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  1. --- As of writing, the defending-team gets only a measly 150-warfunds for successfully defending a "node". And for the most part, this the amount majority of the defending-team gets ( if they win the defence-battle, that is ). Ideally the defenders fend off the assaulters / attackers / raider far before they are even able to reach capture-points; killing anything outside the point gives no warfunds. Meanwhile the assaulters are able gain point both via constant capture attempts (and neutralisations?) alongside possibly getting "raid-kills" which is activated while "raiding" inside the points that are yet to be captured; these warfund-rewards are not limited kills within the capture-zone but all the downed players outside capture-point also count as a "raid-kill" ( provided the player getting the kill is standing within a capture-zone, obviously). (Both "raid" and "defense"-kill give 40-warfunds) Due the flow of the "raid vs defence", generally speaking the assaulting / raiding team will end up with more warfunds regardless the if they end up capturing the whole map / node or not due the nature of "forced need of capturing" in order to be not kicked out of the map. ( I have no idea how much capturing (and neutralizations) give warfunds, but it's quite significant compared to just measly battle-victory-bonus ). --- --- Some of you are going to ask "Well why don't you just deploy your own assault-teams into the defense-battles you're playing in so you can reap much more warfunds via "warfund-bounties?" 1, Majority of the defense-battles are already over stacked (+1K-infantries) which for the most part means that it's going to be "waste of morale" for the most part. 2. Too risky; in case a loss there of a very high likelihood your troops being scattered all over the places. Not only this can outright devastate your troops / army in general due how randomized the scattering is. But you're also required to wait due retroactive-pathfinding in order to not send your troops instantly right back into the lost node without making a concentrated assault on a single line. ( 3. It doesn't help that I hit broke due some "mass-general / bot-commander / "whale"" exploiting the auto-resolver while I was trying to move for a "vitally-important".raid (read: just upgraded some troops and was on zero warfunds with my full-deployed army), and conveniently the "friendly-faction" decided to pull every "occupation" right from behind me. And yes, none the "battles" my assault-teams would have been participated in never was manually-resolved ( I.E. actually played )... So yeah, I am now in stuck defence-battles... ( For a reference: It's costs 1440-warfunds to just deploy a "Guard"-assault-team, therefore if the only income is the winning-income of defense-battle, one would need to (actually) win 12-defence-battles (thus having 1450 in hands in total). )) --- --- ---
  2. Get More Gold for Less Cash

    Most likely the VAT-inclusions into the prices, which is up to 24% at least here in Finland: https://www.vero.fi/en/businesses-and-corporations/about-corporate-taxes/vat/ --- --- --- As for those wondering what the € -> Cash prices used to be, here is a screenshot from 1st of January 2018: --- And here are the current prices: --- --- ---
  3. Crawling / Prone next to Soviet AA-gun gets you stuck

    --- This bug is still around after +1-year. Here is a mission-ID# in which I reproduced this bug twice in row near the end of the battle ("Forward Airfield", O2-point): 6063575659326974532 --- --- ---
  4. Prisoners of war (POW)

    --- Not necessarily anything new; this has been done before for example in "Act of War"-game(s): http://actofwar.wikia.com/wiki/Prisoner_of_war But it could still be an interesting mechanics to say the least in this game also. --- --- ---
  5. Finland: Tech tree

    Well thankfully we didn't need to go even near to Mongolia to get these birch-logs. And then add / goes well together with some sp(itrits)ree with kerone (or pretty much any gasoline) plus motor oil mixed into each other and then sing about Molotov and his all sorts of cocktails while cooking up some nicely smoked (bluid) Russian steel. "Such *muah* Délicatesse, 10/10 would dine again" - A random passing omnivorous Frenchman --- --- ---
  6. Which most likely would translate into removal of the auto-resolve, which we're eventually going to test: Things simply haven't been yet ready for this phase; we have yet to receive any public-official-results of the Starting-City change ( switching Berlin to Belgrade for German-faction ) and the removal of the (action-mode) warfund-bonus for less-players-online-factions. (( Empirical-records show however that while USA-faction still tails behind in the amount of battles fought, the gap between Soviet-Union-faction is getting smaller each passing war (at some point, we talked about a gap of +100-manual-resolves; currently (as of writing this post) it's only 25 according to "War Update"-tab. )) --- --- ---
  7. It went "wrong" by having (German) endless-non-stop-gapless-assault-team-"trains" making sure that the opponent (United States) never got a chance to advance their assault-teams at all; this is the very only reason why German-faction consistently kept winning many wars in row or in general ( especially if the German-faction past stockpile and morale-system implementation is any indication ). It also didn't help that back then the browser-version was also used; sure even today we still have "bot-queuers" (at minimum). But back then without any sort of limitations things were much more rampant. --- --- As for the main topic of this thread: Like it has been said for a long time and numerous occasions: The problem is not the production-rates; problem is the "reosurce-ninjas" that in the end won't use their resources. Increasing the production-rates only just increases the "bot-stacks" that never move around or outright gets captured by opposing faction due the inactivity. Get rid of these "inactive / hoarding-bots" and we have better distributed resources to actually active players. (( For now, we should simply monitor who keeps "sabotaging" like this and give them a semi-ban, or at least a warning for consistently doing this "mis-hab". In the new eventual strategy-layer / system we could probably have some sort of "auto-return" or some other sort of system that would prevent players to simply keep assault-teams in "back-lines" without any sort of activity ( E.G. having full morale for say 48-hours no where (+1K-kilometres) near the front-lines ). --- --- ---
  8. Earning stats.

