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  1. Sure if you make my AT launchers free to use.
  2. But seriously, I'd be ok with not allowing aiming down the sights with an LMG if you are NOT prone or DON'T have the bipod deployed.
  3. Those things give you XP too lol, and if they destroy your tank on the way to the objective, that's one less person to cap, and one less vehicle to kill friendlies trying to cap.
  4. Some people need XP to unlock things.
  5. Aaw, ok so green pea with oakleaf schreck will be ok then? Or should I use the normandy schreck camo? I'd like to keep oakleaf camo on my panzerschreck if possible. I have oakleaf camo on a few rifles and it seems ok otherwise my only German camo so far is green pea.
  6. Hi I have a GE AT guy with an oakleaf Panzerschreck, and I know green pea is the best camo for GE, but how does the oakleaf weapon camo go with it, will it contrast and look obvious or weird? Would oakleaf uniform be better, even though it's not as good as green pea, so I can match the gun? Or should I repaint the schreck to normandy camo and go green pea? I want to keep the oakleaf weapon camo though. And I don't want any camo uniform besides either oak leaf or green pea.
  7. Twan

    My latest Feedback

    That would be cool, if they could balance it properly.
  8. Twan

    Sniper Rifles

    I agree, but in my opinion it's not enough. I think we should remove all weapons besides bolt actions and give them only one round per magazine, that would take a lot of skill to play. And make them do their stock 50 damage, so there's no more lame 1 shot kills. Also I think the view distance should be set to 20 meters so people don't camp anymore. If you disagree you are contributing to killing the game.
  9. Twan


    And actually get points for doing it, because you potentially saved a friendly tank, jeeps, etc.
  10. Tankers probably make more money sitting back and shooting people while staying relatively safe. A tank would have to be IN the capzone to benefit from capping it, sometimes that's possible but not always. At the end of the day most of the time it comes down to credits and XP. If I'm in a tank I don't want to have to rely on one or two friendly soldiers around my tank to kill a guy on a motorcycle breaking the sound barrier, then doing all kinds of evasive maneuvers while he severely damages or destroys me. And if I'm infantry, obviously I will shoot a bad guy if I see him going for a friendly tank, but it's not easy if they're good. When I play my M2 light tank, it's cheap enough that I can just rush into capzones and stay relatively close to the infantry, and still make plenty of money, but that's a different case.
  11. I would like this, or maybe only with the addition of an engineer class that can build stuff like this. Or just a regular infantry that would carry some kind of special building shovel with a much higher EP value than the normal shovel's 1.
  12. But the point is people do it anyway. I spot targets ALL the time, unintentionally mostly. I think I'm a pretty typical player, and it would change NOTHING for me, besides giving me a random reward. Rewarding them won't make a difference. Unless you're suggesting that it would be a better idea to remove spotting entirely, that would fix the issue I guess...Until people find some new "hack" to complain about.
  13. Well the solution is certainly not to encourage less effective communication. And adding a reward wouldn't really make a difference since people spot already, reward or not. It would just be a nice way to say you did something good, you're going to do it regardless. And the amount of "STUPID TEAM WTF WHY U DON'T SPOT ANYTHING" comments I've seen FAR outweigh any hacking accusations in game.
  14. Sometimes I spray at spotted enemy markers through thick foliage that I have no hope of seeing, it might be that too. I like doing this with machine guns for fun. Once I headshot a guy from like halfway across an assault map through forests and everything with an MG42, I wonder if he thought I was hacking when he saw the killcam lol
  15. I end up spotting things mostly accidentally anyway, either by shooting it or by aiming at it, it already happens, just get rewarded for it. I think everyone tries to spot things if they can. If it's important I try to tell my team where it is in chat but that's usually pointless.