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  1. Reto.Circinus

    Change of scenery

    I'm switching to a consultancy based role where I will assist whereever I am needed on an ad-hoc basis. I will have a different job somewhere else which is more related to my field of study.
  2. Reto.Circinus

    Change of scenery

    At the end of October I will be handing over all my Community Manager tasks to my colleagues Reto.Robotron3000, Reto.Hades, Reto.Varish and Reto.Millan. This means that I will no longer be responsible for reading & forwarding your feedback. It's been a great pleasure doing this work for so many years, where I had the chance to see this Community from many different side. As someone who also loves to play the game, I am certain I will see some of you around in battle For all the people who love tagging me - Tag one of the Community Managers above and they will look at it PM's involving Community Manager related matters should also no longer be addressed to me. I will be switching to a different role within Reto, so you'll still see me around from time to time.
  3. Credit gain has not been altered in any way, so I will lock the topic.
  4. Reto.Circinus

    So whats the boycott for this time

    Closing this topic. Not very constructive and full of flames.
  5. Reto.Circinus

    What's With The New Point Capture Time?

    So - Would it for example be a solution to compensate the reduced time for neutralizing with the actual capturing? So capturing will take twice as long, while neutralizing is twice as fast?
  6. Reto.Circinus

    Help test the Krepost Encounter map on prototype

    That'd make it a skirmish though It has to do with the new player flow. They start out with single objective (encounter) to three objectives (skirmish) to assault battles.
  7. Reto.Circinus

    What's With The New Point Capture Time?

    It's related to some upcoming series of changes related to FTUE and creating more action. This change was done - Not to make battles go faster, but to get everyone into action faster. By neutralizing a control point, closer deploy zones are available to attacker (and defender). This means that you can get into the action much faster. So that's why neutralizing the objective has been made much quicker, while the capturing itself remains the same.
  8. Reto.Circinus

    You done fked it up...

    This is not constructive feedback. Locked.
  9. Reto.Circinus

    AR:Here we go again...

    We have plenty of topics about this subject, please use the search function. Locked.
  10. Topic locked. The game is not in BETA and the veteran memberships will not be paused.
  11. Reto.Circinus

    Why was the vehicle switching mid game removed?

    This functionality was removed as it caused too many issues. Whether or not it returns in the future I don't know.
  12. This has been fixed in todays hotfix, so I will close the topic.
  13. Vehicle speeds on off-road terrains (exception of mud) has been tweaked, especially for non-tracked vehicles. Please let us know if this makes the situation any better.
  14. Reto.Circinus

    Update 1.12 - Sound feedback

    This morning the first hotfix was released, including a bunch of sound fixes. Please let us know your feedback so we can identify further issues and work on more fixes
  15. Reto.Circinus

    Update 1.12 - Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    Hotfix notes: Sound fixes Fixed HE explosions not making any explosion sound on impact Tweaked tank insides to better be able to locate shooting vehicles Tweaked attenuation for: All tanks engines, All tank cannons, All weapons, Hand grenade impact, Bomb explosions, and Vehicle destruction Tweaked attenuation for planes (no more constant humming) Tweaked “shellshock” rampup to allow the explosion to be heard briefly before adding low pass Tweaked tanks insides so footsteps are now audible” Reduced deploy cost for assault rifle upgrades (AVS+STG) Fixed swapped deploy cost for US 75mm HE and APCR Bug Fix: Game sent crashlog when player logged out while action game is loading. Bug fix for a crash related to switching to/from fullscreen Terrain Speed changes on all terrains except mud and roads. (Speed Increase) – Biggest change visible on wheeled vehicles Bug Fix: A bug in the recoil system lead to a ‘jagged feel’ in recoil. For the full changelog, please check this newspost: https://heroesandgenerals.com/2018/10/changelog-1-12-deploy-drive-destroy/