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  1. OK, after a 4 year absence from the game, I can't fly anymore. Need some help. I can't find/set dedicated rudder control. Every time I try to turn (NOT bank) slightly, my plane does an uncontrolled roll. I've tried various setting adjustments and every time, it banks. Mouse sensitivity has been lowered, but every I can't control the yaw with a roll. Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Guys, with all of the attention to physics, details, realism, etc... What is this utter nonsense and idiocy of precision hip-firing MG34s? Since when did Rambo show up in WWII? - I have Germans STANDING and firing from 30 yards away, nailing me with precision shots, while I can crouch and aim with an SMG and get a worse result. So, I picked up an MG-34 and viola! I was freaking Rambo!! I was walking and firing, without almost any kickback and killing people left and right. I was embarrassed and laughing at the stupidity of it. The same was true for the MG42 and many other machine guns. Come on guys. Before we tweak more damage, let's fix the basics.