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  1. 英雄与将军《Heroes & Generals WWII》一月更新来了! 在本次更新中,您可以使用三种全新的反坦克武器,对抗这些强大的装甲载具,并享受装甲模型微调后带来的最新体验。我们也在音效与动画方面做出了更多改善。请参阅下方详情。 三种强大的全新反坦克武器 您是否曾经操作步兵却不巧撞见坦克,心中暗叫“完蛋了”呢? 现在,您有办法对抗这些装甲载具了。轮到您大显身手了! 种武器呢? 美军的巴祖卡M9A1火箭发射器:这是轻装步兵用的反坦克武器,也是二战中最具标志性的武器之一。 德军的PzB-39:这款反坦克步枪可以发射小而强大的高速子弹,而且和苏军的PTRD一样可以升级增强火力。 苏军的1941型安普洛梅特:这是一款125毫米口径的榴弹发射器,可以射出FBM-125反坦克榴弹,它能够轻易击穿90毫米的装甲。 现在您可以在综合的“坦克摧毁”勋带查看所有的反坦克武器了。我们淘汰了通过租借法案获得的巴祖卡,换上火力更强大的安普洛梅特。不过如果您已经拥有原本的巴祖卡,也可以将它留下。 万众期待的装甲模型微调实装了! 我们仔细听取了大家的意见,对装甲模型进行了微调。最后还有一项同样重要的更新:感应式地雷现在对于触发地雷的载具以外的单位只会造成一半的伤害。 我们也抓紧时间修复了一些动画、音效等问题。详情请阅览更改日志。 我们游戏里见! RETO MOTO Original post: https://heroesandgenerals.com/language/zh/2019/01/%e8%8b%b1%e9%9b%84%e4%b8%8e%e5%b0%86%e5%86%9b%e3%80%8aheroes-generals-wwii%e3%80%8b%e4%b8%80%e6%9c%88%e6%9b%b4%e6%96%b0%e6%9d%a5%e4%ba%86%ef%bc%81/
  2. Reto.Robotron3000

    New Anti-Tank Weapons Preview

    The Bazooka M9A1 Rocket Launcher The M9A1 was part of the "Bazooka"/"Stovepipe" line of shoulder fired anti-tank rocket launchers. The M9A1 is a Light Infantry Anti-Tank Weapon with adjustable sights to increase its accuracy and effective range. The launcher uses M6A3 hollow charged rockets that have great flight stability and improved armor penetration. The M9A1 is one of the iconic weapons of WWII and was allegedly deemed by General Eisenhower as one of the 4 most important aspects of the US military system that allowed the ally forces to win the war. The PanzerBüchse-39 The Panzerbüchse-39 (or PzB 39) is a huge German Anti-Tank rifle that fires a small but mighty cartridge that holds a massive amount of gunpowder that, together with the long barrel of the gun, gives a very high velocity to the projectile capable of punching through lightly armored vehicles. The PzB 39 can be upgraded in the same way as the Soviet PTRD for greater power. The PzB 39 were effectively used by the German army in the invasion of Poland; and two years later, at the beginning of the war against the USSR. The Ampulomet Model 1941 The Ampulomet is a 125mm grenade launcher introduced in 1941 to give the infantry a weapon to fight tanks. The Ampulomet originally launched 125mm glass orbs (AZh-2 glass ampule - hence the name) filled with a mixture of 80% phosphorus and 20% sulfur which ignited when exposed to air! The burning liquid would seep through vision slots or engine grilles on tanks and ignite ammunition or fuel as well as choke and blind the crew. The 12-gauge shotgun cartridges firing the FBM-125 - developed as an aerial bomb - is a shaped charge mine FBM-125, weighing 2.5 kg of which 1.5 kg were the explosive mass was widely used in the Ampulomets to defeat various enemy vehicles (90-mm steel plate pierced with TNT). See you in game! RETO MOTO Original post: https://heroesandgenerals.com/2019/01/featuring-three-new-anti-tank-weapons/
  3. Reto.Robotron3000

