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  1. Reto.Splixxen

    This is BS

    I talked to Reto.RedBjarne about readding it (Alder) and it just might return (possible for a limited amount of time). But skins (like in other games) might be removed from shop, some might be for sale for a short limited time, etc. Ps. I felt like talking back as I was talked to But the reason is that Reto.RedBjarne is working on getting a bunch of the skins into a new system with PBR. So will get added when he's done updating them
  2. Reto.Splixxen

    This is BS

    Yeah, we disabled a skin for a vehicle that was moved to another class and replaced (including skins) with the correct vehicle. I can clearly see how that skin disable crumbles your world. But I guess you'll be stoked with that fact that it will return
  3. Reto.Splixxen

    Thoughts & Prayers for the Crossroad map on proto

    Deploying the following changes to the Prototype server (Tank vs Tank mode): - More difficult bots for tank encounter - Fix: objects becoming black when the outline is activated - Less XP for killing AI/bots and AI/bot name fixes - Tank encounter hold the objective for ~5 minutes longer (To make the battles a little longer) - Lowered armor HP of vehicles/tanks: Light Armor: 5000 to 2500 per surface Medium Armor: 6000 to 3500 per surface Heavy Armor: 7000 to 5000 per surface Medium Tank Destroyers: 5000 to 2500 per surface Heavy Tank Destroyers: 5000 to 3500 per surface Increased the damage multiplier for damaging ammo and fuel compartments with x2
  4. Reto.Splixxen

    Changelog 1.13.2 - New Fighter Planes

    Let me tell you a story about how one feather becomes five hens... I've seen this "quote" go around a few times and I'd like to clear it up so I don't have to answer about that constantly. Back to the story: I was doing a Q&A in Twitch and people asked about random stuff when someone said "remove rocks in water". more people chipped in and more was talked about ending with me saying I'd talk to RedBjarne about lowering the amount of rocks or removing them completely, We then talked about players feedback and "y u no listen" and I in jest said I only listen to feedback that's constructive and not "remove rocks in water lulz" hinting back to the start of the talk. Obviously full-on troll mode the guy forget the entire talk we just had and the fact that I'd follow up on his request. I'm not saying it's the first time I'm quoted out of context and probably won't be the last, but it's a good reason other Devs might not be as chatty in Twitch, etc. as it's going on quite often that people often quote them out of context. As for all the feedback in this thread: We're looking at all the feedback and trying to fix all the new bugs asap. The first day after an update is always a bit chaotic while players look for the new meta and adjust their playstyle (the first day on AA vehicle update, most players was screaming that flying was RIP and imo that's not really the case). So we mainly give it a few days before the playstyle features are tweaked/changed. But keep the feedback up (but please be constructive (see above)).
  5. Reto.Splixxen

    Changelog 1.13.2 - New Fighter Planes

    Anyone else experiencing this? Don't see the issue on any of the PCs we just tried on. Might be a corrupt file on your end?.
  6. Reto.Splixxen

    Only 1 Pouch for the M9A1 Bazooka?

    They'll get the option added to them.
  7. Reto.Splixxen

    Woof Woof

    It's a bug. Testing a fix now.
  8. Reto.Splixxen

    We should cut Reto a break.

    We probably bit over more than we could chew back then and some of our internal deadlines didn't come close as to what we expected. But a lot of the things was needed (like it or not) . Like not being able to add new sounds to the game before the sound code was updated, etc. Trust me. Noone of us enjoys not being able to add new cool stuff to the game or being able to fix a bug due to the current tech. That said I personally think stuff is starting to kick off, with the last few updates and the content coming. And as you can see. Now I'm spending time on the forum answering this instead of looking at the Prototype server (which is open now with the new AntiTank weapons and new Armor damage tweaks)
  9. Reto.Splixxen

    We should cut Reto a break.

    Takes one to know one
  10. Reto.Splixxen

    We should cut Reto a break.

    Think you just proved my point..
  11. Reto.Splixxen

    We should cut Reto a break.

    Or simply the fact that most Devs read the forum without being logged in. When answering a post/topic you'll get a ton of posts demanding that you answer them also or you're "ignoring the real questions/feedback/<insert whatever>". So yea, over the years most Devs are simply sticking to reading and work on the game, instead of an endless forum debate with a dash of trolls (You know who you are ;)). Regardless if you think we care or not: A lot of us work during the weekends, holiday, in our vacation, etc. - Not many people I know will be doing that unless they really cared. Any useful feedback is mainly sent from one Dev to another (as long as it's constructive). TL;DR We read the forums but spend time working on the game instead of debating.
  12. Reto.Splixxen

    Development Overview- Updated 2019!

    https://trello.com/b/Zcq44t2R/heroes-generals-development-overview is updated now.
  13. Reto.Splixxen

    Does reporting works?

    Yes. Actions are taken daily on reported players. A vast amount of reports are against players who didn't cheat/hack/afk/grief, etc. and no actions will be taken against those players obviously. But the few that does team-kill a lot, afk, abuse macros, etc. will be dealt with.
  14. Reto.Splixxen

    Test Release Candidate 2 of update 1.12 NOW and win prizes!

    Prototype is open again.
  15. Reto.Splixxen

    Test Release Candidate 2 of update 1.12 NOW and win prizes!

    We're working on it and will post as soon as we're done.