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  1. It will be available later today.
  2. Could you provide me with the output from the hngsync.exe window that is open at the same time as the game window? It sounds like there is an issue with the data you are getting from our CDN provider. Also what region of the world are you located in?
  3. Reto.Hal9k

    Prototype bug

    This has been fixed in the new update. Thanks again! Reto.Hal9k
  4. Reto.Hal9k

    Prototype bug

    Thanks for figuring this out! There is indeed a bug in the Spanish localisation causing our engine to crash in a non standard way We are working on a fix for this - in the meantime please use English.. Thanks again for your help! Reto.Hal9k
  5. Reto.Hal9k

    Afonso's Cartoon Corner [H&G Cartoons]

    Yeah, the option is opposite of the others due to historic reasons, I apologize for that. Fast Particles will render all particle effects in quarter resolution to speed up fillrate, so enabling it will make the effects run faster on slower GPU's
  6. Reto.Hal9k

    this happens every time I want to start a battle

    When did the game start crashing for you? After update to 1.08? Have you tried updating your drivers?
  7. Reto.Hal9k

    Lighting issues since update 1.08

    This has been fixed. Will be released with the next set of hotfixes... Reto.Hal9k
  8. Reto.Hal9k


    Hi I have found (and fixed) a bug in the render that is the cause of most of the crashes we are currently seeing and we are releasing a hotfix tomorrow that should help.. Thank you for your patience..
  9. A fix was applied to the servers yesterday that should address the wrong colors on the texture. I'm still investigating the stuttering issue. Thank you for all your feedback so far! Reto.Hal9k
  10. Reto.Hal9k

    SECOND Limited Access Prototype test!

    Thanks for reporting. This has been fixed and will be available in a later build (friday)
  11. Reto.Hal9k

    SECOND Limited Access Prototype test!

    Can you provide some details, screenshots, crashlogs, info about exactly what happens? Thanks
  12. Reto.Hal9k

    SECOND Limited Access Prototype test!

    If you have time could you please try to and record a video for me? Start up a game Press F10 to enter debug keys mode Press Numpad-star(*) a couple of times until it shows a list of colored bars that shows the timings for parts of the code Make a video of it and upload it to youtube and send me the link It would help me immensely as I can't reproduce it on any of the machines at the office
  13. Reto.Hal9k

    SECOND Limited Access Prototype test!

    I gave you some more gold
  14. Reto.Hal9k

    SECOND Limited Access Prototype test!

    Hi, could you please post details on your system? HW + OS.. Thanks Could you please post a screenshot, and give me some details on the HW + OS? Thanks
  15. Reto.Hal9k

    Prototype test - new render and new planes!

    At the top of video settings it gives you the 3 options. Windowed, Fullscreen Borderless and Fullscreen using a slider. Reto.Hal9k