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    I know this is a very common problem but I wanted to add my voice to the cacophony in hopes that something can be extended to the players in hopes to help fix the issue. I've played this game fairly often and while I do enjoy my time I feel like it could be a lot better if my framerate issue were resolved. I run many other games just fine. Dota 2, Mount and Blade Bannerlord, Borderlands titles, Multiple different Far Cry games all without issue on medium to high settings. But with this game, I cannot seem to break 70 frames. At the start of a game I maybe have 60 fps, for the first 5 minutes of a war match, but it feels like as more and more people join the match the game runs worse. My fps falls lower and lower the longer a match is leaving me with 25 fps mid-match. Adding on the skips and cuts I have upon occasion this game doesn't seem playable. When every engagement in an FPS is dictated by reaction time it makes it harder to be effective at playing the game. I reach the requirements listed on steam. I've checked the requirements for this game on other benchmark websites and I exceed those. I've followed the guide posted to this website on 2017. All to no avail to fix this issue. If I can run other games just fine with no adjustments on my part I have to think it's the outlier that causes the problem. And that outlier is this game. I own an ACER Predator Helios 300 for those wondering about specs.