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  1. Following the new skirmish map we added in the major Update 1.11 – ‘Skirmish at Khutor’, we also have a number of other updates and upgrades that we wanted to get in to your hands as fast as possible. So here is the minor Update 1.11.1 Player requested UI-updates We have taken a look at how generals in Heroes & Generals interact with the war map, battles and interface – and how they manage their assault teams. All to provide you with a better overview, better resource management and better gameplay experience. In addition to reworkings of the interface of assault team management, Update 1.11.1 also features a bunch of community requested quality of life improvements that were brought to our attention when we put the first iteration of the UI changes on the prototype server. Thank you for your feedback. Read more the details in this news post New payment options In this update we are adding support for PaySafeCard as well as direct support for Australian Dollars (AUD) and Canadian Dollars (CAD). And prepared support for AliPay and Qiwi to be activated in the near future. As a sidenote we updated the icons for all payment options. We are of course also still working on the Mission Critical Projects, as well as other maps, projects and features outlined in the Development Overview.   For a full detailed view of the features and changes in the 1.11.1 update please take a look at the changelog. Original post: https://heroesandgenerals.com/2018/07/assault-team-optimizations-update-1-11-1-is-here/
  2. War can seem an uncontrollable beast. For that reason we have taken a look at how generals in Heroes & Generals interact with the war map, battles and interface – and more importantly how they manage their assault teams. We have gotten a lot of great feedback from players taking part in testing out the improvements and fixes on our prototype server, and we would like to encourage all of you to participate and provide feedback when we have content to test. In addition to reworkings of the interface assault team management, Update 1.11.1 also features a bunch of community requested quality of life improvements. Better assault team overview We decided to remove the old 'assault team overview window' as it added a layer of redundant interaction to controlling your equipped assault teams. Based on player feedback we instead integrated the information and interaction into Generals on the soldier screen. Drag-and-drop Similar to weapons we have made it so assault teams now function as equipable components using simple drag-and-drop. One of many small tweaks in this update improving overview and handling of assault teams. Battle for major cities Keeping track of what major cities are being fought over can be important to a General. That is why community member Vudu_guy suggested we highlighted major cities with an ongoing battle in the major city overview. That is a good idea – so we went ahead and did just that. Find the war battle Community members Sivonya, Megaman and Tumult_inc were among those suggesting, that when you find a war battle via matchmaking, you should be able to zoom to it. We thought it was a great way to a bring a bit more overview to the game. We have also added a go to war location feature, if you want to know where a war battle, your friends are in, is on the map. Faster battle report If you are a General handling battles with numerous assault teams you might have noticed the game having to spend some time loading the assault teams. We have made a number of adjustments increasing the battle report performance and making it up to 70 times faster. Automatically leaving squads If you are randomly assigned to a squad when entering a battle, you will now automatically leave this squad at the end of the battle – so you are free to enter new battles. If you are in a squads that you or friends made before entering matchmaking you will ofcourse stay in this squad at the end of battle. We also added a sound to squad invitations, as suggested by Community member Xanotos, making it easier to notice the invite. Easier to switch factions When you choose faction on the soldier screen we replaced the faction carousel animation to instead just show icons for each of the three factions. One of many small details and fixes that makes the games user interface easier to navigate. And much, much more In all we have more than 50 community requested improvements and fixes in Update 1.11.1 For an overview of all of them please have a look at the changelog. Original post: https://heroesandgenerals.com/2018/07/player-requested-ui-improvements-in-update-1-11-1/
  3. Vehicle Gameplay Update - Changelogs and Known Issues

    Updated 13JUL18
  4. Cloud migration killing my ping?

