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  1. HerojusRojus

    Bazookamen work like crazy for XP

    9 kg is a lot plus bullets (not one). I am traveling with maximum of 5 kg and i want to leave my stuffs.
  2. HerojusRojus

    Bazookamen work like crazy for XP

    HE for heavy armor is not necessary, they are useless against infantry. I agree with these exchanges but not light ones. I'm crazy of seeing you flying around my tank
  3. HerojusRojus

    Bazookamen work like crazy for XP

    But still it is not natural to jump and run with heavy tools.
  4. Hi. I like to play as tanker, but found an issue. There are so many players who like to work for XP and no matter what (no captures, no winning, nothing) they just focus on tank destroying. They sit in one place and wait for tanks, not do anything else or drive with a bike from tank to tank at the very end of the map when they are loosing all points. Even if everyone is shooting at him, he just focus on tank destroying and die happy. And they have an advantage: jumping, running with bazooka so fast and tankers have no chance to defend themselves. I see few options here: 1. Remove huge reward or even remove XP at all. 2. Don't let people who own bazooka run fast and jump high. 3. Don't let to own bazooka to everybody. Maybe to few. 4. Don't let to destroy tank with 3 shots. I like this game for fun, not for XP , but that sort of lunatics are ruining the game.
  5. Playing for XP is playing for nothing. Don't be silly. Just play for fun. Please remove XP at all.