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  1. Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    --- Well, looks like we have come the "full circle" when I (semi-)joke "Heroes & Generals" being my current ideal "Battlefield"-game; we now have the same anti-cheat-system installed; long time no see, BattlEye. It's always nice to have more referees around; hopefully they're up-to-par with the refereeing so far (at least, so far according to my experiences; refereeing-quality over here has been a lot better than average. ) --- --- ---
  2. Paraplane crashing

    --- Another example battle in which the paratrooper transport plane almost crashed into the ground with a huge loop: /M 2657794112653712800 And also, the planes simply aren't travelling "held -> assault"-point lines anymore, but simply randomly "hovering" around the next available "raid"-point. --- --- ---
  3. Source of your information, please... Only things in relation to "resource(s)" and "staged" are these within "few updates ago": "Staged": - CHANGELOG 1.09 "Battle Flow " 2017-11-07 "Added a scenario where Medium Tanks, Tank Destroyers and Heavy Tanks will fight in the same battle in staged." "Resource(s)" - HOTFIX 141397 – [09.01.2018] "Resource Production Updates: Infantry stockpile up to 850000 APC’s stockpile up to 10000 Motorcycles stockpile up to 60000 Recon Planes stockpile up to 6000 Fighter planes stockpile up to 1800 Heavy Fighter planes stockpile up to 1400" - HOTFIX 137229 – [14SEP2017] "Fixed issue with resources in the Action game being overwritten when Assault Team reinforcements arrive - HOTFIX 139405 – [09.11.2017] "Fixed issue with total amount of resources not being updated in towns on the warmap" - Changelog 1.09 "Battle Flow" 2017-11-07 "Fixed Defender’s resources not being shown when hovering over the objectives" --- --- ---
  4. Holding enemy weapon makes player invisible on the map

    --- This bug is still here; all the posts so far are "up-to-date". (( No "bumping"-option, hence a new post. )) --- --- ---
  5. --- This just keeps getting worse and worse: Battle "3263860834299528567" assaulting team didn't even have one-hundred-infantry-spawns for a line: --- --- ---
  6. Question for the devs

    --- To stay more on topic: There are plans and some concepts shown of the new deploy-system which would allow changing equipment within "limbo / spawn"-menu. However, having multiple solider with already pre-made-loadouts would still have the advantage of having lower deployment-time. I.E. Players who would only play with a single-infantry (for example) -> longer deployment times. --- --- --- On to the more "what can I do at the moment"-text: --- Unlike some are saying: No, you don't need one-thousand-hours to fully equip +8-infantry characters, or generally don't necessarily need that much of hours. (( I barely have 1,1K- (actual-in-game-stats-page-recorded-)hours and have +20-soldiers well equipped; this includes all the roles but generals. )) --- ...Unless of course you really mess-up how you spend your credits / "silver"... So, carefully planning well ahead very important, alongside not making impulse-purchases. --- Infantry-wise the most efficient setups (in my opinion) to "defeat everything" are these loadouts with the following walk-through: 1. Use your first solider up until you're able to afford another new Rank-15-soldier - Eventually give (to all) your infantry anti-personnel / frag-grenade(s) and wrench (which works both as a good source of income / points and a very good melee-weapon for stealthy-kills) -- Consider also "pocket-pistol(s)" especially if you have a Veteran-subscription-active; they get the job they are meant to surprisingly well especially once you get some practical-experience with them (in my opinion, they're far superior cost-efficiency and loadout-versatility-wise in comparison to "higher-tier-pistols"). 2. Once you have enough credits for a Rank-15 Infantry, purchase one 3. Play with both if your infantries in all battles; both of them earn you good salary and if you happen to win a battle you're able to stay until the very-end, all your soldiers earn the "win-credits". 4. Keep your eyes on what your new soldier(s) "rolls" in the badge-progression; this way you can semi-automatically decide which "role" your can assign for your new / fresh soliders ( E.G. if you happen to get a lot of tank-destruction with panzerfaust(s) or other anti-tank-equipments you are able "capture / borrow" from other players, then that solider is probably the best candite to become a anti-tank-soldier. ) 5. Keep purchasing new infantries until you have enough of them for all your loadout-needs. In end you'll most likely might want to end up with at least these types of infantry-soliders: 1. Your first soldier which at the moment could be your "wild-card" considering possible upcoming changed in the loadout-system in future (or you might also want to promote this characters into general in future). 2. An anti-tanker (with a pocket-pistol and rest of the aforementioned-loadout); "rocket / grenade-launcher" can destroy all the objects when aimed correctly. 3. Bolt-Action Sharpshooter --- --- ---
  7. --- Yet another one for this bug: 4415041053924828264 --- --- ---
  8. Warbonds Removed?

