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  1. The Long Promised Anti-Cheat Engine Update

    Soon™ We want to make sure there's no false-positives, etc. It's in internal testing now though. So wont be long
  2. make them pay!

    There's no really good solution for the infantry mines. We did try all the options and it seems where they now fit best. When we changed the icon to green (blue before that): Teammates would step on them to pick them up or think it was safe to walk on, since "Green is friendly". If we removed friendly fire on the mines, they would be OP. If you couldn't shoot the mines, trolls would block doorways, etc.
  3. No. Doesn't work like that.
  4. Getting banned on every account i create!

    I looked at your case and I highly suggest you uninstall the freeware cheat software you're trying to use in the game (As far as I recall, the version you use also got mallware in it. You're welcome).
  5. Getting banned on every account i create!

    I'm not going to comment on your case. You need to contact Support about this. However, I can say that we NEVER ban if there is any doubt. We would rather have a cheater in the game, than ban someone who is innocent. Our AntiCheat works in a way it won't ban due to false positives. The people banned due to a replay (mainly due to In-game reporting system) always get verified by a Support staff and if he's 100% sure, I need to approve the ban also and I only approve if I'm 100% sure. I always expect the player to have friends on Discord/Teamspeak, spotting help, footstep sounds on high volume, etc. But if not even Jesus of FPS would be able to do the things said account is doing, then we ban the account (in most cases we see the name of the account on the AntiCheat list shortly after anyways). TL;DR We don't ban people for being good or being reported a lot. We ban if we have evidence of cheats/hacks.
  6. Ok, so since we changed the multiplier to 5 (from 4) there has been numerous complaints and negative feedback about the change and VERY little positive feedback. Now that we change it back everyone complaints about that instead? You're not making this easy
  7. Added: Action game tweaks Changed the headshot multiplier back to x4 (from x5)
  8. What is this? How?

    Was a Test account from a Dev. Should be fixed after next system update.
  9. No one responded

    Hiya, Tickets are taken in order by date (oldest first). So when you keep replying to your own ticket, it gets updated and moved back of the list. Support is working as fast as they can, so please have patience
  10. Flowing Gameplay, or not? Hacking and Cheating HeG

    There are more ways to ban people than just account ban and IP bans. I don't want to get into how or what, since that will help people ways to circumvent the bans.
  11. Free fall paratrooping bug

    This is a bug. I'll make sure it's in the system.
  12. enable battleye gold

    Plane HE bombs can't go through walls. The ONLY way it's possible, is if there's a small opening in the collision of that object/building that the damage can go through. If you find anywhere on the map where they can damage though the wall, then post in the Bug Hunter section so they can bug it, since that model might have a bug. And no. You can't just report someone and get them temp banned (Imagine the amount of trolling?). The in-game report system flags players making Support review them, if they get enough flags. We don't temp ban or ban anyone without a review first. "But I read somewhere that someone said they never used hacks and got banned!": Yeah, it's rare that people admit to being crappy enough to use hacks when they get banned
  13. enable battleye gold

    You can't hack grenade damage or shoot through walls. The server wouldn't allow it (regardless of how much you try). I'd like to make it clear: we can't block all hacks, but we try to make sure we can detect all, so we can ban the ones that use them. So if you see someone hacking (ESP/Aimbot) - see if you see them the next day (btw: odds are if you see them again the next day also, that it's someone who play a lot and who is simply good).
  14. enable battleye gold

    Sure you can google "H&G hacks" and get a nice list of them. Now the question is more if you ever consider if those hacks work. are really as undetectable as they claim (Putting "UNDETECTABLE" on a hack is quite easy but rarely true). Are really a survey scam. Arnt blocked/fixed since the page/youtube video was made etc etc Sure there are hacks out there and sure some use them. But the question here is not about blocking them, but detecting them. You obviously don't see many people making Youtube vids about how they get detected (not a lot of money in that). You can state that it's due to me working for Reto or whatever reason not to believe me, but there are very few cheats we can't detect. I sadly do see people trying to use commercial hacks to prove that they work.. and they always complain after the system detects and ban them. Again, this is not about blocking, but detecting. I really wish people would check up on things or consider that they're not as good as the players that play 16 hours a day and have done so for years (yes, some do). When I say "check up on things" it's not just google "h&g hacks" but also look at what all the vets are saying.. The fact that you claim godmode works, tells me you didn't look enough at how the game is set up. Godmode doesn't work in H&G for the simple reason that all damage is verified and controlled by the server. Your client can send all the "I didn't take damage" info to the server it wants. The server will constantly verify what happened, and if someone shot you, then it will rule that you took damage.