    Changelog 1.13.1 NEW ANTI TANK WEAPONS

    Changelog Hotfixes 1.13.1 HOTFIX 156650 – [21.02.2019] What’s New Added a new Pilot Starter Bundle Activated a 50% Off sale on new Pilot Starter Bundle Improvements Bicycles have been tweaked to decrease slope penalty and increase terrain speed HOTFIX 156382 – [14.02.2019] Improvements Activated the *correct* Warlantine’s Day promotion Deploy cost lowered for handheld weapons for close quarter combat Deploy cost lowered for weapon modifications that can be equipped to those weapons (except scopes) HOTFIX 155820 – [30.01.2019] Bug Fixes COLMAR HAMLET – Maschinenpistole 34 crates have been added to deploy areas. COLMAR HAMLET – Removed the capture point locked gate and replaced it with a fence. Added the option to lower or raise the amount of ammunition pouches for the Bazooka M9A1 and Ampulomet Model 1941. HOTFIX 155695 – [24.01.2019] Bug Fixes Fix for newly unlocked maps not being enabled by default. Fix for part of MK2 explosion sound being audible on the entire map. Fix for the “Cat’n dog” sound bug (MK II grenade shrapnel sound issue). Fix for Tank Ammo module destroyed attenuation. Bazooka M9A1 sound tweak. PanzerBüchse-39 sound tweak. Ampulomet Model 1941 sound tweak. Changelog Update 1.13.1 What's New New US Bazooka M9A1 Rocket Launcher. New German PanzerBüchse-39 Anti-Tank rifle. New Soviet Ampulomet Model 1941 Grenade Launcher. Created Unlock for Panzerbuche 39 at Tank Destruction lvl 4. Created M9A1 Bazooka at Tank Destruction lvl 8. Created Ampulomet at Tank Destruction lvl 8. Vehicle transmission destroy sound added. Vehicle track destroyed sound added. Vehicle fuel tank explosion sound added. Turret damaged sound for tanks added. Wing damage large, medium, small sounds added. Vehicle engine sound ducking when ammo depot explodes added. Vehicle engine destroyed sounds added. Optimization & Balance Armor Model We have heard your comments on the armor model and we have been busy tweaking it for a better play and feel. Anti Tank Weaponry With the introduction of the new anti-tank weapons, some existing anti-tank weapons serve too similar a purpose so they have been removed - however, if you already have unlocked these weapons, you keep them! Sounds Other Optimizations Added an armor quality value for each vehicle. Lowered total hitpoints for all vehicles. Lowered component internal hitpoints for all vehicles. Lowered the max amount an armor surface can be worn. Increased the amount of damage from ammunition and fuel. Lowered the explosion radius of proximity mines. A component remains broken until it has been repaired up to 50%. The base structure total damage multiplier is no longer normalised. When a mine is triggered by a vehicle, the damage calculation is based on the vehicles 0,0,0 point. When triggered by or attached to a vehicle damage falloff over distance is disabled. A proximity mine deals half damage, except to the vehicle that triggered it. For all penetration damage, 1/2 of the damage is absorbed by the armor unless the armor is worn down. Removed SU Lend Lease Bazooka because the Ampulomet is now available. Removed GE M1A1 AT-mine. Removed SU M1A1 AT-mine. Removed US TM-34 AT-Mine. Removed US Tellermine. Removed GE TM-35. Removed SU Tellermine. Removed US H3. Removed SU H3. Removed GE Bazooka. Removed SU PanzerSchreck. Removed US PanzerSchreck. Moved thrown AT mines to Explosives Ribbon lvl 2. Moved Grenadier Bronze to lvl 1. Moved AT-mines to Tank Destruction lvl 1. Moved Bazooka to Tank Destruction lvl 4. Moved SU PTRD 1941 to Tank Destruction lvl 4. Moved PanzerSchreck to TD lvl 8. Ammo destroyed + fuel tank destroyed sound tweaks. Vehicle ammo depot destroyed audio tweaks. Animation Updates for US, GM, SU Support Vehicles and Half-Tracks (Enter, Exit, Switch Seat). Faster fade out of hit indicator to increase visibility. Lowered the sandbags by 10% to allow for crouch shooting. Changed starting capitals as follows: USA > Copenhagen, Stockholm Germany > Bordeaux, Marseille Soviet Union > Moscow (unchanged), Minsk Known Issues Temporarily disabled hit verification sounds. Click to go back to the 1.13.1 Update announcement. Original post: https://heroesandgenerals.com/2019/01/
  4. Reto.Robotron3000


