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  1. Steam oder client Version ? BTW. danke für die Antwort horrific , hatte das mit den Grafik Bug gestern wieder einmal, kann dies fixen durch neuladen des Spiels(der Mission) dan ist es wieder normal ( ja meine Karte ist AMD - ist nach dem letztem AMD Update nur 1 mal bis jetzt aufgetaucht. Dennoch habe ich die letzten Tage vermehrt ( eventuell spiele ich auch einfach nur mehr ) Abstürze, bzw. freezes des Clienten- die echt nervig sind- meist deuten die sich sogar an indem vorher fenster von H&G nicht mehr grafisch voll geladen werden ( wie zb. die Squadliste die dan durchsichtig erscheinnt) bisher überwiegend mit beenden des tasks beendbar waren, bis auf ein zwei male wo der Powerbutton meines PC´s herhalten musste. PS- habe gestern mal alle driver die irgend wie eventuell doch mal vergessen wurden zu updaten geupdatet. - sogar mein Bios um 2 versionen ... wtf fast das ASrockPink geladen... RETO Fix unseren Spielavtomaten yada yada - ick wees ihr könnt dat mucho bettero
  2. Allies, do we have fresh rookies impact, i suggest we go under knowen "trainings Siege" and leave the new Heroes and Generals first training a bit war, do there is rumor ongoing that few Veteran players do not deploy, whats doing whole situation AGAN (why you didnt get this) more horrible for Allies and leaving the new Commanders who deploy first times allone on field maybe even do that point that the yleave game. Siege is best method to not drive away that new deploying players who if dont go under Siege will get depression of getting farmed by enemy out ther eon the field. So Set up Skandinavia Siege and gain power... Possible when Axis wins fast another war(wars), players will agan level out a bit factions so there comes up agan competition, if not we have Allies Siege to training ouer greenhorns and then one day we will broke the Siege and turn warbeasts wiping enemy from every spot on campaign ( ps we still have edinbourgh -whats good training ground outside Skandinavia)
  3. Woran liegt es das ich in letzter Zeit immer wieder Grafik Bugs habe, bei denen bestimmte Wände, Zäune und co. verschwinden, BZW, durchsichtig werden. Und gibt es die Möglichkeit der Reproduktion dieses Fehlers-da er sich teilweise ja wie ein "Hack" anfühlt wenn man von aussen in die Kirche und einen der Türme gucken kann, da ein teil der Wände einfach "fehlt" nicht das jenes gezielt von spielern genutzt wird als " legaler" hack. Es ist auffällig das es immer die selben stellen zu sein scheinen die einfach durchsichtig sind / bzw. wo umgrenzungs Stein Mauern aussehen wie "Brücken" . Zweite sache sind die crash´s die "immer wieder" so 2-3 mal in 6 std... auftauchen wo das Spiel - nach irgend welchen Aktionen ( klicken und öffnen von Missions Informationen oder wechsel der Spiel tabs einfach zu einen kleinen Fenster wird und sich aufhängt...
  4. Nuff sayd come out to play you all know that few cant,-but allot are able face that axis groupup of clans and teamwork. So moove your butts to frontline and your assault teams to. If everyone spends handfull Assault Teams i didnt need go bankrupt agan by try with my few hold whole line. Thats non fair at the end that you did not deploy, do without us your ones would mean nothing as it comes to impact on war. And to you all new Heroes and Generals, deploy your first assault team today -we need your support. PS. if you want play tanker, pilot, recon, paratrooper = bring your own stuff to war... so you go sure you can play that role.
  5. cRo4Ti4


    anny ideas how to pimp playnmumbers? maybe some arround mail to all that players outa there? I still hope that you will drop this game on consoles somehow... and i hope that playernumber will rise agan when fall comes
  6. like sayd before i like that you want pick the most voted 3 - so i assume you want rotate them ( i assume agan every mapsetup 2-4 wars ) -and thats jeahh i for my own woul dlike see the FFA mode where 2 cappitals will pop up random even possible 1 in moscow 1 in istanbul... ( but lets now stick first to your ideas of vote the best 3 out) - i have picked 5
  7. some mapsetup rotation every few (2-4) wars would be nice jeah!
  8. cRo4Ti4

