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  1. --- Seemingly 100% all bots spawned on the roof of O2-B3-spawn-point on "Factory"-map, rendering the bots on the assault-line completely helpless. Out of many respawns I personally only spawned once on the ground on this spawn-point. Battle/Mission-ID: 3935854484519394375 ---
  2. --- Battle/Mission-ID: 6048094071651819461 If the mobile-spawn-point-vehicle is old-enough alongside the owner not spawning/entering it for a long-enough-time, the prompt to unlock it to friendlies pop-ups: ---
  3. PaveMentman

    Weapons drop inside props

    --- How to reproduce: 1. "Drop" the weapon by switching your weapon while standing on some props (E.G.these boxes inside the hangar O1 on Airfield-map) Battle/Mission-ID: 6048094071651819461 ---
  4. PaveMentman

    Scope clip sleeve

    --- Here is an older "mega-thread" for this bug: https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/62631-shoulder-obstruction-while-aiming/ Most likely this is related to the "field-of-view (FOV)"-changes/semi-reverts, so maybe that's the source here. ---
  5. --- This is quite identical to "mounted-weapon-pickup"-bug I've reported earlier: https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/102164-picking-up-a-weapon-while-having-a-mounted-gun-locks-weapon-wheel So if you indeed pick-up a weapon while swimming, your weapon-wheel gets locked; workaround alongside the reproduction is pretty much identical to afore-referenced bug. ---
  6. PaveMentman

    Can't put the game on my second monitor screen

    --- Well, you can, but the downside/workaround is that you'll have to play with smaller resolution than what you have set your monitor to be in order to avoid the "auto-enlarge/fit" into to a borderless-window. So for an example, if your smallest monitor-resolution is 1680x1050, set the game resolution to 1600x1000. I personally do move the action-client-window from "left-to-right" every single time; it's a hassle sure. But for now it's the way I for one have to workaround for now with this game. (( Yes I pretty much just elaborated what Kaisurniwurer said above. )) ---
  7. PaveMentman

    Honest conversation about farming.

    --- The finer detail missing is that this would be done in an organized-group similar to kill-trading. E.G. a group on "Team Speak" or whatever communication-tool they choose to use. And then joining the same (War-)battle and then they just keep "capture-trading". Now since the communication would be happening outside the Reto-Moto/Heroes&Generals-ecosystem, proving the act is certainly a bit more difficult. But, the error-margin to have the whole 18-18-teams consisting only of the organized-groups is very slim due how the matchmaker works. Regardless, in the replay-file(s) the very obvious capture-trading would be simply, well, very obvious. Especially this would be done many battles in row. (( Of course, it's a completely different matter if player--groups were to organize an event-battle, E.G. "Knife-only"-battle in which they'd be only fighting around a singular capture-point on Assault-map, since those maps are fixed clock-time-based from 30-90(?)-minutes instead of "hold-percentage"-based. Alternatively of course there could the full "sudden-death"-mode active by both teams holding Objective-point(s) and then they might be just duking on the "No Man's Land" until either 90(?)-minutes is gone or either side runs out of resource/life-tickets. )) ---
  8. PaveMentman

    Weapon balancing discussion

    --- So to somewhat summarize so far the player-feedback/suggestions ( if I've understood correctly ) alongside my own notes ( even if they don't explicitly go with the starter-post ) : Not necessarily the base-parametre-values of the weapons itself are the problem (at the moment); it's everything else from the modification-parts to effectives-speed of aim-down-sighting and other player-movement related things ( and whatever whatnots I just didn't happen to write down on this post this time ). Damage-outputs, rate-of-fires, and therefore "time-to-kills"-performances only matter if the bullets hits the target in the first place provided also that guns is being able to shoot to begin with; we have gone this "discussion" n-amount of times already. So to kind-of elaborate: 1. Tone down the mods. But perhaps still try your best to preserve the more actually-documented-performance-differences whenever possible. Even if something would be a "no-brainer" to use, the more unique-values would be still enticing to large portion of players to find their own tuning-setups. (( Of course, all-variants of single-shot-bolt-action-rifles are in a bit of pickle without the "one-hit-kill / >100-damage-point"-setups especially with higher-magnification-power-scopes; any other mod-setup with any-scopes/sights is just simply waste of money. )) More unique-mods instead of universal ones ( as in not universal %-changes if there are any that is. sans of course the current bolt-action-rifles that is since "there is no other BA-rifles" ). 2. "Yes" for making aim-down-sight not instantly effective, I.E. making "quick-scoping" less effective with larger+heavier-guns. Just outright removing the aim-down-sight-strut/walking-possibility with heavy-machine-guns is a no-no.: Adjusting the aim-down-sight-walking-speed depending on the gun-weight-class would be better change (se heavier(bigger the gun, the slower and aim-down-sight-movement). Upholding the steady-aim / reduced recoil while walking upwards should be a bit more trickier (and perhaps adjusting the related combat badges like "Quickdraw" and "Tight Grip" like being less effective the longer the fire-button is held). And perhaps if the "Fatigue"-change in current public-prototype-version is put into main-live-build, you could make heavier-guns increase the"recoil-fatigue" due the continued rapid-fire ( after all, guns tend to have a strong kick which will take the toll on human-bodies, especially on shoulders ). So perhaps making "Stability"-parametre of weapons/guns tied to Fatigue-gain would make a major differences between the situational-gun-choices. --- ---
  9. PaveMentman

    Lost Assets

    --- Actually this barn it still around as a capture-point on "Forward Airfield" B3-point, hay-stack and all. ---
  10. PaveMentman


