the magnification at least the shell will fly in a predictable manner. T34-76 is my favorite tank of 2 factions, the t34-85 is too big of a target and dies just as fast to panthers while being slower. T34-76 is a The best flanking tank in the game, small fast and cheap. If you are in a slugging match with panthers you are going to loose, there are always more panthers so being a visible target is a bad idea.
  10. In my tank I drive to one hill outside spawn then take my left hand off the keyboard and drink coffee while I bring in between 5-10k garanteed. I stopped being an at rambo since one tank costs less than 1 h3/sticky . I first became a rambo when I spent 40 minutes getting spawncamped by a tiger 2 that closed down 2 assault lines when no one had AT. Come up with a way of that not happening and then something about AT can be done.
  11. Risk vs reward, multiple tank aces during the war were shot out of their tanks. I almost never get shout out of my tank because in any risky environment I don't stick my head out. So frequently I hear tankers complain about things that are solved by using the motor in your machine. OHK has a harder time hitting a moving target, learn the maps so you don't have to look out.
  12. I am loving the Lee for money making, its cheap as dirt and panther drivers forget to angle or are so close you can hit the cupola. Go into staged and start swimming in money like you are scrooge.
  13. So the BAR and M1919 MG don't exist anymore?
  14. Without class restrictions it would make victories snowball a lot faster, or are you fine having your team be bush faries against 32 clanners?
  15. That wont be noticed so much but if you only have a 6/10 weapon its pretty equivalent to gold marathon man. Its more down to how you play- if you don't want to sprint everywhere take a knife,wrench or a no clip pistol but if you really like being speedy take nothing but a bare minimum.