    Forwarded to operations for further investigation. The entire internet seems to be suffering from heatstroke atm.. Very annoying!
  5. New Universal-1 tractor for the new map

    I'll just stop you here. As PART of the new map (you know, new maps THE most requested feature from the community) we ALSO added a new civilian vehicle. And just like when we add other vehicles it gets a short news post explaining what it is; something players are also asking for. So yes, I decided to do a short presentation of the tractor, and trust me, if we decide to add a new bicycle or another civilian vehicle that WILL get a short news post as well explaining what it is, how it works and so on. If you don't like it, don't read it. You spent more time complaining about it than we did writing about it. So just let it go. Ignore the news post if you don't like it.
  6. Falha na inicialização do cliente

    FYI: Hotfix rolled out to fix this issue!
  7. BattlEye checking problem

    FYI: Hotfix rolled out to fix this issue!
  8. New Universal-1 tractor for the new map

    I don't quite understand what you mean? Quick timeline: 1914 - WW1 start 1918 - WW1 ends 1934 - Universal-1 Tractor production start in Soviet Union 1939 - WW2 start 1940 - Production is switched from tractors to T-34 medium tanks 1945 - WW2 ends.
  9. BattlEye checking problem

    We have identified why this annoying loop triggers and a hotfix is currently making its way through test. We hope to get it live today. Sorry for the inconvenience. Players have reported that updating their windows installations with the latest updates also fixes the problem. More info here https://heroesandgenerals.com/forums/topic/90936-falha-na-inicialização-do-cliente/?do=findComment&comment=1302043
  10. New Universal-1 tractor for the new map

    It does not, but since the civilian truck does it should. There is a bug on it, so it will be corrected in the near future.
  11. New Universal-1 tractor for the new map

    Universal-1 Tractor On the maps set in the Western European terrain we have a civilian truck available for you to move from one point to another. In the giant fields of Eastern Europe the available vehicle to get you from one point to another (and to take cover behind should someone start shooting at you) is the UNIVERSAL-1 Tractor. The Universal-1 is a Soviet tractor based on the US Farmall F-20 design. A sturdy and easy to maintain tractor it proved itself very useful in all kinds of weather and in all kinds of terrain, but comfortable - it isn't, so we will advise against using it for longer roadtrips. How do I get one? On the maps located in Eastern Europe (so far only Khutor Skirmish) you will find these parked in different places ready for you to jump into and use. Can I give my friends a ride? Yes, the driver can give three friends a ride. Historical Facts Before World War II a number of international tractor makers fought hard to be the dominant brand in both Europe and the Soviet Union. In the 1920s a number of brands fought hard to deliver tractors to Europe and the Soviet Union and Fordson, International Harvester, John Deere and others each delivered thousands of tractors. In 1924 a factory in Leningrad "Красный Путиловец" (Red Putilovets) started to produce a license version of a Fordson tractor called the "Фордзон-путиловец" (Fordson-Putilovets) but the local production was suffering from poor quality and in 1934 the factory started to produce a local version of the International Harvester "Farmall F-20", under the name "Универсал" (Universal). These were made in different versions with the Universal-1 being the one we have chosen to include in the game. These tractors weren't the most common, but they were well-liked and very robust and dependable, and a lot of tools became available for them. The production in Leningrad continued until 1940, when it was changed to producing T-34 tanks instead. What about bikes? There are of course also bicycles available on the maps in the Eastern European setting! Original post: https://heroesandgenerals.com/2018/07/new-universal-1-tractor-for-the-new-map/
  12. Changelog 1.11 'Skirmish at Khutor'

    ARGH! Your PC is possessed! As Circinus says, make sure to send crash reports and I'll poke Ogssan again to see WTH is gonig on.. Update: More debugging info has been added recently so newer crashlogs are more useful than the older ones.
  13. Packet Loss issue on Moscow server

    Closed topic as it was drifting off topic.
  14. Packet Loss issue on Moscow server

    Not the same issue.. And it is the ROUTING to the server that is the issue. Not the hosting center, not the server.
  15. Packet Loss issue on Moscow server

    We're seeing some pretty bad packet loss on the routing into the Moscow Server at the moment. The hosting provider is currently investigating what is going on so we can get it fixed as fast as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. /Reto.Robotron3000