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      We are currently experiencing issues with the news feed going into the ingame bulletin disrupting the webpage and forums. For this reason we have disabled the news in the bulletin while we are looking for a solution.


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  1. @[email protected] This is probably for the action game developers more than me. I think it would be a great addition for recording and making interesting videos
  2. This is a topic for Millan, I hope they fix it. Confusing interaction!
  3. That's actually a matter for @Reto.Millan
  4. Shop aint working

    @Padobranatz, @Zlotz, @Krenicek , @Stonewall_J The hotfixes that were applied today should have fixed the issue you were experiencing.
  5. Highdef pic of generals map?

    I can confirm that we have a new set of changes coming out after 1.11 at some point. The most relevant one here for you is the following: - Warmap tiles are now downloaded locally, to avoid downloading the same files over and over.
  6. So Infantry is the base requirement in the game, everything else becomes a choice you take once in game. I think that is going to be hard to get through.
  7. RTS wishlist

    Also the longer term plan is to actually move into a UI solution for both the action game and the "flash client" to ease production. (This means to phase out Flash entirely)
  8. RTS wishlist

    We are not using the Flash Player (web only) we are using Adobe Air (Flash for desktop) and that one is still alive and well, no end of life.
  9. There's a bit of a problem, if people matchmake in as non-basic stuff, they would only ever join games halfway through? I agree, War battles should be much more appealing to everyone and have higher stakes / rewards than staged.
  10. Final Assault Team optimization test on prototype

    The vehicle update is still under development. I don't know the specifics for when it will be released.
  11. Reto.Stenum is actually working on adding waves to staged battles. Where new lines can open up during the fight and we can control what resources are available in the beginning / throughout the battle. I don't think we'll be adding "quest like" scenarios to unlock new resources though, but it's an interesting mechanic that I'll forward as well as this thread
  12. Deploying Teams

    Sorry if I was a bit vague, but it is a system to explain how many Assault Teams are standing on a city. It doesn't seem to be easy to understand since there doesn't seem to be a good explanation here in the answers from veteran players.
  13. Final Assault Team optimization test on prototype

    I fixed 3 bugs that were found by our internal QA. There is no more development / changes being made anymore. We want to find crashes and bugs if possible.
  14. Final Assault Team optimization test on prototype

    Prototype is back up again.
  15. Deploying Teams

    You lose a static 20 or 10 morale. You don't lose in percentages.