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  1. Reto.Vashu

    The end of an era

    General software development is where I'm headed next.
  2. Reto.Vashu

    The end of an era

    By the end of today, the 31st of August, I will no longer be part of RETO MOTO and the development of Heroes & Generals. I have been with RETO MOTO for 6 years and 8 months. It has been a fascinating journey from start to end and it's primarily thanks to the community of dedicated players and the colleagues I've gotten to know, learn from and work with over the years. Some notable events during my time here: - Being part of the "Come out to play" trailer (it's me with the cellphone near the end and one of the guys in the basement) - Start of closed beta - Going from Subscription to Free to Play - Square-Enix onboard as a publisher - Going to Pax East for interviews with journalists in 2013, - Going through the "interesting" separation of Reto and Square-Enix, - The 8 weeks of content explosion following the departure of Square-Enix. - Entering Open beta - Steam greenlight success (one of the first 10 games to be greenlit) - Many UI iterations - Tons of features implemented, changed or removed. - Soviet faction introduction - Game Launch - Improving performance of the client as a whole - Being part of scaling the game from 100's of users to thousands and tens of thousands - Insider summit Best of all: - The interaction and discussions with players on the forum and ingame regarding ideas for H&G and doing my best to implement the things that I could. I wish H&G, RETO MOTO and all the players the best for the future. Signing out Reto.Vashu Edit: added Insider summit, totally forgot about that. Was very cool to meet some of the most dedicated players!
  3. Reto.Vashu

    AT experience assignment criteria

    I think you should ask @Reto.Circinus what the status of the investigation is.
  4. The upgrade icon problem has to do with the server, I'm waiting for some server guys to come back from vacation We're not going to be able to use that area, it has shutdown notification and slow server info. And we'll address the filters when they are added
  5. See this thread for some screenshots of upcoming changes
  6. Upcoming changes, can't say when they are coming out though And without any stuff present: @Khadmon some stuff coming
  7. I'll forward this to the UI designer, who can maybe come up with a good suggestion
  8. The list is my collection of feedback and suggestions. The changes that are game mechanics have to be approved by RedBjarne and Stenum. The changes that are UI specific might be put in to the game, they might also be rejected. The idea with soldiers on generals screen is to be able to switch soldiers / use generals as a group selection as an addition to the list on the right
  9. Reto.Vashu

    ATs Locked while matchmaking

    Correct. We are looking at tweaking this behaviour to work as before.
  10. @[email protected] This is probably for the action game developers more than me. I think it would be a great addition for recording and making interesting videos
  11. This is a topic for Millan, I hope they fix it. Confusing interaction!
  12. That's actually a matter for @Reto.Millan
  13. Reto.Vashu

    Shop aint working

    @Padobranatz, @Zlotz, @Krenicek , @Stonewall_J The hotfixes that were applied today should have fixed the issue you were experiencing.
  14. Reto.Vashu

    Highdef pic of generals map?

    I can confirm that we have a new set of changes coming out after 1.11 at some point. The most relevant one here for you is the following: - Warmap tiles are now downloaded locally, to avoid downloading the same files over and over.
  15. So Infantry is the base requirement in the game, everything else becomes a choice you take once in game. I think that is going to be hard to get through.