    January Update for our Development Overview is up. You can find the link to the 'Development Overview' both here and in the top menu under 'DEVELOPMENT'. We've done quite a bit of cleanup and added more content into our development track. We are intending to update the development overview again in February. Rather than listing all the changes here, please click the link and take a look for yourself! Cheers RETO MOTO Original post: https://heroesandgenerals.com/2019/01/
  5. Deep in the motherland we can find the Outpost Krepost. Who could have imagined the war coming all the way here? Inspired by the battle of the Brest fortress, the Krepost map on the Eastern front is fought in and around an outpost, leading up to the massive Brest fortress that lies on the horizon. In this encounter we focus on close quarters, man to man combat. Different from the other encounters, the Krepost encounter has three different objectives spread around the massive building. Krepost is build next to a river, just to the west. It gives a great natural barrier which protects the outpost from that direction. Three small towns surround Krepost, each connected to Krepost with a small wooden bridge. The north and south have been chosen as staging areas for each of the fighting factions. The town to the east allows for some nice flanking maneuvers to the third entrance of the outpost. Inside the outpost there are many rooms to visit, connected by long hallways. A lone artillery shell has an impact in the roof on the western side of the structure, not much remains of the second floor, yet a small ridge of the floor allows players to take the upper route between two of the objectives. In the center of Krepost lies a courtyard, filled with boxes of supplies from a fleeing army. These boxes create excellent cover for those brave enough to cross the relatively open field. It is best not to linger too long in the courtyard, many windows within the outpost give excellent firing positions into the courtyard. The two entrances to the north and south allow soldiers to get on top of the ramparts, giving an excellent vantage point across the courtyard. But not just over the courtyard, also over the bridge that the enemy uses to cross the moat often providing excellent targets to shoot at, if the opposing gatehouse can be taken. What are you waiting for soldier? It is time to go to war! Original post: https://heroesandgenerals.com/2019/01/
  6. Reto.Robotron3000

    New Tank Destroyers Preview

    The German Panzerjäger V Jagdpanther The Panzerjäger V Jagdpanther packs a powerful 88mm PaK 43 gun into the chassis of a Panther tank. A Tank Destroyer that not only excels in firepower and maneuverability, but also incorporates a solid frontal armor. The Soviet SU-100 The SU-100 is armed with a mighty 100mm D-10S High Velocity gun. This monster can take on ANY foe and is mounted with a thick frontal armor. The US M36 Tank Destroyer The M36 Tank Destroyer combines the mobility of the M10 with the firepower of the M26 Pershing. Also known as the ’Jackson’, the M36 is the fastest way to bring a 90mm gun where it needs to be. Original post: https://heroesandgenerals.com/2018/12/
  7. WHAT ARE WE TESTING AND WHY? We are testing a number of performance optimizations that focus on improving framerate by reducing stuttering, speed up loading time on minimum requirement PCs and a performance update to the anti-cheat. We are testing this on prototype instead of just rolling it out on live as there might be some issues with very specific PC configurations. So what should I do? Log in to prototype, and launch the action game (please just choose an infantry soldier and have all maps selected), deploy into the map and run around and have a bit of fun. We'll collect and analyze the data needed. The server has been configured to start battles with 1 soldier on each side and no infantry requirements, so this is your chance to take exotic vehicles and weapons for a spin if you want to check something out! Anything specific I can do to help? Upload crash reports if crashing; If the game is stalling or you experience much worse performance than on Live, provide your DXdiag file, player-prototype.log and hngsync-prototype.log. The logfiles can be found in the folder: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Heroes and Generals Here is a link to instructions on how to create a dxdiag file. How long will prototype be open? We will keep prototype open until Monday November 19th at 1400 CET. HOW DO I JOIN? In order to participate, you will have to download the Prototype client. You can download the client by clicking the link to http://prototype.heroesandgenerals.com Download and install the client as indicated. You will have more than enough Gold for testing purposes and grabbing the vehicles you want to play with! Please note that any gold, credits or warfunds are not transferred to the Live servers. What you do on the prototype server stays on the prototype server. FAQ Q: How do I access the prototype server on Steam, Mail.Ru, or Hype? A: Unfortunately, Prototype is only accessible through the standalone client. But you can use the same login, so you only need to download the stand-alone client. Q: Can I play when I located outside Europe? A: We have two different servers supporting prototype this time, one in Frankfurt, Germany like we normally have that gives good (or decent) ping for Europeans, Russians and most Americans, but we also have one running in Hong Kong so our Australian and Asian players should have a chance to play as well. Q: Why is the downloading of the client progressing so slow? A: During the initial opening of the server, there is a heavy load on download centers. Q: What should I do if I encounter a crash? A: If you experience crashes you should send the crash report right away! Q: Does this impact my normal game? A: No, You have a separate amount of credits, gold & warfunds as well as separate characters, weapons, vehicles etc. on the prototype server! Q: Do I get the Gold, Warfunds and Credits back in the normal game? A: No, the free stuff stays on the prototype server. Q: Am I allowed to have fun? A: YES! While this is a test it is also a game, so go have some fun! Check out other vehicles, factions and careers from what you normally play. Original post: https://heroesandgenerals.com/2018/11/test-optimizations-on-prototype/
  8. Reto.Robotron3000

