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  1. Hi ive been playing a short while now but what i have noticed is the maps (although are random are from a selection of the same maps) are the same over and over again, what would be good if it could be incorporated is completley random maps so that players dont know spawn points or best routes to take or buildings to hide in snipe etc, although the game is very good, i feel that with the same maps been repeated over and over playes know the key points/choke points etc. It would be fanatastic if the maps could be total randomised including building locations rivers or no rivers etc etc. Also uniforms for different factions, can be purchased i know but sometimes they same very similar and for me as a newbie as such its sometimes hard to differentiate between sides. Thank keep up the good work.
  2. daisydog

    using resources in battle

    I sometimes get the option of ordering squads etc in some battles, but just wondering what level do you need to allocate resources etc or remove them in a battle, i.e sometime im in a battle and we dont have any vehicles etc or i cant change deployment line, yet others can? do you need to be a general? TIA
  3. Hi not long playing just a few weeks now, but one hting ive noticed is at times its as if the enemy know where you are going to and are ready waiting for you, i rarely see red triangles on map so am i missing something as i die quite a lot because of this oi.e going round or through buildings only to be shot as i appear at other side by an enemy stood their waiting?