    Forums are fixed finally

  9. US winning wars all of a sudden? And to stop that conspiracy theorie going arround, yes it is true! that i switched to Allies, could not watch that weak RTS playstyle annymore and Axis win streak reached 10wins in row before i switched and stopped that 3 wars later as result of poke some hundrets Vets to regroup and other ones to join war agan to coordinated a bit arround, and of course teach the greenhorns. Now you just see realize the fruits of this sow, nice that it happened such fast promoted of course do Retos Vets-Event what has boosted that whole activity. All try be the reason so i will agree, well you know we are all part of it, you cant just fix or point it to a handfull players when in peaktimes there are arround 1050 Allies online and most of this Heroes and Generals just started to try harder and be more active. Besides that we got in European time from 5.30 do to 12.00 some strong support of Asian Clans players Axis did not found now the fitting answer ( maybe they should take look on my Battleplans and remember whats ive teached 😉) Go Go Allies GOGO ! Ps. we have increasing playerbase and few clans revived theyre activity so mimimi about how it went all downward is to be ignored do it is not based on facts.
  10. Hello Community, not sure why but i reall yhave problems using the forum - or lets concrete i cant just comment forum threads, ever when i try comment ssomething i hit the submit topic and need relog agan - and topic will not be submitted. I need few trys and some work arrounds who didnt work ever to get a submit topic successfully proceed. Anny help there ? Ps. i just read as i wanted submit a ticket "KNOWN FORUM LOGIN ISSUE: Some players are unable to log in to the Forum. We are working on a fix." possible it has to do with this knowing - i just wonder i can log in but i cant comment propper. ( i remember we have had this very similar some years ago ) maybei will just wait with commenting
  11. cRo4Ti4


    @Reto.Hades No idea how to reach you Guys so i try here -- thx for updating Developemant overview, by the way please please update your Wallpapers Weapons and Vehicles there still some missed on it and it sbest to show new players what nice stuff they could play with.
  12. Thanks to all who switched back to Soviets, its clearly happen- we can see it on campaign, great wuhuuu. Now stop : ) atack Allies and go mainly for for Axis - its time to get theyre butts kicked and to stop theyre winstreak ( c,mon Axis got 12 wins in row do now they gained enough command points warwinribbon bonus) - time that Allies get some lets hype that competition level. (Ps go for Prague and Berlin ) and of course take over skandinavia. Would be nice that we agree to go ever for the strongest ones on campaign. ( no matter if Axis/Allies/Soviets) Go Go H&G GOGO!
  13. cRo4Ti4


    I would give this merge a try, byside allies would become possible to strong. But for info why Soviets so weak and Axis so overpopulated (even more overpopulated) i think its not do the event.
  14. I call @ ALL Soviets , get back to your faction and stop mimimi, you know Reto want do so fast anything about ( if annything is even need to be done ) but leaveing all other H&G players suffer by Axis wipe soviets easy, is bad attitude/vibe for us Allies and sure for the left over brave soviets too - and i know you do not want that ( all other suffer do you think ther e2 weapons unbalanced) . I think youve made a point. And now come back and help Allies stop Axis win streak . Go Go H&G GOGO! ps. this current war showes us that if you not play Axis and support them, they would maybe not win it. Allies has done very well do now. sadly Axi sgrinded 80% of your cappitals very easy and thats fact.
  15. Hello Reto staff, maybe you read this - could you plz add option to sort the players by faction? Currently its alphabetic and pain in da butt if you have a bit bigger frinedlist to get ever fast the players of current faction you play with . Its no drama, but maybe just half houer code work you could do to show you what i mean i will add screenshoot - its pain in da butt if you have 100 players online and allot of them in squad and all factions mixed up do to alphabetic/ so it can happen that you add in some players from wrong faction and cant join in warmisisons then" ok happens only twice do now but hey really it could be more easy. ( at that link you can see a bit how its close to get in hurry wrong player- okey its not somuch bad in that picture / its more bad when all players not in squad and you have allot availible players..