    Changelog 1.12.1 Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    I think this is a theoretical problem. If the PC can run the game adding a handful of bot planes have no real influence on FPS:
  9. Reto.Robotron3000

    Changelog 1.12.1 Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    It shows a running FPS graph, mostly to help debug, but some players might want to use it to fine-tune graphics settings NB There were NO changes to tanks in the 1.12.1 update.
  10. Reto.Robotron3000

    Changelog 1.12.1 Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    yes pls
  11. Reto.Robotron3000

    Changelog 1.12.1 Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    UPDATE: This is fixed Updated Known Issues in linked post: "Administrator Rights Needed" error. This is due to an error at our CDN provider (the servers handing you the actual files), resulting in this weird message. Workaround - try again it is a periodic error so a lot of files do get delivered. We're working with them as fast as we can to figure out what is wrong on the setup and get it fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  12. Reto.Robotron3000

    Changelog 1.12.1 Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    no, son (anyone below 40 is called son 😉) But we are seeing increased traffic and load. We replaced one of the backend servers this morning due to a hardware error, but it shouldn't impact anything. Might be some DNS caching somewhere.
  13. Reto.Robotron3000

    Changelog 1.12.1 Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    I'm working with the devs trying to figure out what information we need to ID the bug. More info as soon as I get it. Again sorry for the inconvenience.
  14. Reto.Robotron3000

    Changelog 1.12.1 Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    Investigating! Thanks for the headsup. @Lycrist_Katkiller @Trollfaktor Did the game write anything in the H&G Sync window? If you type debugwindow (or hit ctrl+½) you get a debuglog in the client, if the error appears again please try that and send the output to support so we can nail that bug!! Does it fix itself after a game restart? Does it fix itself after a computer reboot (could be some other program, AV, search indexer etc. having a file lock on the files, and a reboot should fix that)?
  15. Reto.Robotron3000

    Changelog 1.12.1 Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    Update 1.12.1 General Game Changes Daily Bonus + 50% rank xp for the first battle of the day for each of your soldiers! Added an extra filter option for Soldier selection, giving you an overview of your soldiers across all three factions. Encounter battles for players below level 2 now have PVE fighter planes battling it out in the sky. Bug Fixes Various timeout values adjusted to help players who had issues joining battles. In game settings the language selection menu now shows the current language correctly. Other Changes After logging in, you now start on the Heroes screen instead of the news bulletin screen decreasing the time to action. Removed due to last-minute bugs. Enable FPS graph in console for all player accounts (render.show_fps_graph=1) Known Issues The updated sound engine (FMOD) may still cause issues related to volume over distance (attenuation) for vehicles and weapons on some sound cards. We are keeping an eye/ear on this. AsusTek Sonic Studio 2 OSD (SS2OSD.dll) can cause crashes. We recommend you disable it if you encounter crashes. Nahimic OSD (Nahimic2OSD.DLL) can cause crashes. We recommend you disable it if you encounter crashes. So what are you waiting for soldier – grab your gear and enter combat! Original post: https://heroesandgenerals.com/2018/11/changelog-1-12-1/