    --- I'd say this simply a left-over from the first-iteration of the production-queue. So rather than simply just stop a production of a resource, me thinks we might be closer to the plan of the "resource-cycling" which also would converting the production into actual resources rather than manufactured products like it is now happening. I.E. we'd be getting into the "raw-material"-system other Strategy-games use like "Food" for soldiers "Oil / Metal / Iron" for Vehicles Once / If this system would be put into use, there would no more super-excessive-surpluses of the vehicles anymore and only the amount that is indeed queued for. (( I am saying nothing new here. But this is something not that many bring up like ever, so here it is again. )) Naturally, "salvage"-amount ("captured resources") after the battle might also skyrocket after this conversion. Basically what I've written is a much more over-simplified-version of the "gameplay resource loop" mentioned on DevStream #24 for more detailed timestamps, you can use this example forum-post https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/58636-hg-devstreams-20-29-with-timestamps/: --- ---
  11. PaveMentman

    bugs on maps

    --- (( Possibly already reported, but I didn't find any. )) Airfield O1-point bomb-crate is a "bouncy-pit-trap"; only way to get out is to un-deploy since there is also not enough space to prone-down: --- ---
  12. PaveMentman

    Missing weapons in weapon specialist ribbons

    --- I have a feeling this a related bug for Soviet (Russian) Recon(s) missing Wrench in the inventory / utility-tab even though is it still possible to purchase it via the Ribbon-menu itself for incorrect price ( it should be 29K just for all characters (sans Paratroopers who cannot get it at all) and not 32400 ): ---
  13. --- Almost all the experience / combat-points rewards are progressively-rewarded aside for capture-point neutralization and captures which are only rewarded in full-completion. This is comparable to times when, for example, only the complete vehicles-destruction gave points and damaging gave nothing (aside maybe for some ribbon-progress). There is already tracking for "influence", so why not make XP-rewards to be real-time? This way could also finally ditch the "less than 1/4th-capture" not rewarding any experience-points to players, even if that has been deducted from other players who have been standing on the capture-points far longer. This would also reward players "contesting / denying" for the points; currently players "causing havoc" in the capture-points can be completely left-out of capture and defense-rewards ( aside of course for the possible "Squad-order-success"-bonus ). 5-points for every second a player would be contesting for the point could a good start; success of course would still give completion bonus just like it already does. --- ---
  14. --- Improving upon the spotting-mechanics alongside making it more rewarding has been an age-old topic over the "Heroes & Generals WWII"-game which is being brought up from time to time both the players and Reto-Moto-folks. On this thread I am concentrating on musing the spotting+reconnaissance-mechanics alongside giving some suggestions to make things much more robust and strategic during the action-game-portions. It is fair to note that I am not necessarily bringing up anything new. But I for one was not able to find any specific thread which would be more concentrated on this general topic. --- Let's first start with the spotting-mechanic-itself: The current auto-spotting already seems to be in the nice balance in sense that it won't just automatically flag/tag players in your general-vision but you actually have to "confirm" the spots with a second or so delay ( all depending on how stablely/stably much you're able to keep your aim/crosshair on the target ). In other words this won't allow close-quarter-combat-zones suddenly be full of spot-markers, unless of course there was an player spotting outside the CQC-area ( that is, if one was able to do this considering the lack of windows and such in most capture-zones at the moment ). So the only improvements at the moment I can think of for the spotting-mechanic itself are that it just needs to be "less-lagging" and should be tied to the kill-assists (which is an mechanics that should eventually be improved further (mainly by increasing the "timer", especially when it comes to vehicle-destruction)). --- Now for the more complex topic: The reconnaissance. There has been various hints by the Reto-Moto-folks that eventually the Recons are indeed going to be able to do more reconnaissance rather than just being "the sniper-class" in this game. For starters. Recons could have simply more advanced-spotting capabilities. By default they could increase the time the spot-marks stays alongside update them faster to disappear once the spotted /marked target has been downed ( idea of making this attribute Recon-exclusive is to further emphasize the importance for Recons being the "eyes" of the battlefield ). (( Multi / Mass-spotting-idea was inspired by "Advanced Reconnaissance"-perk that was available via Training in "Batllefield Play4Free": https://battlefield.fandom.com/wiki/Training#Recon )) Furthermore Recons should also be able mark mines of all kinds. And perhaps an extra perk could allow Recons walk / crouch / crawl past anti-personnel mines ( normal "jog" and running / sprinting would still trigger these explosives ). (( As a side note, mines of all kinds should be allowed to be safely disarmed with a wrench; the needed amount of time should be around 5-seconds by default. )) (( Mine-spotting idea heavily inspired by "Operatives" in the game called "Brink": https://brink.fandom.com/wiki/Operative https://brink.fandom.com/wiki/Standard_Operative_Kit )) Second would be making the Infantry-Fighting -Vehicles / Reconnaice-vehicles to act more of patrol-vehicles by making them to be mobile-radio-stations. Recons (and Infantries) close-proximity of these vehicles should allow more real-time tracking on enemy positions and reporting to rest of the team. Of course, some might also bring up the idea Reto-Redbjarne once said in one of the devstreams that recons could veentually find an intel-cache or "hacking / eavesdropping" into enemy-radio-stations to reveal the enemy-locations or at least the numbers of how many "life-tickets" there are still left. And also that possible recon-exclusive gamemode which would work kinda like a "capture-the-flag" further helping revealing enemy-forces on the war-map. --- --- Improving upon the reconnaissance-capabilities would certainly make make Recons far more than "just infantries with sniper-rifles". Right now their severely lesser amount of life-tickets in assault-teams alongside the meager amount of ideal sniper-spots makes them far less optimal choice to play as especially on more crucial war / Elite-mode-battles. --- --- ---