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    Login Server Issues [2014.05.12]

    Hi guys, unfortunately we cannot make a quick fix like the one suggested as the core of the problem lies in the process of logging in and retrieving data. Instead we will deploy a fix with a hard limit of concurrent users and reject login attempts when this limit has been reached. We will compensate those of you wasting membership time and boosters. We are very sorry that we have this problem and are working on a permanent solution. /Martin
  2. at the moment you can only give up your slot by pressing 'leave' in the lobby on flash site. We need players to be able to re-join in the, unlikely :mrgreen: , event of a game client crash.
  3. Reto.Lord

    Sound direction

    there is a sound but extrmly low. it happens to me but very rarely and not for all players, just one or two. Other players weapons i hear ok. if we talk about same problem. Noticed this as well, I think it has something to do with walls blocking sound as it often happens indoors or near buildings, at least for me. as of now there is now audio is not blocked by walls/building etc. So it must be some kind of bug. I have not experienced (or noticed?) it, but I will keep an eye out for it.
  4. Reto.Lord

    Sound direction

    we recently (Irwin build) fixed a bug related to 5.1. We will investigate if there are still problems. The irwin fix revealed some issues regarding general placement of sources that need to be looked into - it is on the list.
  5. you are welcome It is going into the 'Hansen' build Options screen -> Disable ping warning
  6. We will make an option for disabling the warning in the next build.
  7. The 'no hosting centers' is caused by a bug and it has been fixed with the next re-deploy which I believe is not far away (the fix is not part of the build that was deployed earlier today) So the match making feature should be somewhat more reliable with that coming build.
  8. Reto.Lord

    Bigger Battles Need VOIP

    We have always been planning on introducing VOIP at some point, but it has been postponed for now for various reasons