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  1. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    Prototype is down for the moment, I don't know when it will be up again. We will bring it online though when more updates happen
  2. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    It was down, should be back up now.
  3. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    We believe that the net benefit of making squads optional is greater than not doing it. We want players to have a choice and not be presented with the squad after every match unless they choose to be in a squad. And if you like playing with people you should add them to your friends list
  4. Defend and earn more experience

    Destroying a Recon, Medium or Heavy Fighter plane while in a vehicle now rewards 15 xp previously 20 xp (This also goes for ground vehicles destroying planes) The kill reward and kill assist reward for a Heavy figther plane with either the main cannon or the secondary weapon of an aircraft now rewards 50 xp previously 72, also some values were corrected from being inconsistent / too low. The kill reward and kill assist reward for a Medium figther plane with either the main cannon or the secondary weapon of an aircraft now rewards 30 xp previously 37, also some values were corrected from being inconsistent. The kill reward and kill assist reward for a Recon figther plane with either the main cannon or the secondary weapon of an aircraft now rewards 20 xp previously 29, also some values were corrected from being inconsistent.
  5. Warfund shortage

    I replied on something similar to this topic over here. Please check it out.
  6. So I'll try and answer your question regarding our understanding of the RTS game and why it's not better explained. The War-server refactor: It is not a change to the economy of the war, xp gains or explanation of the game mechanics. It is a straight upgrade of the strategy game's systems so that they are easier to debug and a lot of relations between data will be easier to make and therefore easier to develop with. It has been a long road for the refactor and it has taken a lot of backend development resources. The game economy, RNG and Auto resolve: I definitely agree with you on the lack of information regarding earnings, what happened with Assault Teams in battles and how to actually play the game without having to take screenshots to figure out earnings. The problem comes when we want to add things to the game that directly affects the systems and upgrades in the War-server refactor and it would also interfere with the completion of the refactor. When that is said, we are working on finishing up the current stuff on Prototype and the GDPR compliance. When that is done the next step will be creating the UI design for the Assault Team Battle Report and then the implementation of the design. I know I'm not explaining the details of the earnings system and that the current system is heavy on the RNG side. We would like to expose the systems and preferably explain the system. Conclusion (TLDR): After the current prototype test and the GDPR compliance, we will be moving onto the Assault Team Battle Report
  7. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    I've just returned from Easter vacation and we will now resume work on the Assault Team tweaks currently on Prototype. I have hidden Ksmits post due to it being moved to another thread that is more appropriate for his questions and I'll be answering some of his concerns over there. I have also hidden a lot of posts due to them not having any action for us to take. Look forward to updates here in the near future. Update1: Also I've fixed being able to connect to the prototype servers again Update2: I've also fixed various crashes in the version on Prototype
  8. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    The morale update after 1 minute is intended. I hope this is okay for you guys. It's a performance consideration. I've reduced it from every 5 minutes, but I think on live where the game is slower, 1 minute should be okay. @Khadmon Many thanks for all your suggestions and comments. I've fixed the bug you had with paratroopers and I'm looking into the vanishing units after a battle.
  9. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    So a few updates since my last one Bugs: Most of the bugs that have been reported have been looked into and a fix has been submitted: - Battles running not being shown when entering the warmap. - Overlap issues. - Added view details button on AT details popup. - Fixed overlap issues in the AT lists on soldier screen The bugfixes will be in version 144052 or higher. AT stats: The missing AT stats is a bit weird, but that could be a problem on prototype, we'll keep an eye on this moving on Hidden posts: The posts that have been hidden, will be unhidden when the test is over. For now it's much easier to manage the thread this way. Suggestions: New suggestions have been added to my post with suggestions listed in them. Final changelog: When the prototype test is over and the changes get released, we will release an updated changelog. There are several additions in it compared to the initial one listed here.
  10. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    Sadly it's not what I meant. I meant the battle "indication" on assault teams in list. Since it's not very good when it's a static glow. Yes, on the warmap in general we don't have the information regarding the mission, due this would increase the traffic a lot to the clients. We would like to do this though in the future. It just requires a thorough look at what data we are sending and finding a way
  11. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    Please read this post So I thought I would just clarify how I'm managing this forum thread. When a post has been dealt with, I will hide it with a comment on why. Tweaks to be made, I'll see if we can address these within this update: - Better "in battle" graphic - Flames don't work? - Selection of assault teams on soldier screen beefed up, to see it - Show the empty resource stuff when a team is undeployed Here's the following I've picked up from your suggestions, these are outside the scope of this update: - Remember last assault team name, to allow for easier naming system instead of the Reto one - Better filters / organization options for Assault Teams on the warmap - Resource info about selected assault teams when you select in a multi marker / AT list - Status quo mechanic ( - Add a battle has been running (players in it) time - Be able to see assaults teams on non war faction - Arrows / options to navigate up and down in the soldier list - Para planes are hard to get, because they are reserves and treated weirdly - Select soldier on RTS screen - Tutorial for the RTS - More options for mass deploy / reinforcement - New Retreat mechanics ( - Removal of the unlock notifications (handled in battle report update) - Don't separate paratrooper planes and units after a battle - Option to stay in randomly generated squads - Equipment points for AT's should use same system as other equipment - Sound when battle ends with your assault teams in them - AT grouping - Make a vote about the above suggestions
  12. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    Regarding the sort order for assault teams: Please try to apply your current naming convention for sorting and see how the new one performs. If they differ, we'll address it, but I'm quite certain the sort order has been kept the same as it was previously. I just clarified the sorting order in the changelog. Regarding refunds and discount: Everyone who's using the game right now, use it with the feature set they have and it's a bit hard for me to understand the logic that a future update should give you free renaming or discounts when this is released, unless we dramatically change the sorting, which we aren't going to.
  13. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    A new batch of changes will be arriving later today on Prototype, they will include the following: - Assault team details view is gone, replaced by an assault team details popup on the right side of the soldier screen - Clicking view details on the assault teams in the warmap, takes you to the character that has the AT equipped and shows the AT details - General command points, and how many are used is now shown at the top of the equipped AT list - Assault teams that can be upgraded now have an icon in the AT lists on the soldier screen - Fixed several reported bugs The version that contains these changes is 143928.
  14. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    So let me share some more details about what the intention of this prototype test and why we want to have it out on prototype. The reason for doing this body of work: - The client is unstable, we have reports of memory leaks and poor framerate on the war map. We analyzed the worst performance drains and found out that the way that Assault Team updates, creation and management were handled resulted in a significant amount of framerate drops, garbage collection and memory leaks. So what exactly have we done? I'll break down some of the things that we have done below in different categories. Consolidation: - Many classes across the project have been cleaned up, revisited or completely rewritten in order to manage and control the updates for assault teams in a much more lean and organized way. - We created a framework for handling Assault Team that will enable us to share information in a much smarter way, which enables UI tweaks faster and much more reliably. UI changes: - The UI changes are actually not meant as final. I know in the past you have been subjected to tests where things didn't have time or room to get changed. This is not the case - Most of the UI was done in order to align everything to a base point, but the intention was always to get your feedback and make sure we would reach some agreement about what was important to add / keep / change. The explanation of this was sadly lacking. What's going to happen now: - I hope we can have a sort of decent conversation back and forth about the status of prototype, then we will work on the feedback and update prototype accordingly. - Also a big thanks for all the feedback that has been posted so far. We are already working on several changes and improvements after your feedback
  15. Help test Assault Team optimization on prototype

    We are addressing the feedback we get in this thread. Shame you feel like you do.