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  1. It is possible to power down servers from the remote console and restart them again, even delayed start/restart – ff you for example want to start-up one or more servers at a specified time. This also allows us to handle these issues ourselves without needing to talk to the Hosting Center’s support team, to make them power cycle servers if needed. This gives us the freedom to better control the power use and general setup as if the servers were situated in-house at Reto-Moto HQ. [see the full post at: How much power does Heroes & Generals use?]
  2. [blockquote align=left" cite="Reto.Robotron3000]Parts of developing a game like Heroes & Generals is making sure everything around the game runs [see the full post at: How do we actually show you this webpage?]
  3. Today I will tell you a bit about the system we use to manage the server setup for Heroes & Generals. [singlepic id=605 w=600]A sample graph of th [see the full post at: How we manage more and more servers]
  4. Hi there! My name is Hans-Henrik and my H&G name is Reto.hansg. It's my responsibility to setup, maintenance and monitor the gameservers, and if t [see the full post at: Hosting the Heroes & Generals servers]