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  1. C47 Skytrain Interior fix

  2. C47 Skytrain Interior fix

    should they not be in the wings?
  3. C47 Skytrain Interior fix

    what are those liquid tanks for
  4. Classic game chat

  5. That lovely time of year is approaching...

  6. Reto, get a giant lawn mower and...

    good way to ruin a lawn mower
  7. Flat Earth

    leftypol is most definitely flat
  8. Team Killing

    just f1 them, theyll stop doing it when they get their first yellow card from automated teamkiller punishment system
  9. the leave squad button on your soldier is nice but it still requires you to click on another battle for it to display the interface to do so
  10. Rewarding Dead lines

    i dont understand you, defenders can always spawn at a 4 point? unless its been cut off from the other O but yes remove lines that dont have troops, its brilliant
  11. Rewarding Dead lines

    sure absolutely, but be prepared for people whining about how defenders can still spawn at 4 points* reto needs to disable the cap of all lines flowing off from an objective that the attackers dont hold the access point on *unless you also disable defenders from using these as well
  12. i like this idea a lot, nice one
  13. The music you're listening to - Post it here!

    best bits of mithc soundtrack, all taken from the same vid, so when the music changes, end the vid and play another fate is fluid (the music played as the car is approaching hitlers castle) julianas letter (the scene where she crosses over to the other side) plague to the pharaohs (japanese generals morale boosting speech) nice battlestar galatica vibes in this one, think martial law from its soundtrack, although i think bsg stole from the japs first, verrater (played during war room scene)
  14. A Balance between Arcade & Realism

    so this is the power of insiders
  15. You Ask! Veteran Players Answer!

    yes not sure about the ammo, i would assume you would have it there when you unlocked the ammo on that particular tank