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  1. Reto.Leto

    H&G networkcode

    The physics system is not generating any packets. The physics for objects like vehicles is synchronized like all other objects in the game with the same system as players, guns etc. We have no updates that happen every 100 ms in the action game, I don't know where you get your data. Internally the game logic is updated by small continuous timesteps depending on the task. The 20 update packets from the server are best thought of as an update of what happened in the last 50 ms. We do have plans for increasing the amount of packets to 40 in both directions as the baseline.
  2. Reto.Leto

    Reto: stealing personnal informations ?

    Hello Knives81, The client should absolutely not be uploading this amount of data. It looked like a bug to me, so i investigated. At first, i couldn't make it happen, but after messing about for a while, i managed to trigger a bug in the client. This particular bug is isn't really visible to the user, but it is still a bug (related to tooltips). After it is triggered once, it happens a lot. Whenever the client encounters a bug like this, it sends information about the bug to the server, including a log file. I believe this is the traffic you can see. This bug will be fixed very soon. I hope this makes it clearer, - Reto.Goonstah
  3. Reto.Leto

    South American Server issues.

    Hi all, It turns out that the hosting center in São Paulo was hit by a Denial of Service (DoS) attack a couple of weeks ago. In response, they started routing all traffic through a DoS protection service in North America. Unfortunately, this adds up to 200ms ping for everyone. They have started letting some traffic bypass the protection, but unfortunately not everything. We are working with them to get this resolved.
  4. In the latest build we have updated the 'Character Controller'. "What in the world is a character controller?" you might ask, so let me explain! Below [see the full post at: Updated Character Controller and Collision Object]
  5. One of the key features in the upcoming Manstein build is the complete opposite of the Matrix: you cannot see it for yourself — you have to be told wh [see the full post at: Developer's Corner: Partial State Update]
  6. Reto.Leto

    About laggs in game

    There is a major net code update coming in the Manstein build. It is much more tolerant towards packet loss/net spikes and should fix all the remaining net issues, including not being able to join missions with an mtu of 500. I will look into patching up the current build until the new stuff arrives, but for some issues we will just have to be a bit patient and wait for the proper fix
  7. Reto.Leto

    Current login problems

    Hi again, We have now found the cause of the problem, and we are working on a fix for it.
  8. Reto.Leto

    Current login problems

    Hi Schranz, I can log in with your account, so it doesn't seem to be the account that's broken How far in the login process do you get? Does it start downloading assets in hngsync? Does it download game data?
  9. Reto.Leto

    Pz.I, Pz.III and StuG.

    We still need to add the first and last wheel of the tracks to the tank simulation. I am working on that right now actually
  10. Reto.Leto

    INFO - Plug-in loops / Won't install

    We have a bit more info on this problem, but we could use some help to verify what we've found so far. We have only seen this in Google Chrome. Is anyone seeing this in other browsers? We have also found a way to make it go away. If you have an old (before July 2012) installation of Heroes & Generals, the old plugin might be causing trouble. Please go to chrome://extensions and delete all Heroes & Generals extensions you see there (click on the little trash can). If you have this problem, please let us know if this worked. Thanks, - Reto.Goonstah
  11. Reto.Leto

    MG42 Muzzle Flash

    Yes, most likely they will be reduced for all guns in the next build, and late we might create a new effect for the first person view
  12. Reto.Leto

    MG42 Muzzle Flash

    I think most of us here agree the muzzle flashes are to dominating. I'm working on the mounted machine guns (like the browning on the sherman) at the moment. They are not going to have scope mode, but instead the camera will be placed where the characters head is, and there will be a cross hair and more sway/cone fire.
  13. the chat window is active while loading now, bur it still takes a long time.
  14. Reto.Leto


    We are soon going to do a round of gameplay tweaks for the action game and would therefore be very interested in hearing what you see as the worst exp [see the full post at: Exploits!]
  15. Reto.Leto

    Cannot end game!

    Hi Twinzel, Starting from the end of your questions, the video settings are saved when you press the "apply" button, so this shouldn't be related. On W7, they are saved to c:\users\twinzel\ (or whatever your Windows username is). You can try ALT+F4 instead of ESC+Quit. It'll probably hang as well, but it's worth a try. In order to fix this, we really need to reproduce it in here. We haven't seen it before, so it's really hard to do anything at present. Sorry, i can't give you a better answer. - Reto.Goonstah PS: You wouldn't happen to have a debugger such as Visual Studio or WinDBG installed, would you?