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  1. --- (( I am aware there is a possibility that this post probably could have been in multiple different threads / reports. But all these things are quite tied to each other, so they're all here in a single-post for now. )) --- First, to clarify "Right Angle" = angle of 90-degrees (( I am going with this translation from Finnish to English: )) Anyways, this is more of a old-old-physics-quirks. But with the latest vehicle-physics changes, these "rock-ditches" have become a 100%-death-traps for vehicles ( so far this has been confirmed for all the things smaller than heavy-tanks ). Primarily this happens because seemingly the "centre of mass" has been completely switched to the top-side of the vehicles, which means that not only the vehicles topple on their "heads" very easily and often, there physics-situations like these seen more often: (( Naturally, I wasn't able to get "roll-over" the stone-fence. )) --- --- On back to the topic of "Right Angle Stone Ditches", here an example of many of these "naturally occurring phenomenons": This is the result when I tried to cross over the "chasm-ditch" by using as much acceleration as possible. Previously this used to be very possible, especially since the front-of-the-track used to have more traction. But due the apparently switch of the centre of mass, the front-tip of the tank instead just instantly dipped-down. --- --- So, not only these "ditches" are vehicle deathtraps, they seemingly have the secondary phenomenon for foot-soldiers. What tends to happen often, especially when "jumping" out of the trapped vehicles, is that the player-solider-models bob-and-weave back and forth between the walls of the "ditch". Majority of times players are able to eventually "sneak" to the bottom of the rock-hills thus regaining the control over their character. But this can take even minutes depending on the initial momentum they had from the higher-parts of the ditch. As hinted, during this "pendulum"-moment, they player has for the more part zero control over their player-model, aside for the camera /mouse-spinning ( E.G. they're unable to jump ). --- At the moment I unfortunately don't have the equipment or the knowledge of making any videos (especially in GIF-form). But I'll try to reproduce this "bug" soon enough and post the mission / battle / replay-file ID# number either in a edit or a new post. --- --- --- EDIT: Managed to slightly reproduce this; hopefully enough for the QA-team and other related folks: Mission-ID: 474528044416602813 Here are some places where to find these ditches to try reproduce this thing yourselves; SAWMILL - Generally speaking the whole East-side of the map; there is several of these. MOUNTAIN TOWN - The rocky-hills south of B3 --- --- ---
  2. PaveMentman

    Update 1.12 Test 3 NOW open! And win prizes!

    --- Well, generally speaking the prototype-client at the moment is quite crash-free. And for the most part the mechanics and such are working as intended / planned. So moving on to the bigger pool of data alongside sating the "hype" seems to be an okay move now. --- --- ---
  3. PaveMentman

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    At least there is actual player-inputs required instead of some random ( exploited ) dice-roll just making +2K-infantries simply go "poof" without an actual battle. Plus I can now leave "barricades" parked knowing that they will be fought / "manually"-resolved sooner or later ( I.E. we're now in the situation Reto_moto-folks have wanted for years in which all battles are actually fought by the players themselves instead decided by a "bit" ). (( I know I am just repeating things others, including myself, have said already. But then again I am semi-directly replaying to a person who uses the word "joke" without seemingly knowing what the word means. So some sort of extra-clarification was seemingly required. )) --- --- ---
  4. PaveMentman

