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  1. Then the battles just wait, eventually they'll all get resolved, we don't need a computer to do what humans can do.
  2. If people actually thought travelling to a new faction was worthwhile the problem wouldn't exist. Underdog isn't doing shirt, the problems people are complaining about are only evident once someone is in deep already. I'm glad a few of you did though, that'll really help (Am I wrong when I assume you play Soviets anyway, why would you move from one of the least populated factions). I think people are getting it though, not in the way people would like them to, people just leave, they don't go deeper, and if they do they regret it, at least that's been what whales have told.
  3. Notice I also said to underpopulated factions, people wouldn't be allowed to stack already overpop factions.
  4. Easier to just let people switch their characters to underpopulated factions with ribbon and rank intact than wait for new people to make up the difference on the other two factions by blocking them. We have the stick, high queues, but not the carrot, or the carrot is to buy or grind all your stuff on another faction while surrendering all the old stuff. I'm certain I'll trigger someone who thinks buying what is essentially a picture, dots and rectangles that are generic on each faction on more than one faction is a good idea. Notice I said ribbon and rank, you'd still have to buy the faction equipment again so it's not like Reto wouldn't get nothing from it. And it would make those ribbons that you get for weapons you can't own actually useful.
  5. Every battle should be played by human beings, (not who can outstack who pay to win), with the longest outstanding battles receiving the highest fill priority from matchmaker, no waiting for manual 5v5 heroes, just fill battles with randoms if elites won't join, and generals should be able to withdraw/retask assault teams from battles that are taking a long time to resolve for no penalty, instead of trapping them in auto timesinks with 25% fiscal penalty. FPS is just a meme otherwise and you may as well separate FPS into staged only and have RTS autoresolve only.
  6. Get those civs moving.
  7. Probably because in the H&G universe lend lease doesn't make sense.
  8. There were at least two that ran, but never used in battle, which disqualifies them according to Reto standards.
  9. This is pretty brutal, do you think it's truly deserved?