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  1. Reto.RedBjarne


    I don't see any problems posting those images (if it's the ones that were used for testing?), only thing is that they are from the warmap-editor so it might be a little difficult reading them 🙂
  2. Reto.RedBjarne

    Updated Development Overview - October

    I acknowledge that from your point of view it looks like the new system does not give you the option to switch to a lower tier/same class tank. The reason is that you have been playing with the old system where you were forced to bring 1 tank of every class into battle. If you think about it as a new tanker, with only a few tanks unlocked, you can bring all your light tanks into battle at the same time, and will obviously do because why not? When purchasing your tank #5 you will have to start making a choice, which tank to leave behind? with tank 6 or 7 it makes sense to consider tanker 2. Cheers RB
  3. Reto.RedBjarne

    Updated Development Overview - October

    well, the caliber is not the only parameter you have to take into account when measuring a gun. For armor penetration the muzzle velocity is very important (it's the kinetic energy that does the trick). Take a look at the penetration tables of the 2 guns and you'll find that the jagdpanther is much more effective than the jagdtiger. I guess it would take an absurdly long barrel to get the much heavier shells of the Pak 80 up to the same velocity as the Pak 43 (not to mention the powder load needed). https://panzerworld.com/armor-penetration-table Cheers and don't worry, we'll keep adding tanks until there's no one left to add 🙂
  4. Reto.RedBjarne

    New Skirmish map 'Khutor' test on prototype

    Thank you for your feedback guys. We will continue gathering feedback when the map hits live and together with the game data we can collect when all players start to play the map, we should be able to do some further tweaking (while focusing on the next few maps in the pipeline ;-)) Great job, much appreciated :-)
  5. Hey hold on.. Do I really have to remind you that the AVS is the best gun in the game? ;-)
  6. Reto.RedBjarne

    how would this work?

    Well, we could add some time to the 'get to prone' and 'get out of prone' animation and tweak the precision even further on the LMG/PTRD to mimick deploying a bipod but I guess recons would be annoyed by it when they go prone with a sniper rifle. The bipod system that reto.leto have been working on allows you to deploy on any surface, actually it works with all weapons even pistols (just looks a bit strange).
  7. Reto.RedBjarne

    Deploy System Feedback Topic

    I meant strictly in the way the mine is placed. Right now the sticky is thrown, I think it should be placed in the same way as the magnetic where you have to walk up close to the tank. I am aware that the two mines work in entirely different ways in terms of explosives. Nerfing the sticky to become essential a large handgrenade will not do with the current armor system but with the updated one it's possible to damage the tracks. It will not kill the tank but it will force the tanker to eventually get out to repair it.
  8. Reto.RedBjarne

    Deploy System Feedback Topic

    I certainly hope we can correct those numbers. Also, the sticky should work in the same way as the magnetic mine (placed not thrown).
  9. Reto.RedBjarne

    Token deploy system poll

    Good points. The spawncamping issue has been pointed out by many already and should be addressed either with a grace period or a function that takes your time-alive into consideration. I also think we should let players respawn into certain vehicles if they have been killed but we should also keep in mind that a system like that for infantry could make the spawn vehicle irrelevant. Maybe only for tankers/pilots?
  10. Reto.RedBjarne

    Deploy System Feedback Topic

    It is not the intention to make for the penalty same-class-switch a big deal, it should be the quick, we're more concerned with the different-class-switch. Remember that you already have a bunch of time penalties when you deploy, we're basically putting all these different timers into one transparent system. care to enlighten me with a few more details? :-)
  11. Reto.RedBjarne

    Deploy System Feedback Topic

    Well, in theory, it does'nt. Obviously, the MM needs to be more restrictive when adding tank squads to a battle (fill the battle with infantry and then add a few special classes would be ideal). but because all players might have a tanker it will be possible for an 18 inf team to deploy 18 king tigers. However, it would leave the battlefield open to the enemy for a long time so it would be a very risky move. You have to remember that all 18 players will have to die at the same time (suicide penalty) or wait until everybody is dead. It is important to consider edge-cases like this even if it is unlikely to happen.
  12. Reto.RedBjarne

