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  1. We are no longer Germany

    Many axis leet generals will still seize Berlin and Berlin post in axis chat. "We got Berlin boys!1!1!1", "help us defend Berlin", "we need more teams to get encircled at Berlin, plz help". Then after that they will push for Warsaw and Oslo and then suffer one of the most aesthetic encirclements of the 21st century.
  2. It really does take forever to matchmake (especially war) if you are in an area of the world that doesn't have a lot of players at the time you are playing. It would be nice to have an option to loosen the ping requirement, or ignore it entirely, I'd rather play than wait for the perfect ping.
  3. How MM works in HnG

    Spends to long diking around looking for a good ping.
  4. I beseech thee to stop resting my weapon after 10 seconds of non use!
  5. In between battles activity

    How about when a battle ends Reto gives me LEAVE SQUAD button so I don't have to click heroes, find squad thingy, click leave squad.
  6. 1-Year Launch Anniversary

    cheers reto
  7. A.A. Gun's Damage

    I'd like to have flak guns in the game like Battlefield 1942 had
  8. Did Adolf have restless body syndrome?
  9. A.A. Gun's Damage

    applying infantry first evidently helps when trying to shoot down planes
  10. depends on the content of the new build, tier 1 planes that most people have surpassed is not really a draw card and leaderboard well, they only exist on the website, they arent even in the game, and they don't show what the old ones used to show, which was a comprehensive overview of a player, now it's a very participation friendly leaderboard and thus not very exciting, the other big part of the update was a refactor of stuff nobody can see maybe armor 2.0 will bring more, im not very excited by armor 2.0 because i dont think anything will be done to make tanking less claustrophobic and tedious, plus gold tank rounds exist making armor, weak spots, mostly moot and handheld AT rts 2.0 is way off, think late 2018, maps are somewhere? bipods have been scrapped for the foreseeable, and i havent really heard of anything else that is on its way, ive heard nothing about adding different types of game modes or anything to shake up the capture the flag meta i bet a north africa addition would get people going, so would a new faction but that seems unlikely hopefully there are many great things to come
  11. spawn delays just make it easier for people on the other side to cap and win which is what fakes want anyway