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    --- Aside for the obviously "finally"-comment, I personally don't that much to add at the moment for this test-phase. But at the very least I for one don't feel like I am being cheated anymore. To partially quote a line from another game-developer: So thank you for this opportunity. --- --- ---
  5. To some extend, "WWII Online" missing on the list sort odd, especially when "Heroes & Generals" occasionally have been nicknamed as "more player-friendly and easier accessible WWII Online". The case of "WWII Online" online is that the game is unfortunately a little to antiquated accessibility-wise. Primarily locking a little too many things arbitrarily behind various pay-walls. Yes, this helps cull-off the "wannabe"-commanders and other "n00bs" ruining the game when it comes to more advanced-gameplay (E.G. commanding-resources). But there also seemingly is no "meritocratic"-advancing possibility like in the case of "Heroes & Generals" ( E.G. "ribbons" and the credits / "silver" ). For a reference, here is the subscription-plans for the "WWII Online", which in my opinion are far too expensive: --- --- On continuation of "Heroes & Generals"-topic, probably the main reason why "our" game is still around and being developed is the adaptability in general ( and "evolving" occasionally ). I mean, let's consider this: If was up-to Square-Enix, we wouldn't be here today. But instead of "Reto-Moto / IO Interactive"-folks simply yielding to will of "Unicronic Arts"-wannabe ( at least to some extend), they instead opted to get additional funding from their old partners and do the corporate / management buyout, a very rarely seen ( or at least publicly reported ) "balzy" move. Some of the other adaptability-things are the small ones which still affect to pretty much everything ( E.G. being region-free and allowing all players to play all the servers while also having a "single-queue"-system with decent matchmaker-system ). Best thing still being that while "Heroes & Generals" easy to learn and jump-in for teh most part, there is still enough complexion and depth in the gameplay, provided of course that the players bother to put at least small effort to educate themselves ( which is something especially us "tank-rambos / hunters" really need to do once the 1,12-version ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ drops in ( heh, how fitting it's "112" with somewhat reversed-roles )). Without repeating too much that I've already praised about this game elsewhere, here is a link to my Steam-"review", which still at the moment holds-up quite well: --- --- ---
  6. PaveMentman

    The end of an era

    --- A little of late response. But I still consider this being worth posting here, especially to cheer up the mood a little: While Vashu may not be part of Reto-Moto-studio anymore, this doesn't mean he couldn't work as a consultant to rest of the and the newer folks of the company and the development-team of "Heroes & Generals"; this generally tends to be the nature when it comes to reliable and trustworthy ex-employees ( especially the case with "emerituses" ). Obviously "Reto.Vashu" most likely won't be posting on these forums in the future due the possible contract-reasons. But as said, there are chances of seeing his influences in this game in the future; they just most likely won't be official commitments. Or at the very least Vashu simply has branched out instead of being fully-committed into this game alone ( at least officially speaking; he might have been doing side-job and participating on some other projects at his leisure ). Whatever the endeavours Vashu (and rest of the ex-Reto-Moto folks) are going for, all power to them; we'll be seeing "on the other side" sooner or later again. --- --- ---
  7. Me personally? When the company still considers you as an actual customer instead of just yet another "player turned into payer" ( it helps though when the game itself is build to have as little amount of "gambling" as possible and thus avoiding to make players feel "robbed" for the most part ). And this is coming from a person who tend to write the most ludicrous "tech-fiction"-essays to support-desk-folks; I hope they have had couple of genuine chuckles ( I mean, I've had some chuckles now that I've re-read some of those tickets, even if they might have had some leads to more or less unexpected or otherwise in-direct solutions / fixes ). --- --- As for the main-topic of this thread: I frankly don't have anything else to add at the moment; My opinions about "Heroes & Generals" are still standing pretty much identically as they have stood so far ( "my dream Battlefield-game" ); and we're going to better direction with little but steady steps. --- --- ---
  8. PaveMentman

    Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    --- Well, looks like we have come the "full circle" when I (semi-)joke "Heroes & Generals" being my current ideal "Battlefield"-game; we now have the same anti-cheat-system installed; long time no see, BattlEye. It's always nice to have more referees around; hopefully they're up-to-par with the refereeing so far (at least, so far according to my experiences; refereeing-quality over here has been a lot better than average. ) --- --- ---
  9. PaveMentman

