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  1. Blackwake is barebones in content and yet they're way ahead in customization. Granted its not as thorough as this threads idea but ITS SOMETHING
  2. Matt6767

    G43 alder

    For a color? Sounds fake.
  3. Matt6767

    Addition of Battle Royale

    This and zombie wave mode would be fun additions.
  4. Helmet net for americans. I still would like to see Germans get field caps as default
  5. Matt6767

    Thoughts/use for PzB 39?

    Only got to use it once from a dead german. Shot the tire out on a kubel that barely spawned in, the guy was pissed. I chuckled. 🤣
  6. Matt6767

    P 51 Must get 20 mil Canons

    Rockets maybe?
  7. The M4A1 model ingame has a cupola that specifically supports a fully rotating .50 machine gun(or .30). You can see it moving smoothly in this youtube video. It would make a nice perk for the sherman tank especially since the split hatch provides protection on the gunners sides. If it's a commander issue I would suggest moving the commander view to the driver spot.
  8. Matt6767


    Does the .50 on the recon stuart rotate or is it fixed in place?
  9. Pretty nice RETO, now I need to grind for P-51 though. 😕
  10. Matt6767


    Slightly unrelated but 250 round belt options would be a nice completion to the MG gameplay. That and maybe ammo cans.
  11. Matt6767

    3rd SMG for United States

    Can RETO overlook realism and add M2 Hyde
  12. Matt6767

    Self-Propelled Anti-Tank guns for Infantry

    Would be nice if RETO went with sdkfz 10 They could probably reuse the body for the Pak 38 (maybe(hopefully))