    That is quite far-fetched, especially since the terrain-vehicles cannot move around without infantry-resources (at least not anymore). Also in your example with full Motorized-Infantry-assault-teams, you-would still send 480-infantries; out 1680 chances you'd have ~28,6% chance to match your assault-team-resources spawn-together, especially if you're "Physically" participating in the battle (provided also that your assault-teams are higher-rank also; lower-rank-assault-teams seemingly have ahigher chance to be comsumed first). On the other-side of the spectrum, sending just only ~33-Guard-assault-teams or ~13-Infantry-assault teams into a single battlefield / node (note: assault-teams without vehicle-resources) is quite uncommon ( unless of course they're setting up "safe-parks" to allow safer mobilisation alongside preventing "auto-un-fun"-pushing, something this very basics a large portion of players seems not to practice at all, especially if the initial "rushing" during the early-phases of wars are the be observed. ) --- Yes, at the moment vehicles alone are not able to gain any warfunds (as far as i am aware). But then again, they also cannot operate themselves without player-inputs to begin with. But if the warfunds are distributed accordingly how the resources are used in the battle, all the lost vehicles of yours might still allow you to gain enough warfunds at the end of the battle to cover the resupply-costs (and maybe make nice profits also). ( E.G. the total warfunds the ( Infantry-player-)team earned in 10K. Due the random-selector / "dice-rolling", the for-the-sake-of-this-example "Infantry Commander A" has losses / usage worth of 3K used and "Infantry Commander B" has 4K, totally 7K-warfunds worth of resources used in the battle. "Infantry Commander B" is to receive 57,1428..% of the Warfund-reward(s), therefore they get ~5741-warfunds. ) (( Disclaimer: The above is just according to my own empirical-experimental-experiences while also assuming neither of the players has a Veteran-Membership active; I am also not 100% certain if that would make any difference in actuality. Reto-Moto-folks are free to correct me alongside eventually give us the real mechanics behind this, if they feel do so. )). --- --- ---
  9. Earning stats.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! "Squad Update" was introduced in "Devyatayev"-update ( alongside "sofa-tank" "T-20 Komsolet" and "Panzerwurfmine Lang" ). https://heroesandgenerals.com/2016/05/devyatayev-squad-update-is-here-introducing-new-squad-system-t-20-komsomolets-and-more/ "Resource Pooling" was introduced over a year before in "Timoshenko"-update: https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/57016-timoshenko-update-resource-pooling/?tab=comments#comment-874400 --- The previous system "squad-wise" was far too restrictive, and also prevented using the resources for the most. Plus there was a much higher chance to never get Warfunds since one could simply trash your whole assault-team "for the lulz" and then do fine with their own supplied assault-teams. There is enough explanation already done back then; the current system is far more fair and functional, even if the "whale"-commanders can dominate warfunds-earning-wise sometimes ( E.G. if a "whale" supplies 9/10 resources to battle, they most likely get 9/10 of the possible warfund-income. But on contrast they also make 9/10-resource-losses most likely; hence you should be playing with your own assault-teams in "manual-resolve-phases" in order maximise your income-chances, according to my empirical-experimental-experiences ). --- --- As for the "warfund-income-stats", knowing the "bounty"-amounts helps giving an estimate of the earnings: https://heroesandgenerals.gamepedia.com/Assault_Team https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/4997-assault-team-costs-earnings/ --- Of course, it would be nice if we could know the "hidden-variables" like how much you could earn warfunds for winning the battle per assault-team. But I also think there is some random-elements also that are being adjusted constantly in background. Still, the best way to guarantee to earn Warfunds without delving into "min-maxing" is to destroy everything with your own resources, to put it simply. --- --- ---
  10. --- So in "Factory" A3-point I decided to use the rare chance to have some fun with the shadows here (even tried making the "Unkown Soldier"-book-cover-pose). But then I realised / did remember the windows are supposed to be covered with unpenetrable / indestructible cover. So yeah, the sunshine to too power! --- --- ---
  11. --- In Skirmish-battle, if the squad-leader turns off the "Defend"-order after gaining few "Squad Order Bonuses", the Squad Leader (at least) is rewarded with "Squad Order Success"-bonus. This is not rewarded if the point is neutralised while the "Defend"-order is still active (which also turns the "Defend"-order automatically into "Attack"). How to reproduce: 1. Order your squad to "Defend" a point (on a Skirmish-map / battle). 2. Wait until you have gotten some "Squad order bonus" 3. Switch you order onto another point (doesn't matter if it is "Defend" or "Attack"-order; "Rally" and "Clear"-order has yet to be tested) You should have now gotten some "Squad Order Success"-points. And example Mission-ID# showing this being done right at the end of the battle: 6354340318717159140 --- --- (( I am aware this most likely "works as intended"; I just kind of wish for a bit more clarity and consistency ( E.G. this same trick is not possible to do in "Assault"-battle for example as far as I am aware ). )) --- --- ---
  12. Factory Map Revision (Adding 2 new attacklines)

