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  1. I'll float the idea to the devs in control and hear what they say. No promises though!
  2. Reto.Robotron3000

    Prototype is down?

    Yup, prototype went down last night (European time), We'll take it apart now and see what broke. 😉 It IS a prototype so stuff is bound to be unstable. Bad timing that it decided to crash right after people left the office.
  3. Reto.Robotron3000


    Yes, of course and if you see these things, please report it to support. Support has the tools ready to deal with cheaters 😉
  4. The soon to be released Update 1.12 – 'Deploy! Drive! Destroy!' offers a total rebalancing of all vehicles in Heroes & Generals and a completely new armor and damage system. We have made heavy tanks as badass as you would expect And smaller vehicles even more agile and fast Now it really DOES matter WHERE and HOW you attack an enemy vehicle Join us Tuesday the 18th of September on Twitch and Facebook at 15:00 CEST / 9am EST for a live preview of the new update. Host Reto.McFly will be joined in the studio by Reto.Christiano for a look at not only how the new armor and damage system add depth and richness to the gameplay, but also to demo the brand new vehicle handling and terrain system. Reto.RedBjarne will stop by to talk about the new, simpler and more flexible Deploy System, that gives you the freedom to play the soldier you want to play. And of course there will be a give away during the show as well as a short Q&A session. Original post:
  5. Reto.Robotron3000

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    FYI: I cleaned up some OT posts.
  6. Reto.Robotron3000

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    When the hotfix came live at 0738 CEST - AR came back online. at 0905 CEST it was disabled again. So please relax, this does not influence the overall data collection of a two-week experiment.
  7. Reto.Robotron3000

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    Hmm.. That was not the plan. Will get it fixed ASAP! Yup, that is the experiment. And then we'll collect data and feedback on how that works.
  8. Reto.Robotron3000

    Auto-Resolve Experiment Started 10SEP18

    FYI: Battle Director reactivated.
  9. Auto-Resolve Disable Experiment We have disabled auto-resolve for assault teams in war starting now. This experiment will run for two weeks where we collect both metrics and game-data as well as feedback from you on how this works. What is Auto-Resolve? Auto-resolve is a feature that automatically resolves war battles that are not being fought by players. If this mechanic didn’t exist, all matches would require extra wait for both sides to gather enough first resources to make them fun, and secondly wait for enough players to play the match before it gets resolved. We decided to set up the auto-resolve feature a long time ago so players in the RTS would not be prevented from playing and making progress in the War map because of timezones, lack of players or one side failing to provide enough resources to start a match. Why are we disabling it? As some players denounced that this feature was prone to exploiting, we did adjustments in the past to avoid some of the issues. However, for some, those changes were not enough, and a number of players have been requesting us to completely disable the Auto-Resolve mechanic to see if it improves the flow of the war by forcing battles to be played by real people. We believe that the best way to settle down the issue on whether Auto-Resolve is positive or negative for the War is, indeed, to run a test on how the War works without the feature and let the results speak for themselves, as now we have the means to assess the results and and reach a valid conclusion at the end of the test. When is it coming back? We are disabling this for a period of two weeks starting 10SEP18. It should be enough time to see if it has a good impact on the war, but short enough to avoid any lasting damage if it doesn’t. We are going to be monitoring the test at all times and we might terminate it earlier if we see that it brings the war to the situation that we wanted to avoid by adding Auto-Resolve in the first place. Who does it affect? This only affects generals and other players commanding Assault Teams in the strategy game. It will not affect players in staged matches or those who are not involved in Assault Team management.
  10. Reto.Robotron3000

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Handling - Round 2

    FYI update to prototype - did you know you can subscribe to the changelog here?
  11. Reto.Robotron3000

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy - Round 2

    FYI update to prototype - did you know you can subscribe to the changelog here?
  12. Reto.Robotron3000

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Damage - ROUND 2

    FYI update to prototype - did you know you can subscribe to the changelog here?
  13. Reto.Robotron3000

    Greetings from Cologne - free helmet paint for all

    NB: We have seen some issues with redeeming the voucher for players with ONLY soldiers on one faction. Please see this knowledgebase article for a workaround.
  14. Reto.Robotron3000

    Warfunds, how do I get them? How are they lost?