    Paraplane crashing

    --- Another example battle in which the paratrooper transport plane almost crashed into the ground with a huge loop: /M 2657794112653712800 And also, the planes simply aren't travelling "held -> assault"-point lines anymore, but simply randomly "hovering" around the next available "raid"-point. --- --- ---
  10. Source of your information, please... Only things in relation to "resource(s)" and "staged" are these within "few updates ago": "Staged": - CHANGELOG 1.09 "Battle Flow " 2017-11-07 "Added a scenario where Medium Tanks, Tank Destroyers and Heavy Tanks will fight in the same battle in staged." "Resource(s)" - HOTFIX 141397 – [09.01.2018] "Resource Production Updates: Infantry stockpile up to 850000 APC’s stockpile up to 10000 Motorcycles stockpile up to 60000 Recon Planes stockpile up to 6000 Fighter planes stockpile up to 1800 Heavy Fighter planes stockpile up to 1400" - HOTFIX 137229 – [14SEP2017] "Fixed issue with resources in the Action game being overwritten when Assault Team reinforcements arrive - HOTFIX 139405 – [09.11.2017] "Fixed issue with total amount of resources not being updated in towns on the warmap" - Changelog 1.09 "Battle Flow" 2017-11-07 "Fixed Defender’s resources not being shown when hovering over the objectives" --- --- ---
  11. PaveMentman

    Holding enemy weapon makes player invisible on the map

    --- This bug is still here; all the posts so far are "up-to-date". (( No "bumping"-option, hence a new post. )) --- --- ---
  12. --- This just keeps getting worse and worse: Battle "3263860834299528567" assaulting team didn't even have one-hundred-infantry-spawns for a line: --- --- ---
  13. PaveMentman

    Question for the devs

    --- To stay more on topic: There are plans and some concepts shown of the new deploy-system which would allow changing equipment within "limbo / spawn"-menu. However, having multiple solider with already pre-made-loadouts would still have the advantage of having lower deployment-time. I.E. Players who would only play with a single-infantry (for example) -> longer deployment times. --- --- --- On to the more "what can I do at the moment"-text: --- Unlike some are saying: No, you don't need one-thousand-hours to fully equip +8-infantry characters, or generally don't necessarily need that much of hours. (( I barely have 1,1K- (actual-in-game-stats-page-recorded-)hours and have +20-soldiers well equipped; this includes all the roles but generals. )) --- ...Unless of course you really mess-up how you spend your credits / "silver"... So, carefully planning well ahead very important, alongside not making impulse-purchases. --- Infantry-wise the most efficient setups (in my opinion) to "defeat everything" are these loadouts with the following walk-through: 1. Use your first solider up until you're able to afford another new Rank-15-soldier - Eventually give (to all) your infantry anti-personnel / frag-grenade(s) and wrench (which works both as a good source of income / points and a very good melee-weapon for stealthy-kills) -- Consider also "pocket-pistol(s)" especially if you have a Veteran-subscription-active; they get the job they are meant to surprisingly well especially once you get some practical-experience with them (in my opinion, they're far superior cost-efficiency and loadout-versatility-wise in comparison to "higher-tier-pistols"). 2. Once you have enough credits for a Rank-15 Infantry, purchase one 3. Play with both if your infantries in all battles; both of them earn you good salary and if you happen to win a battle you're able to stay until the very-end, all your soldiers earn the "win-credits". 4. Keep your eyes on what your new soldier(s) "rolls" in the badge-progression; this way you can semi-automatically decide which "role" your can assign for your new / fresh soliders ( E.G. if you happen to get a lot of tank-destruction with panzerfaust(s) or other anti-tank-equipments you are able "capture / borrow" from other players, then that solider is probably the best candite to become a anti-tank-soldier. ) 5. Keep purchasing new infantries until you have enough of them for all your loadout-needs. In end you'll most likely might want to end up with at least these types of infantry-soliders: 1. Your first soldier which at the moment could be your "wild-card" considering possible upcoming changed in the loadout-system in future (or you might also want to promote this characters into general in future). 2. An anti-tanker (with a pocket-pistol and rest of the aforementioned-loadout); "rocket / grenade-launcher" can destroy all the objects when aimed correctly. 3. Bolt-Action Sharpshooter --- --- ---
  14. --- Yet another one for this bug: 4415041053924828264 --- --- ---
  15. PaveMentman

    Warbonds Removed?

    A post from "several days" ago: --- --- ---