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  1. I'm sure everybody that has played tanker for at least 5 minutes knows the fear of Anti-Tank (AT) weapons. If you aren't careful an enemy infantry could drive or walk up to your tank and start pummeling you with AT grenades. Now the issue here is that this "tactic" is quite darn effective at killing an enemy tank, even if the tactic is to flank outrageously and spam mouse1 a couple of times. I do know this game has a priority of being historically accurate, but this just seems too easy to pull off. Whenever I play tanker I am more worried about hearing that "PFOOPF" from a Panzerwurf than facing an enemy tank with more firepower. So here's a suggestion; -AT weapons mainly do damage to internals rather than the tank's HP- I think this would open up more ways the infantry can assist friendly tanks. Imagine this; a Soviet T-34-85 stands on the edge of the C4 bridge on Town. It's been sniping incoming infantry and has been holding its own against enemy tanks. Now the opposing team has probably some players that own an infantry with AT weapons. So after a while they manage to be within 10 meters of the enemy tank. Now rather than entirely killing the tank, the AT weapons mainly do damage to some of its internals. In a few seconds some fuel tanks, the engine, right tracks and turret ring are destroyed; the tank is basically crippled enough that opposing tanks will have a better chance of destroying it in a duel. This means the tanker only has 2 options; either get out to make repairs and risk fighting the enemy infantry or wait for friendly infantry to come clear out the AT infantry for them. Meanwhile the opposing tanks have a chance to kill the T-34. Of course I realise that actual Tanker gameplay can be way more varied than just camping a choke, but my focus lies on that AT weapons are incredibly effective at completely killing a tank; more effectively than actual tanks. Feel free to leave your thoughts below -M