    Deploy System Feedback Topic

    1) Agreed that it would be a double punishment to get TK'd and loos deploy points. BUT, how should we stop players from deliberately TK'ing each other to get a quick redeploy? 2) After hearing comments on this I must say I also lean on the 1000points when you start the battle instead of building up. Anyway, it's very easy to try out when the system hits prototype for an early test.
  13. Reto.RedBjarne

    Deploy System Feedback Topic

    The updated penetration system 'should' make it harder to use AT nades (so you can see that as a nerf). Because of the internal hitboxes, the at grenades will have to be placed more precisely in order to hit a vital part. This combined with the difficulty of driving motorcycles in open terrain should make i much harder to hunt tanks (while not making it impossible). Obviously, if the tanker decides to drive his tank into the city he should expect to get blown up. There was a suggestion that you have some sort of grace-period or scaling-into the cost so that if you're instantly destroyed you don't pay the full deploy cost. We just need to make sure a system like that cannot be exploited to easily.
  14. Reto.RedBjarne

    Deploy System Feedback Topic

    There's a lot to comment in this thread, so I'll start here. - Selecting "loadout". When at the base (the soldier screen) the soldier can choose any equipment that he is able to use in his loadout. Once he have gone to the battle he cannot just run back and get some new gear. If the battle is developing in a way (or started that way) that your soldier is not well equipped for you have to option to call in a new soldier with the weapons needed for the situation. To add some tactical value to the game, switching equipment or vehicles have to come at a cost. If the soldier you first selected is completely wrong it should be a better choice to swap him out with an entirely new soldier with a new loadout and another selection of vehicles. If only another vehicle is needed you should be able to swap that at a similar cost (so its cheaper to bring in a new soldier than swapping individual vehicles on the current one). - Waiting to spawn. I think I am not being too clear when describing the deploy system, sorry for that, it's a lot of information at once. The waiting time is a balancing mechanic in every game. Even in games with hard caps (then the time is infinite). The goal with the deploy system is not to add more waiting time but to distribute the time in a better way that favors low-tier loadouts. So, start by imagining that there is no waiting time in the game anymore (insta-spawn) and build it up from there. The infantry guy with only a knife would spawn instantly. Now, when you start to add waiting time to the system you hit the problem that nobody wants to wait. So, instead of just having insta-spawn anything (or hardcaps that prevent players from playing at all), we try to find other things you can do to influence the battle (help your team) while you wait. That can be either, playing as infantry (if you are playing as a special class), I know that some player just wants to play one thing, but infantry does win battles so at least it should be an option. You can also join one of your teammates' support gun and help out here. If you have ideas for other things a player could do I'm all ears. Also, the time it takes to regain all 1000 points should be adjusted to match how long time a top tier vehicle is alive (on average) to make that call, but it all comes down to adjusting those timers to a point where you can see the advantage of using a low tier tank (and maybe play defensive) for a few minutes before deploying your high-tier tank for an attack. - Swapping loadout. The deploy system is a general system so it works for all classes. Weapons/equipment is tied to the soldier, the vehicles can be swapped. Vehicle slots will be class-less in the same way as equipment slots are. - Swapping soldier within class. Every time you change your mind it should come with some cost. The time will give the enemy an advantage if you constantly change your soldiers and equipment instead of focusing on one strategy. But of course, you should have the ability to adapt if the situation on the battlefield changes. Again it is important to notice that it is not our intention to add a massive time penalty on everything, it should be seen as smaller delays (if the enemy is just camping it does'nt make a difference but if they are pushing on in an attack it could be the thing that tipped the balance). - Swapping Classes. I think here it is the most important to have some delays. Not so much (or no) if you switch from a special class to infantry (as this should be used as doing something useful in the waiting time) but definitely when switching from infantry to special class or from special class to special class. You join the battle in a class specific squad (but there should always be room for infantry) and we would like to give the special class squads the benefit of faster deploy time compared to players who joined with another class. This way players who want to 'try their new toy' can still do so. Anyway, there is a ton of posts I have to plow through so I hope my answers help a bit.