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  1. Reto.ogssan

    GUYS! GUYS! "We improved the FPS!"

    Sorry this was an oversight. We rewrote the spawn menu in Young and apparently forgot to implement this. It's one of those things that is easy overlook when you run around alone on a map, like we mostly do while developing. I am now adding it and it should hopefully get out to you guys with the next batch of hotfixes, sadly not the ones today, I believe there was talk about tomorrow.
  2. Can we get a list of what and how much we can get cash? [ Post made via Android ] We are working on adding it to the battle report, in the same way you see what gave you xp.
  3. There is a system to prevent inactivity, explaining it doesn't seem like a good idea. Just play to win. Additionally you get supplement credits from doing things like capturing, destroying armor and so on.
  4. Reto.ogssan

    Performance increase?

    It is mostly the "HUD optimizations" in the changelog that is causing the increased performance Besides this some of the maps have also been optimized.
  5. Technically there is no problem in changing a users name, however community wise it is much bigger problem.
  6. We did discuss this not to long ago. I think it would make as a first step towards clans, especially because it is fairly easy to do. But sadly i can't promise anything, our priorities are slowly being changed to do more stuff like this, so fingers crossed.
  7. Would it be possible to combine a mortar with halftrack? All sides did that during ww2. It would work like armored cars, so the driver and gunner. Unlocked at lvl12 of infantry assault or lvl12 of driver, or lvl12 of chauffeur. Driver its kinda obvious, yea? Like halftrack driver. Gunner would be a bit tricky. It could be that players with binoculars could mark targets, then the mortar gunner would see the range on the screen: something like "MORTAR BARAGE NEEDED AT SECTOR A/B/C/D/E 1/2/3/4 or O1/O2/O3 or X, RANGE 'n'. Then there should be mark on the screen like it is now for DEFEND THE POINT and ASSAULT THE POINT. Then Gunner would just turn the mortar at that direction, set the range and fire. Mortar grenades should have some dispersion so they will hit at the area not the spot. Mortar should have 5 grenades per barrage and reload time of 1 or 2 minutes and maybe the range of 300 or 400 meters, so they will not be imperishable. Also mortars should be able to destroy vehicles except the tanks. Ahh yes its all coming back to me, another idea we discussed was a vehicle upgrade. There are plenty of examples of them being mounted in halftracks and stuff like that. It would of course be cool if it was a player firing them where we could make player skill a factor.
  8. How would you do mortars? Should it be a weapon that pretty much takes all your equipment points, since it wouldn't make sense if it cost less equipment points then any of the weapon we currently have? In which case i am pretty sure no one will want to use it. Or perhaps it should be some kind vehicle? I am asking because we have them lying around, but we are really missing a meaningful way for them to be useful in the game. One of the ideas we discussed recently was that they were some sort of vehicle that the player could mount on the ground and then it would be manned by bots. The player could then run forward and use his binoculars to designate targets.
  9. Reto.ogssan


    Can you get a screenshot of the scoreboard from the battlereport?
  10. Reto.ogssan


    If you can give an approximate time, events that happened around that time, and ideally a screenshot of the scoreboard, or at least some of the players in the match. Then we can find the match and investigate what happened, could just be network packet loss but its a good idea once in a while to investigate it.
  11. Reto.ogssan

    The FG42 is a battle rifle like AVS-36 not a LMG.

    True, probably makes sense to revisit it.
  12. Reto.ogssan

    XP for APC Spawns

    We have kind of been held back by a technical issue preventing us from adding more drivers for actions that reward players. In Xylander we have once again started adding new drivers, e.g. XP for neutralizing, so we will soon be adding many more and we agree all the action where you support other players are very important to be rewarded for. Haven't thought about APC, but it makes a lot of sense. We have been talking about stuff like people using your crates.
  13. I noticed something similar yesterday while playing, I will try and look into why the server and client don't agree on you throwing a grenade.
  14. Reto.ogssan

    Camouflage question

    Hey, Yeah they will get the hit indicator, but when they die the death cam won't look in your direction.
  15. Reto.ogssan

    favorite RETO guy

    Wtf, why am I not even an option [ Post made via Android ]