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  1. touching on this id love a filter that told matchmaker not to put us into the same map twice of course you can do this yourself by unticking the map after youve played it, but there is no such ability when queing for war game gets old when you are dumped into the same map twice or three times over, granted the lines might be different but its still not refreshing
  2. did you become an enemy of reto moto?

    7 is not enough, we have to go further
  3. Vote for Resoulphing !

    i guess this is an anti autoresolve thread, might want to change the thread name
  4. more proof that germans are right

    nice bait, look at all the fish
  5. Close your eyes and rest in pieces

    just have him explode at reto like last time
  6. id like to know how long the actual battle has been played for (how long its been running), not how long its sat with no players in it