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  1. Why isnt anti cheat what was promised

    Don't want to get into what and how we detect things. But you ever believe someone is cheating, then use the In-game report tool and if you have more information you need to pass on, you can create a Support Ticket with all the info. Support got tools to see what exactly went on in a battle, so it's mainly easy for them to see if someone cheated or not.
  2. Why isnt anti cheat what was promised

    I never give out numbers since people will either go "That number is too low and should be higher! you cant detect enough" or "OMG that number is high! the game is full of cheaters!"
  3. Why isnt anti cheat what was promised

    Most of the top Cheat Providers stopped making cheats for Heroes & Generals the day we added Battleye. We still constantly keeping an out of whats out there and making sure we can detect it and verify that Battleye can too. If "you" can find a hack, then we can find it too, and I'm not just talking about going to Google and search for "hng hax". but also going to .onion's etc. Also let me point out that we don't unban players who send Suppot tickets with "I only installed it to prove that hacks work - please unban" (Which we get more than you'd expect). Again, often is someone insanely good who mainly play 16 hours a day, that is toying with a new character or another account, it was lag that made it look odd, it was a lucky random headshot, etc etc. It's quite rare it's actually an actual hacker (I'm sure some tinfoil hats will argue against me, but some people refuse to believe that others can be better than they are). TL;DR - We always have focus on making sure we ban hackers and that we can detect the hacks out there.
  4. Time for new Update

    Hey guys, Yup we're been 'quiet' for some time now, but it has all to do with the 'stopping up and fixing things in the production of the game' meaning changing to new and better programs and updating pipelines.. Along with GDPR compliance (which was quite a hassle), we used a lot of time to work on things you guys cant see but was needed in order to make the game better and easier to work with. Personally, I've only been lurking streams lately since we're moving quite fast atm. (even though it looks like we're standing still). We're close to the finish line with most of it and can start working on the nifty/fun stuff for you guys. The new vehicle update is moving along and the new maps are also starting to take shape. TL;DR We've been busy with things behind the scene and now we can start working on stuff you guys can see/enjoy soon!
  5. Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    I agree. There are very few cheaters in the game. But the fact is still that it took a lot of Dev time to keep the AntiCheat system up to date and we rather work on the game than an AntiCheat..
  6. Introducing a new anti-cheat system

    Read the post again:
  7. The Long Promised Anti-Cheat Engine Update

    Soon™ We want to make sure there's no false-positives, etc. It's in internal testing now though. So wont be long
  8. make them pay!

    There's no really good solution for the infantry mines. We did try all the options and it seems where they now fit best. When we changed the icon to green (blue before that): Teammates would step on them to pick them up or think it was safe to walk on, since "Green is friendly". If we removed friendly fire on the mines, they would be OP. If you couldn't shoot the mines, trolls would block doorways, etc.
  9. No. Doesn't work like that.
  10. Getting banned on every account i create!

    I looked at your case and I highly suggest you uninstall the freeware cheat software you're trying to use in the game (As far as I recall, the version you use also got mallware in it. You're welcome).
  11. Getting banned on every account i create!

    I'm not going to comment on your case. You need to contact Support about this. However, I can say that we NEVER ban if there is any doubt. We would rather have a cheater in the game, than ban someone who is innocent. Our AntiCheat works in a way it won't ban due to false positives. The people banned due to a replay (mainly due to In-game reporting system) always get verified by a Support staff and if he's 100% sure, I need to approve the ban also and I only approve if I'm 100% sure. I always expect the player to have friends on Discord/Teamspeak, spotting help, footstep sounds on high volume, etc. But if not even Jesus of FPS would be able to do the things said account is doing, then we ban the account (in most cases we see the name of the account on the AntiCheat list shortly after anyways). TL;DR We don't ban people for being good or being reported a lot. We ban if we have evidence of cheats/hacks.
  12. Ok, so since we changed the multiplier to 5 (from 4) there has been numerous complaints and negative feedback about the change and VERY little positive feedback. Now that we change it back everyone complaints about that instead? You're not making this easy
  13. Added: Action game tweaks Changed the headshot multiplier back to x4 (from x5)
  14. What is this? How?

    Was a Test account from a Dev. Should be fixed after next system update.