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  1. New WW2 Game

    THIS time HnG will DIE, this time guys
  2. New WW2 Game

    the game is fork from squad, which is all camping, supremely boring waste of time as usual, the im leaving for better ww2 games crowd will be blown the fck out and come back whining once again, with new ww2 games that will save the playerbase
  3. Bycicle Bell

    everyone here helps make the game a little better with each bit of feedback, i hope you get your bell
  4. Bycicle Bell

    i feel like youre being rude, ive never seen this side of you before
  5. Do It Yourself (DIY) Projects & Innovative Gadgets

    diy is one of the most satisfying things one can do
  6. Back to the old ways.

    he really is the best
  7. often when i select all of them and move all, almost always one stays behind, its usually the top most assault team or the bottom in the list on the right hand side of the generals screen, do other people experience this?
  8. you leave an amount of assault teams in a town, someone elses assault teams leave at an unspecified time later, making the town unfun, you lose 25 morale and resource for this, and your assault teams retreat randomly possibly resulting in more unfun situations which continues to cascade until destruction from not any actual combat, it discourages people from leaving stuff on the front, if everyone leaves enough for fun from their own forces you end up with thousands in the town, and once one town is lost the way the assault teams are split up is geared toward making unfun situations, ill say it again it discourages people to leave stuff on the frontline you dont really have an excuse when you attack because you are launching an attack, its not something that happens at some unspecified time in the future, you are there and can be fully aware that you are not sending enough for fun, or piggyback off another attack
  9. Do the devs even ever play their own game?

    some of them do, some of them dont, id imagine it would be pretty boring to play a game youve put together, when you spend all day looking at it
  10. Bycicle Bell

    you mean you want the bell rendered?
  11. The movie you liked - Post it here !

    a serious man burn after reading
  12. The movie you liked - Post it here !

    movie about a group of people surviving in the basement of a apartment building after a nuclear war, staring trevor from GTA 5
  13. The movie you liked - Post it here !

    I liked this one as well if you can overlook the silly crap
  14. The movie you liked - Post it here !

  15. at the moment its a knife edge and because of the way water drags you it often pushes you below the engine threshold and you end up with a dead engine