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  1. BrightStarOfHope

    Hail to the King,

    hi all !! πŸ™‚ When I read the preview of this game in this magazine (you can see it in the pictures) and that I still keeping it, (Micromania, number 93) I suddenly knew that this would be a great game be played and I bought it immediately when it came out ... too bad I had to wait two years more to get a better computer to play it! 😐 It is a colosal game if we take in consideration all the modifications that were made of it which had several who were great, a special mention for Forgotten Hope, an extension of the IIWW game in which was based Battlefield 1942, with many factions, weapons and maps ... just amazing. πŸ€— It was so great that I even decided to learn how to create maps, using Battlecraft42 ... too bad that I did it too late, when only just a few fans were still playing it. When I play H&G I feel like being in there, with better graphics and with good and inteligent improvements, like to have lines to attack. In FH this kind of maps were called Push Maps and they were an improvement of the standard game of BF1942. Here in H&G, the fact to be able to attack an objective from a different line and also that are the players who decide which troops will fight when playing war, is a very wise way to give many ways to playe a scenario. I really like how H&G it is been made, although I have to admit that I miss other factions and theaters, but probably what shocked me more was that US and SU are at war, but well, if this helps to have more players, I think it is fine because it is for a good reason. ☺️ Other thing I miss when we are in battle are the infantry canons and artillery, but again, it is not really a big thing because the fighters can do that job. This all reminds me that I have heard people wishing to see more maps, maybe with new weapons or even factions, and I think that one new type of map I would like to see here it would be a landing map to be played each time that a faction attack an objective that it is in the other coast. Landing maps may represent a higher number of casualties to the faction which attacks and it could be considered to be not very fair, but well, a possible solution to balance this battles would be giving more paratroppers to the stockpiles. Reverence to Battlefield 1942 ! 🀴 Long live to H&G ! πŸ˜€
  2. BrightStarOfHope

    Daily Rewards - Soldiers

    Hi again! πŸ™‚ Okay, you have to log in 364 times to get the general, and for someone who plays a game a week it would take 7 years to get it. I thought that these rewards had been here for a long time, more than a year at least, but now I see that perhaps no one has yet managed to obtain the general. πŸ˜… Well, if I see that nobody knows the answer to question 2, I better transfer it to another forum, because now I see that probably only Reto knows the answer. Which forum do you recommend?
  3. BrightStarOfHope

    Daily Rewards - Soldiers

    Hello stones77! πŸ™‚ and thanks for your answer. I remember that when I started playing H&G I did not understand why I wasn't able to change my soldier's weapon for other that he had in his inventory, and that I had just bought for him just before the game started. πŸ€” Then, I realized that in order to help the team during a certain moment of the battle with the required equippment, I needed to have a soldier with that equippment equipped. It was necessary to have several soldiers of the same class with different weapons, equipment and badges before the battle starts, so I worked on it and made 10 infantry men. πŸ˜… What you have explained to me, stones77, demolishes, even if only partially, this long-hard job of equipping soldiers. ☹️ And now I have a third question ... because this makes me think about ... well, in the case of having 30 soldiers already equipped as you want them to be and maybe your higher rank is still far away from become a general ... Q3 - Is it possible to refuse this reward?
  4. BrightStarOfHope

    Daily Rewards - Soldiers

    Hello everybody! πŸ™‚ I am planning how many soldiers I want to have of each class and I would be grateful if someone could clarify some doubts that would help me to decide. I have been told that there is a limit of 30 soldiers for each faction and that generals are not counted. In two days I'll get my first lieutenant from the daily rewards, and from what I've seen, for a year, as long as we do a daily battle, we'll get one soldier from each class plus one general on the last day of the year. I currently have 17 soldiers. 10 infantry, 2 recon, 2 tank crew, 2 paratroopers and 1 fighter. So, if I add the 5 soldiers to these, for daily rewards, I would have 22 soldiers plus a general at the end of the year. Here my questions: Q1 - What happens if someone who already has 30 soldiers receives a soldier as a daily reward? Does he lose it or can he get it later, when promoting a soldier to general? Q2 - Are these rewards unique or are they meant to be repeated once the year has passed?