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    P40 warhawk sucks so bad.

    Hi, I've been playing this game for an extensive period of time (2016 era) for the most part I play this game on and off. I have tried the bf109e4 yak and p40 and by far the p40 is absolute GARBAGE! The weapons are a JOKE even with ap ammo and large burst, it is slow, has terrible bombs and its turning rate is competitive with that of recon planes. is there something I'm missing? I suppose it has a large ammo reserve and can dive well? the bf109 and yak have a fighting chance against LA7 and other top-tier fighters but even the Warhawk is barely competitive with tier 1 and 2 fighters! you cant stall fight, hit, and run, or outturn any planes, and with an absolute joke of MG, you lose every time, at least with the mustang you are somewhat fast and stand a chance. Every fight just gets out-turned and murdered within seconds unless you catch another plane taking a wide turn or stall and lay concentrated fire without missing a single shot for several seconds. this plane was several hour's worths of nothing and a total waste of credits and am extremely disappointed in its performance considering it should be competitive with bf109 and yak.