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  1. Reto.Stenum

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    Servers are running again.
  2. Reto.Stenum

    Completely messed up war map.

    We done messed up It's been fixed - it'll be in the next hotfix. - Reto.Stenum
  3. In our recent Developer Q [fancy_amp] A, we mentioned yet another new feature to be introduced with the imminent arrival of the Manstein build: the fi [see the full post at: Developer's Corner: the Fog of War]
  4. Reto.Stenum

    Fog of war suggestions!

    Hi guys I will write a blog post about the Fog of War implementation I'm working on within a few weeks. The system will tie in with the upcoming command hierarchy system we're designing, but will work without it to begin with. Reading what you suggest, I'm sure you will both be happy about this implementation - Reto.Stenum
  5. Reto.Stenum

    The European Theater

    The focus in Heroes & Generals, as of now, is on the European theater of WWII. With the two factions battling for the other's capital, the way to [see the full post at: The European Theater]
  6. [singlepic id=790 w=300 float=left]First of all, what is your gamertag in Heroes & Generals, and what's the story? Reto.Stenum. I was racking my b [see the full post at: Featured Developer Ask Stenum (Reto.Stenum)]
  7. Thank you guys. Assault team movement, the look of the map and general usage is beyond the scope of this post. We're working on this separately. This is only for city placement and supply line connections. So you would rather have a (as an example, this is obviously not the final decision ) Norwich - Den Oever?
  8. Hi guys! I've just taken over maintenance of the layout of the campaign map, and I know there are lots of issues that you guys would like to have resolved. To get it somewhat structured, I figured I would ask you what you think is the most important things we should focus on in terms of the layout of cities and supply lines, new city wishes and so forth. Also, we have an abundance of Medium French Village maps, and not a whole lot of Mountain Village maps, and until we get a new action game map, I would like to mix it up a bit, so if you think some cities could be swapped for the mountain map, please let me know here. I know there are, and have been lots of discussions about this, so any links to threads regarding this, would also be a big help!! Thanks in advance!! - Reto.Stenum