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  1. Summer Sale: 15 days of sale

    Due to complexities related to the recent GDPR legislation we will longer offer the 365 day Veteran Membership. Current active veteran memberships are not affected by these changes.
  2. Update 1.11 ‘Skirmish at Khutor’ is here!

    We have established an official feedback forum topic - if you have specific feedback on the new map:
  3. Update 1.11 ‘Skirmish at Khutor’ is here!

    If you have been playing the new Khutor map on our prototype server, you will also have experienced the large number of UI improvements that we are working on and that will give you a better overview, better resource management and better gameplay experience. We have gotten a lot of great feedback from players taking part in testing out the improvements and fixes on our prototype server - and thank you for that. The reason the they are not part of the 1.11 Update is simply, that QA found some high priority bugs connected to the improvements that needs to be fixed. And we didn't want to delay the release of the Khutor map – the UI improvements are planned for released in an upcoming minor update
  4. Heroes & Generals expands the war to the marshlands of Eastern Europe in Update 1.11 – ‘Skirmish at Khutor’ has arrived! Not only do we have an all new map ready for the skirmish game mode, we are also taking the war to completely new setting. Khutor – new skirmish map Welcome to Khutor - our brand new map for the skirmish game mode. A map set in the Eastern Europe marshlands where birch trees and all new vegetation provides a fresh breath of color and feel to Heroes & Generals. And where the open and swampy areas of the marsh present you with new tactical challenges as you and your squad battle for victory. We have had a lot of great feedback from our players testing out the map on our prototype server and helping us fine tune gameplay elements – thank you for that. More information on the new map can be found in this blog post New civilian vehicle As mentioned above the new Khutor map is based on Eastern European marshlands, and with the introduction of a new setting we are also introducing a new civilian vehicle to match the landscape. We have chosen for soldiers to be able to drive a Universal-1, a Soviet tractor based on the US Farmall F-20 design. For a more detailed view take a look at the changelog. Original post:
  5. Summer Sale: 15 days of sale

    Each flash sale is different... On the shelf next to the Tanker Propellerhat
  6. Summer Sale: 15 days of sale

    No gold sale planned during the summer sale The 1 year vet membership is not currently on offer - sorry.
  7. A wooden chapel sits atop a hill overlooking a small village and a trading post in the far distance. This is the scene set for battle in the new Khutor map for the skirmish game mode to be released in Update 1.11. The setting is based on Eastern European marshlands, something that not only provide for a fresh visual experience, the flat open areas and swamps will also affect your tactical decisions and the dynamics of battle. The Khutor skirmish map has been a huge undertaking as it required design and development of a huge number of brand new elements like trees, bushes, grass and such. As well as creating a brand new set of buildings, assets and modules, such as the aforementioned chapel, to fit thematically with the new setting. In the future the new Eastern European marshland setting will be the basis for more maps. Currently, as can be seen in the Development Overview, we are working on a new Encounter- and Assault map. Designed for action The original design intent for the Khutor skirmish map was to create a more action packed battle than you would experience on the current skirmish maps. By placing the three capture points on a single line, the two factions in the battle would have equal opportunity to capture either one – creating a dynamic gameplay experience where each teams would switch focus depending on circumstances. However, and this is meant in the best possible way, no plan ever survives contact with the enemy. And community feedback has helped shape the Khutor skirmish map. New technology and new map-making pipeline The Khutor map is the first map using our new pipeline and the first peek at the new graphics technology. You will notice this if you, for example, stand close to painted surfaces on the chapel. There are a lot more details in the textures and there is a lot less tiling in the ground surfaces and better looking changes from one surface type to another, for instance on the edge of a road. The crops in the field is also using new technology that looks better without hindering performance. And we are not done yet, there are still more to be added to the Eastern European setting. We will of course also make sure this technology is used in the existing settings to make them look just as good. Formed by player feedback We have had the latest version of the Khutor skirmish map on our prototype server since early June and we asked you, the players, to give us feedback on the gameplay of the new map. You have provided us with input ranging from how terrain is used, amount of rocks in the riverbed and trees blocking line of sight to placement of cover in relation to angles attack. Even information on performance allowing us to track down and fix bugs. If you have followed the map on prototype you will also have seen how it became better and better with each iteration. We really appreciate it all and we have made great use of the community feedback to shape the gameplay and dynamics of the Khutor map to be released in Update 1.11. Objective 1: Chapel. Objective 2: Village. Objective 3: Trading Post. Original post:
  8. Summer Sale: 15 days of sale

