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  1. Posted April 4, 2020 A few days ago, I saw a user in Warmord giving the enemy a tank. I saw the user as a mere spy, I've seen him prepare for maps like '$#@' in repeated games, wasting or obstructing valuable tickets. Only then did I notice the weirdness of the game and the more I fought with the group in question, the more strange I felt in Germany. I'm looking at their pattern to collect the group's spy list. One spy and three suspects. They work in the coalition and today they act with four suspected spies in the Paris area. German commanders, watch out. They are frantically wasting precious votes. by rmsid2020 I have also met many such people in the German War recently Wasting resources, acting, and finally taunting teammates with ez Sv is particularly serious in Asia Hope this issue is taken seriously Seriously affect the game experience, cheating wastes resources to win Some old players quit the game It is recommended to provide voting kick out function