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  1. VenstreDjevel

    Increase the AT income

    I have 3 of them and every pilot I have carries AT in addition, it doesn't make the explosives cheaper to use. They are a necessity, and a cross I get forced to carry if I don't want to be HE'd out of existance. For credits earned its insanely more profitable to get captures and kills in capture points and I find it offensive that I ever have to play differently because some people get erections when thier avatar is surrounded by digital armor- if Americans and Soviets consistently fielded equal numbers of armor (in war aswell as staged) I probably wouldn't have learned to rambo at all.
  2. VenstreDjevel

    Press G to drop landing gear

    And if convergence were added and the weapons nerfed then those that knew to set convengence would be fighting at a higher level which leads to my whole point that you just shrug when confronted with, wasting time just to go meh after you can't be bothered thinking further-these type of complaints are what gets us wildly swinging updates. If you can't be bothered thing of the concequences of your requests don't bother requesting them in the first place.
  3. VenstreDjevel

    Increase the AT income

    It hasn't been profitable for years! The whole reason I caved and bought a ptrd was due to the costs of use, at that point was the time to complain. Now its entrenched and way too late.
  4. VenstreDjevel

    Press G to drop landing gear

    Except when you (and I ) adjust our convergance we will be alpha striking those that haven't and the gap between top players and bottom feeders will widen and we get back to only one side fielding aircraft because that squadron knows to adjust thier guns while randoms don't. You have a faith in the general piloting community that I don't, heck 90% of them can't fly after they have lost a couple of modules. The p40 still hits harder than it should because most of its pilots can't hit with all 6, how will they balance it when some people not only can but will always do so while others don't? So it will get adjusted down and you and me will fly on our own. Ditto for the emil-as far as I recall it has a faster firerate in game than irl so average pilots will find they struggle and flock to the yak more so than they already do now all for your own "convenience".
  5. VenstreDjevel

    Press G to drop landing gear

    Pandering to people who can't play or understand basic concepts is exactly how free to play games get an audience. This isn't dark souls. Much like endless free bombs and orbital camera, this game bends over backwards to be easy mode and removing both of those things would affect balance far less than convergance ever will.
  6. VenstreDjevel

    Press G to drop landing gear

    And if wishes were horses beggars would ride. Convergence would help some no doubt but what it would also do is make the current aircraft over powered in any capable hands unless they get a nerf and then we are back to square one with the talentless getting stomped by those that bothered to learn whichever menu enables/changes convergence. And the work put into balancing that mess could be better used on near anything else.
  7. VenstreDjevel

    Idea to reduce plane bomb spam

    I wouldn't comment if there weren't so much bs spread about. This isn't farming stimulator☹️
  8. Real talk- it wouldn't be either of those, it would be the fg42 praise gun Jesus! But yes it is a hilariously bad idea.
  9. VenstreDjevel

    Press G to drop landing gear

    So you think they would implement it in battle? Lol that would make balancing the aircraft even harder. Some would be near useless in a p40 while others shine, like now but a whole lot worse.
  10. VenstreDjevel

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    Lol that is one big salt pile, I use recon planes effectively, they do near the same job as mediums with HE belts(especially the German for tank disposal). And why should I waste 79k to level point aim fire on a new soldier. Try to get your head around the fact that not everything in the game has to be for you.
  11. VenstreDjevel

    Heroes and Generals the "not so" WW2 game

    Its a free to play game so no restrictions would be good for the game. The deploy queue has helped variety somewhat and that type of adjustment is all we can hope for.
  12. VenstreDjevel

    player freedom "working as intended?"

    What a shocker, in a free to play game most players will choose the easier/better paying option! Capitalism in all its glory! And the game has always been like this just in places that don't affect you as much. Pre-heavy fighters it was most popular to fly yaks so soloing in the other fighters was suicide, post heavy fighters it was the p38. The problem is the players not the game, heck the underdog bonus should at least make a dent in german numbers in war but the only time that happened was when they turned off AR and everyone flocked to America for the easy win.
  13. VenstreDjevel

    Press G to drop landing gear

    Given our debate in another thread I shall cherish this always. So what range are you going to set your convergance? To better attack enemy fighters or enemy ground targets because either way whichever you don't set it for you will basically be attacking like the what is currently in game.
  14. VenstreDjevel

    Idea to reduce plane bomb spam

    Making the ground "outside combat" have any function would also increase the rescources needed to run that map. An airfield is not an option due to the quality of pilots in this game, it already happens far too frequently in WT and I have at least 2 recorded instances (though it happened more frequently) of me being chased by 2 pilots and forcing them to crash into each other. A standard stock automatic can destroy a vital part of an aircraft in 2 magazines, with infantry fist an entire magazine isn't needed-without an aileron or rudder the majority of pilots cannot survive a strafing run so maybe try shooting at someone thats shooting at you instead.
  15. VenstreDjevel

    What you’ve been waiting for: The Stronghold Update

    Yes sure because flying with out a wing (module) totally won't make you crash. I got curious and had my wife fire on me with her lmg, even without infantry fist 2 belts will kill an aileron. Quite frankly if the general quality of pilots was such that they knew to roll counter to the damaged section to maintain performance characteristics I wouldn't see so many kills but as it stands they barely remain airborne let alone land to repair. But then the OP barely understood modules and their functionality as it was so I didn't expect much. Funnly enough in those videos I proved again what a waste mods were, initially using everything I could but finding it really didn't improve weapon performance enough to justify waiting times, Infantry fist really is all that matters much like the difference between light pistol bolt and fast reload.