    Once again summer has arrived! The birds are singing and the sunlight shines bright from above. It is the season of sunbathing, holidays, swimming in the sea – and of course, time to play Heroes & Generals! To celebrate summer in the best possible way we have some amazing summer sale offers for you! 15 DAYS OF SUMMER SALE 30% discount on Veteran Membership PLUS Flash Sales with great discounts on new items every 48 hours (Well – we added an extra day to the first one just for the summer of it!) SUMMER SALE START: WEDNESDAY THE 21st OF JUNE @ 10:00 CEST June 21 - July 6: June 21 – July 6: 30% Discount on Veteran Membership June 21 – June 24: 30 % Discount on recruiting new Soldiers June 24 – June 26: 35 % Discount on all Automatic weapons June 26 – June 28: (To be announced) June 28 – June 30: (To be announced) June 30 – July 2: (To be announced) July 2 – July 4: (To be announced) July 4 – July 6: (To be announced) * All Flash Sale start and end @ 10:00 CEST / 1am PDT SUMMER SALE END: FRIDAY THE 6TH OF JULY @ 10:00 CEST / 1am PDT 30% discount on Veteran Membership Progress faster, earn more credits and provide a bonus to the friends in your squad! Original post:
  9. THIS PROMOTION HAS NOW ENDED One of the great things about Heroes & Generals is that soldiers from all over the globe join together to make a difference, make friends and to be victorious in the battles and the war. Today June 12th our many Russian players celebrate the annual Russia Day. And what better way to spend a day off work than to play a lot of Heroes & Generals? To join in the festivities, we are giving away a nice free voucher with 24 hours Veteran Membership – something for everyone to enjoy matter where in the world you are from. But you have to be quick about it – the voucher will only be redeemable for one day! Voucher code: RUSSIADAY_VOUCHER_2018 This voucher gives you a 24 hours Veteran Membership. It can be activated from now until Wednesday the 13th of June at 10:00 CEST / 11 am MSK How do I activate the code? Start the game Log in Click the Menu button (looks like a cogwheel) in the top right corner Click on the "Redeem Voucher" button Paste or type in the voucher code and click "OK" Original post:
  10. The voucher stopped working Tuesday May 15th at 10:00 CEST / 1am PDT.
  11. You have helped us shape the future of Dev Streams

    We simply have not had the time/manpower to reestablish the stream yet.
  12. There is no sale promotion in this - it is a pure and simple give-away. Nothing more.
  13. Reto.Bobot did the artwork - I'll ask him to add it to the wallpaper section when he has a free minute
  14. THIS PROMOTION HAS NOW ENDED Today May 8th – Victory Day – marks the formal acceptance of Germany’s unconditional surrender of its armed forces in 1945 to the Allies of World War 2. The actual surrender ceremony back in 1945 took place in Berlin, Germany – sometime rather late in the evening on May 8th. Since the Soviet Union is east of Germany, it ended up being May 9th Moscow time. For this reason Victory Day is celebrated one day later in Russia. We have chosen to mark Victory Day by giving you the players six ribbon boosters and a 24 hours veteran membership. Voucher-code: VICTORY_DAY_MMXVIII Six ribbon boosters to speed up your progress in the game: Physical Training Ribbon Booster Combat Movement Chauffeur Driver Defense Tactical Free 24 hours veteran membership giving you: +25% extra credits earned +75% extra warfunds earned +100% rank xp earned +25% ribbon xp earned Secondary Combat Badge slot 4th equipment slot +5% extra Squad XP bonus for the members of your squad. How do I activate the voucher-code? Start the game Log in Click the Menu button (looks like a cogwheel) in the top right corner Click the "Redeem Voucher" button Paste or type in the voucher code and click "OK" The Victory Day voucher can be redeemed until Tuesday May 15th at 10:00 CEST / 1am PDT. Original post:
  15. Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    Please contact support. We want to know what might be causing your troubles