    A post from "several days" ago: --- --- ---
  9. New soundsystem

    "Troll-logic" obviously would be simply that one got shot right into the ear(s), thus losing the hearing ability right after getting shot -> not able to hear getting killed. --- Knowing the code-revamps happening in the background, it'll be simply the matter of time until the netcode is going to more efficient; all of us (not just the players) just need to much more patient. --- --- ---
  10. Holding enemy weapon makes player invisible on the map

    It was happening few days ago on the current public-live-version (v 1.10.1); not certain about the internal-version (this might have been already fixed there). (Slightly elaborated repetition) Basically what happens is that whenever a player is holding a "stolen / captured"-weapon, they turn invisible on the whole pocket-map; this is very noticeable when you use the zoom-in-function as they simply don't appear on the map whenever they're holding (and shooting) with the (captured-)gun / weapon (as in this could also possibly happen with melee-weapons + wrench). I am not 100% about the "limbo / spawn"-menu; I only have confirmed this bug happening only with the zoom-in-map. Biggest problem this bug causes is not knowing anymore whether a player "other-side-of-the-wall" is a friendly player or not, which leads to some accidental team-kills a lot more easier. --- --- ---
  11. Had another battle in which this happened: 5996559117758791032 (( This battle in particular was super buggy to begin with, including but not limited to getting stuck inside Jeeps and unable to exit them alongside being catapulted out of the fighter-planes (and surviving). )) --- --- ---
  12. --- As the title implies: There are various Staged-battles / practice-mode-matches in which the resources are not distributed 50:50 for the attacking / assaulting-team; they're instead random "3/4" and such (E.G. one line can have 3/4th infantry and 1/4th fighter-planes). This is most common with Reconnaissance-plane + Light-tank-resource battle (according to my experiences). Example battle-ID: 3721794320935671746 --- --- ---
  13. --- Cloud Quality = Low -> Clouds are "blocks" that completely remove line of sight on things (E.G. planes) that are ~10-metres away from you; causes things to simply pop-up suddenly in front of you (like less than 2-metres). Cloud Quality = High -> Clouds are (semi-)transparent as they're supposed to be. An example mission-ID in which I struggled finding things within clouds until I changed the cloud-quality-setting to High: 5605988557386289250 --- --- ---
  14. Get More Gold for Less Cash

    Now, to be "fair": "Milk" is an actual physical product while the "gold" here isn't. But, "gold" however could reflect everything else in the physical-world from the perspective of Reto-Moto; this could reflect office-rents and the general funding and everything in-between. --- Generally speaking, "early adopters" (usually) tend to pay more and thus (hopefully) make the investments require less money later on for the "casuals / avarage citizens" (( I know this fully myself as a "lottery winner" when it comes to, for example, large-capacity-hard-drives)). I for one am personally not angry at all about the "deflation" (in fact; I am one of people who is more or less trying to push for deflation all over the places); I am totally okay that my (minimal but still +5-years-spanning) "funding" allows more players to now invest-into this game with lower "barrier". --- --- I suppose I am now more prepared for the more "riskier"-Warbonds in the future! --- --- ---
  15. --- For example: I fought Battle ID# 7686734829636974721 I had 23778-credits before the battle. I now have 30076; so I cashed 6298-credit from this battle. Games tells me I got 4769+1189 (=5958) credits (reward) from this battle. I had ammo refill and upgrade repair costs worth of 2419 (when this by the way deducted when one uses the "auto-repair / re-supply"-function)?) I gained 332-battle / level-up-points. -- Where did I suddenly get extra 340-credits? --- --- ---