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  1. This wasn't an "official Dev stream". Just an AdHoc one to give an insight of what's behind the curtain, We're working on changing things, so we can include you guys more and show stuff much earlier. Hopefully we'll have more Devs streaming whatever they're working on in the future
  2. This is the easy one..
  3. None. The ones I use are created for lockpick training
  4. People with a rubix cube use it for idle hands and it might seem hard to some people to solve it, but when you know the trick then it's easy to solve. Same with a padlock.. I could spin a pen between my fingers but sometimes I enjoy sitting with a padlock and lockpicks and see how fast I can open it.. or as most atm.. use a fidget spinner! again, it's just something I enjoy tinkering with when restless.
  5. I think your tin-foil hat is a bit too tight.. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there's no greater plot here.
  6. I can reveal that there's no easter-eggs or anything staged in the pic. Reto.McFly took the picture without setting anything up. I thought about placing something or type something that would make people go nuts, but I'm pretty sure it would haunt me for years if I did Good eye with the lockpicks. There's no amazing story to them.. It's just something I fiddle with the same way others fiddle with a rubix cube
  7. I agree! added an edit. @silverlik All the candy is in a drawer behind me
  8. To answer the original post in short: There was problems with the assets in various ways. The poly and collision mesh on the waterwheel was stopped by QA as it was waaaaay to heavy on performance. The backpacks on the soldier was sticking through walls when standing close since the character collision model doesn't have a backpack (would feel odd if you couldn't turn around or stand close to walls and most people wouldn't know it was due to a backpack.) The trenches was awesome but sadly had a ton of issues. etc etc All the stuff we made we really want back in the game, but only once it's fully fixed or we find a way it wont be glitchy as faaark. Nostalgia is powerful and most will say how awesome a lot of these things was, but fact is we had a ton of complains about most (if not all) of the above mentioned things or we had to remove them for performance reasons until we get them fixed, etc. We're soon done with a pipeline that will finally help us make maps A LOT quicker (Yes, been a long time coming) and hopefully we can get some of the old assets fixed and use them again.
  9. Just a quick note. We don't always respond to Tickets about griefing. Once the ticket is closed, it means a Support staff did review it though. We still urge you to use the in-game reporting tool for griefing - [Open the Scoreboard and rightclick - Click the offender and reasons for the report]. These are much faster to review and is done in constant review waves, hence also a quicker response-time than a ticket, that might get lower priority compare to other tickets.
  10. I never said that. I've said it's impossible to shoot through walls, but that's not the same as wallhacks. Wallhacks is possible, just like in any other game. But there's ways of detecting them, which we constantly work on.
  11. Hi all, We had a few crashes with some of the Action Host servers. This will be hotfixed tomorrow morning around 7am CEST. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. We're going to hotfix the issue tomorrow at around 7am CEST. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  13. Oh I love getting misquoted. No I never said that. I said damage hacks and shooting through walls are impossible. ISP/Wallhack is possible, but we're getting quite good at detecting them.
  14. This should be fixed now. If you're still in the game and having the "Network is trying to catch up" simply restart the game client.
  15. He has some help making some of the stuff and RedBjarne also lends a hand with the level design when time allows. As for the roof-ninja, I can only say that it was a pref style I used a lot when playing, but my personal playstyle and what fits the game or what's best for the game don't always go hand in hand, and in the end it's also what's best for the game. We don't nerf/tweak/change stuff due to fit a personal agenda. Every changed is debated. People are welcome to call bs on whatever I say.. I'm not a Community staff and I'm not here to nurse you guys. I'm typing this at 11pm in the evening in my spare time. I tell things as I see them, regardless if that's what people want to hear or not..