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  1. Also to add that implementing such a game breaking grind system is cause by poor or lack of profitability. When reto was bought by square enix, development had bought down and they were increasingly adding more and more grind features.. Even now compared to other games there isn't much development going on, I guess it was a result of some of their choices like building from zero a new engine, choosing flash on the strategy game and a no clear picture or goal of what they wanted the game to be.. There were a surge of fans on the infancy of this game mostly formed WW2ol players that looked for a realistic WW2 game and it looked like this game was going towards a realistic approach but then it became more and more arcade.
  2. Well I don't play this game anymore only Warthunder now and WW2ol rarely but I check sometimes the forums to see what is going on. What drove me away: - I would say the biggest turn off for me was when they forced players to buy tanks and vehicles so they could spawn in a heavy tank Assault Team for example, this resulted in having mixed AT on a battle useless if the players did not have those vehicles, if there are tank AT every player should be able to spawn them with few restrictions. - The grind is unbelievable on this game if you had a modded smg + anti-tank grenades+transport , you wouldn't made any money as F2P account. - Restrictions of ATs and forced you to become a commander/general - Buggy, slow strategy map game - Unrealistic damage and weapons What would bring be back: - A realistic game mode 1-2 shot equals death, realistic portrait of weapons and vehicles and no restrictions to spawn vehicles on participating ATs other than having those soldiers unlocked(tankman, pilot), a equipment system equal to H&G. (I would pay a subscription for this)
  3. deathmachinept

    What keep you to play this game ???

    I don't just play warthunder now..
  4. Just came to check out the game forums see what is going on with the game.. And I must say this is the worst forum I have seen, so confusing, background(s) awful, huge texts and buttons.. Anyways It's really really bad... The worst I have ever seen, no one complained?.. Regards, DeathmachinePT
  5. deathmachinept

    Return tanks to their glory!

    ? I play this game since 2011(not currently playing thought) but you were NEVER able to shoot your main gun and coax machine gun simultaneously... But I agree and have asked this many times before.. tanks can only survive by spawn camping and long range in this game an even that a player with a car can easily flank them.. I have send a full medium ATS and a full tank destroyer ATS into the town map and all by tanks where wiped out with no progress on the battle because all of them where being destroyed when they reach the bridge by ATS, Mines and Bazookas.. BUT there are a couple of balancing problems: -Lack of map anti-tank defences.. there needs to be predefine Anti-Tank guns emplacements like BF 192, panzerfaust are not enough to defend against tank on medium and long ranges. -Limited the number simultaneously tanks in a map there shouldn't be more than ~5 tanks per match. -Add a simplified damage model that reduces or increases damage where the round hits the tank. -Add historical acceleration to vehicles. Then boost damage from bullets from Coax 2 shot kill to the torso and allow for simultaneously coax and main cannon fire. I asked this over the years but not reply.. tanks need to me more deadly but limited
  6. -1 I don't think it's a good idea.. in current setting you can trick a enemy player driving in a car to stop or slow down to see if it's a friendly player, those view seconds can be enough to kill him.. (this stuff is what makes a game great and smart and experience players to emerge from the crowd) I wouldn't mind a variation of whistles that randomly play when you press the whistle button so it isn't the same sound over and over again forever.
  7. deathmachinept

    panther and t44 sugestion

    What we need before more tanks is a unified system that removes and adds tanks from the battlefield has the war goes on. So that in an older war you can have more advance equipment while obsolete equipment like PZ II and PZ III start to get remove from the assault brigades and replace by panthers...
  8. deathmachinept

    Add Smoke Shells for Tanks

    Yeah great idea.. we need smoke ASAP in game so level design is less demanding and promotes teamwork.. Rather than 1 man rambo teams. @RedFoxFour Google "fog" and "smoke" they are not the same thing.
  9. I thought the fourth option was already present but 2 more players in one side is a big advantage both in Axis or Allies, I have experience this first hand in both sides. Games should start after an equal number of players have enter in the match just like you said.
  10. Wall of China Text dn't feel like reading. A great mode I really enjoyed on H&D 2 was protect the VIP a sorta of CS protect and rescue the hostages. There was a commander in one side randomly generated he would have a different high rank uniform, one side had to protect him the other had to assasinate him, it provided a fun hide and seek. It would usually end with him hidding in a room with one loyal soldier defending him.. so thematic
  11. deathmachinept

    Weight Points Logic

    RETO is so afraid of balance and trying asymmetrical balance they also think a better weapon is enough to change the outcome of a battle I remember thier explanation why no realistic fire rate they sounded so out of touch with games... you are not suppose to be shot if all weapons were deadly 1-2 shot kills no bullSit damage mods fire rate would not have much impact. I wish they have a realistic weight inventory like Hidden and Dangerous 2 had such a nice game, so good multiplayer and level design and not grind and weapons were deadly.
  12. deathmachinept

    Dying While Jumping Into the Water

    I think this must be a bug.. first 5m jumps would not take 50% of you health in real life. I really doubt they chose to be realistic here, it's actually pretty awesome and fun, jumping out of the bridge when you see a Heavy tank approaching and engaging you.. so you can get cover and safety below it.
  13. Indeed yep but it seems it has been discussed and won't happen I know I have supported the mirror idea in the past.. but it's honestly the only why I could consider.. I can pick enemy weapon or use enemy vehicles so this makes it even harder to have a reason to change side.
  14. deathmachinept

    Nerf St.74 down to the ground

    Actually when you are inside a tank you can clearly hear the sound of an H3 getting sticked :cry: You can place it when the tank fires the canon it works 99,9999% of the time. But that's actually good sometimes I put just one H# and wait crew to exit then I kill and steal the tank still with half health. But my favourite is placing a H3 and then firing with the panzershreck, the enemy player feels like he dies in one shot and there is no way he can survive or have any sec to defend or think about what he can do.
  15. deathmachinept

    This game is too grindy!!

    Where can I buy H&G like I did with BF 1942.. I willing pay 35€ to have everything unlock.