    Ladders here and there outside the wall and box-piles inside the walls to help "commandos" crossing and guards observing over the walls would be nice also. Maybe in future these "commando-ladders" could be turned into rope-ladders when we have the assets build? --- --- ---
  13. Finland: Tech tree

    To be more precise, making Finland a sub-faction of Soviet-Russia (context-wise in"Heroes & Generals) would be mainly consider an insult due the "Stalinism" (heavy emphasis on dictatorship), not because of the communistic-or socialistic-ideology. (( Although some people do consider president "(Urho) Kekkonen" as a dictator, and maybe also the prime-minister "(Paavo) Lipponen" to some extend. )) --- --- In the "Wargame - Red Dragon"-DLC Finland becoming more communistic country is actually very reasonable "hard-fiction"-lore-wise when considering that Finland already follows the "Nordic Model". A link containing some explanamtion of the in-game-events: http://wargame-series.wikia.com/wiki/Finland (( I mean, let's also consider this: Finland is quite chums with the neighbour-countries despite the "loud-rivalry" and other loud-radicalism we're also seeing in big(ger)-media. To some extend Finland probably has the least amount all-time animosity with Russia when considering the the long-long-history ( at least in my opinion with my face-to-face-interaction-experience with the slavic-people; probably helps that Finland also didn't get occupied / conquered during the Stalinism-time; those times just really messed up things too much... Also then there is "Ville Haapasalo" who pretty much is considered as a national treasure of Russia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ville_Haapasalo )) --- For the most part, Finland today hasn't shown signs of abolition of the state (E.G. "collectivist anarchism / anarcho-communism" ), as currently very evident of the national favour for "Basic Income" for example ( which has been running as a pilot-project by the government for a year now ). (( I know I am only "scratching the surface" this topic-wise, but it should be enough to give the general image from a perspective of an everyday law-abiding-citizen. )) --- --- (( I know we're quite off-topical. But I saw this needed some more "localised" explanation. But then again knowing some mentality behind two factions that "share"-equipments even if they aren't allied is worth discussing about from time to time. )) ((( "Finlandization" is a funny word, isn't? Here is an random article supposedly from 1st December 1977 by Walter Z. Laqueur https://www.commentarymagazine.com/articles/europe-the-specter-of-finlandization/ ))) --- --- ---
  14. RTS - Broken line Contres-Romorantin-Lanthenay

    --- Re-Re-Confirmed also just a moment ago. Copy-paste from the (German Army-)chat: PSA: You can't assault "Contres" via B-line / "Romorantin-Lanthenay"; the troops simply refuse to use that line and instead auto-route to C-line / via "Saint-Aignan" --- --- On a side, there seems to some deeper issue with this specific-line, if this old-forums-post still holds-up any truth: https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/21123-nice-logic-on-retreat-option/?tab=comments#comment-377023 --- --- ---
  15. --- Battle-ID#: 661806545893900655 The pentice / canopy of the A3-02-spawn bicycle-shed is sunken in (French) Mountain Town. You still crawl under it and then "non-clip" out of with the bicycle(s). EDIT: On the further inspection, it's actually the whole shed that has sunken; I've modified the tittle to be more accurate. --- --- ---