    @bocaz FYI: I'll go through responses and find answers for your follow up questions when I can corner the respective devs over the coming days.
  15. There is a lot of confusion around how Warfunds work in the game. This is very understandable as how they are won/lost is not clearly explained inside the game. I know there are a lot of ideas in the forum and elsewhere on how to improve the strategy game including the warfund earnings/loss mechanics. I have been sitting down with @Reto.Stenum, @Reto.ogssan, @Reto.RedBjarne, @Reto.GreenBow and more to get more information on how this part of the game works. So here is a fairly indepth overview. Warfunds, how do I get them? How are they lost? The way Warfunds (WF) are earned and lost in the game is not very transparent. We are working on fixing this (a design is being worked on and once done it can be prototyped and implemented). Unfortunately this lack of transparency leads to misunderstandings and confusion. Especially when coupled with some bugs that made it even more confusing. Reto.Stenum has been through the code and there are very few bugs left, but there are areas of the strategy game that needs expansion and extension to make it both more fun, but also more fair. Reasoning behind system All resources (soldiers and vehicles) have a cost in WF to (re-)supply, destroying them earns that value for the Assault Team commanders. Description of earnings model The earning of warfunds is tightly coupled to the resource pooling system: When an Assault Team enters a battle, its resources (Soldiers, Vehicles) are added to the resource pool of the respective attack line (or the “town center” for defenders in Assault game mode). Whenever a soldier deploys, a ticket is deducted from the pool, which then deducts a ticket from a suitable Assault Team (where soldiers and vehicles can be deducted from different Assault Teams within the same pool). When that soldier kills an enemy soldier/vehicle, the value of the killed resources (in warfunds) is attributed to a random Assault Team that is located on the same attack line and holds the same resources that the killing soldier spawned with. In the end of the mission, all earnings that were accumulated in that way are handed out to the Assault Teams on the battlefield. Example 1 A heavy tank is deployed. The tanker soldier and the tank vehicle get deducted from a random suitable AT that carry these resources. When the heavy tank kills an enemy resource, the value of that resource is determined in warfunds. The warfunds are attributed to a random heavy tank(!) Assault Team that is located on the Access Point that the soldier deployed from. Special case: If for whatever reason (f. Ex. after retreat) there is no heavy tank Assault Team present on the respective attack line anymore, no warfunds are attributed to any assault team. This will only happen in the timeslot from when an AT retreats and until the soldiers deployed from that AT die or win/lose the battle. Example 2 A battle consists of 10 fighter recon, 10 medium fighter and only 1 heavy fighter AT among ATs of other types. You send in an additional heavy fighter AT. A player deploys a heavy fighter plane in the actiongame. The pilot ticket may get deducted from any AT that has pilots in them, which means one of the 22 ATs with pilots. The heavy fighter plane ticket can obviously only get deducted from an Assault Team that has heavy fighter planes, which means one of the 2 heavy fighter ATs (meaning a 50% chance that it will be yours). The heavy fighter plane kills 2 heavy tanks (including the tanker soldiers in them) throughout the mission, which means a value of 395 Warfunds for each kill. When the mission ends, only the heavy fighter ATs will be considered for the rewards, which means you have a 25% chance of receiving 790 Warfunds (rewards for both kills), a 50% chance of receiving 395 Warfunds (rewards for one kill, the owner of the other heavy fighter AT receives the other 395 warfunds) and a 25% chance of receiving no reward (the owner of the other heavy fighter AT got lucky and received the rewards for both kills). Example 3 An example battle, with 4 motorized infantry ATs on each side - where 18 infantry soldiers on side A kills 72 enemy infantrymen and die 54 times (no accidents or suicides), but they lose 18 cars in the process and only destroy 9. What would the two sides earn/cost? Team A earns: 72 * Cost of an infantry + 9 * Cost of a car Team A resupply cost: 54 * Cost of an infantry + 18 * Cost of a car Team B earns: 54 * Cost of an infantry + 18 * Cost of a car Team B resupply cost: 72 * Cost of an infantry + 9 * Cost of a car Assuming I own ONE of the motorized assault team I earn: A number between 0 and all team earnings. Averaged out over multiple matches it will be 25% of the total team earnings in this scenario. What are we working on? We are working on an upgrade to the Battle Report design to make it easier to see the WFs earned by your ATs - Bugs fixed recently Due to the design of the handout mechanism, any Assault Team that carried the soldier type (but not necessarily the vehicle type) of the soldier was eligible for the reward. In the above example this would mean that any Assault Team that carried a tanker soldier-resource (Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, Tank Destroyers) could have received the earnings from the kills of the heavy tanker. The issue applied to most categories of resources (Infantry, Tanks, Planes but not paratroopers since they only differ in size but use the same soldier/vehicle combination). This has been fixed May, 30th. We fixed a server communication bug where action servers could lose the connection to the backend server, so warfunds were deducted when a soldier/vehicle deployed from the AT, but the earnings from those soldiers would not be added to the earnings if the connection got lost towards the end of a battle. Known Issues and expected fix date No warfunds earned for all kills that happen between the last deploy of the killer and the mission end. We are investigating the exact cause of this behaviour and it has high priority. In the rare case where the action server fails to communicate with the warserver at the end of a mission, no earnings will be handed out. In this case the resources lost are deducted (on soldier deploy) but the earnings do not get distributed at the end of the battle. We want to change this so earnings and costs are added/subtracted even in the case of a connection failure or server crash. This happened in about 1 in 10000 battles, we do however expect this to have been improved by the above mentioned fix. Players fielding a large number of Assault Teams in long battles are more likely to encounter this. And follow-up research suggests that some battle types might be more prone to it happening than others. We have identified bugs in the morale system that can lead to Assault Teams unjustly losing their morale and being destroyed leading to Warfund loss. When the war server refactoring is complete, we expect these bugs to be fixed. Strategy game future? As you have probably heard we are working on War Server Refactoring. This is a major backend task where the current setup is migrated to a new codebase to allow us to start proper development of strategy game features. WSR development is progressing according to plans; you can follow the progress on the Development Overview. As part of this we are looking into tieing staged and war battles closer together. And we want to extend the resource bookkeeping so earning follows each soldier closer, but more on that once we start implementation, as we will do all we can to get something on prototype as early as possible. FAQ Q: What happens to vehicles that are abandoned and despawn without being destroyed (eg. deploy in car, drive somewhere, leave it, die later, car despawns)? A: The WF cost for the vehicle is deducted when it deploys. If it is abandoned (ie despawns) it is lost. Q: Is it possible to make a profit? A: Yes, by playing carefully and destroying more expensive resources than what you bring/lose it is possible for skilled generals to make a profit in WFs. Due to vehicle despawns, suicides, accidents and retreats you risk losing more warfunds than you earn. Winning or losing battles has no influence on warfund earnings for generals. Q: I earned nothing by participating in this battle, is this normal? A: In a single battle it is possible, due to the chance-based distribution of earnings (or no achieved kills by players) to not earn anything, but over a larger number of battles this evens out.