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    Lower your resolution !
  2. ciobanov

    Goodbye forum warriors

    Im happy dude, finally can make 999 million accounts if i get banned for whatever /s.
  3. ciobanov

    the tank update makes US even worst

    good guy Lewis, someone give this man a job at Reto, oh wait...please change Hades with this guy. Game will be far more intersting .
  4. Reto is doing they great style of doing things dude, they want players to stop playing the game, what you dont understand ? They literally always do the oposite of whats been asked for years and years, now we see that they are on minus from an money pov, they do the same, never listen to actual smart players.
  5. ciobanov

    2021 Veterans Day discounts,

    go to work !
  6. Reto is known for not listening to its players, or for implemeting things after the OP of tje thread that had the idea or the feature they implement deleted his HnG account and stopped playing. So keep trying.... 1.We need more camos, which are easy to make. They add these they can make $. 2.We need option for wider scopes, cause these ones that we have now are not attractive in any way possible and make players stop using S-A. 3.We need more badges 4.We need better optimization for the game, why does this game only use 30% of the CPU ? I need higher FPS for more CPU %. 5.We need more weapons 6.We need a better sound system, atleast make it so that we can hear where's left and where's right 7.We need a better LOD system, in which bushes are not walls and we are clearly able to use through it. 8.We need a better light system, better make it either day or night, the rest are usually useless and make player angry cause we cannot see shirt when we are playing these 'weather" types. 9.Add a new category for planes 10.Add a new category for tanks 11.More colors for the crosshair, even for the one we use on guns. 12.Better player info for the leaderboard version of the hng forum. 13.Clan system (which will come soon) 14.Only infantry able to que in war (which will come soon hopefully). 15.More servers in Europe (Germany, Romania, France, Serbia) 16. Customization to the crosshair 17.Being able to lower XP fonts like the "chat" one 18.Show number of players currently playing the game in the RTS menu 19.Being able to sell the guns we dont use for half of the price we buyed them, only in credits ofc. 20.More zoom to current ironsights @Reto.Christiano Keep in mind, this information comes from a player that had over 8 accounts on this game, not a single ban, over 100 euro spent and more than 2000 hours played.
  7. ciobanov


    Remove 1HK ability.
  8. ciobanov

    AA guns

    NO, it doesnt. They have OP rate of fire and direction of sound speedings....
  9. ciobanov

    AA guns

    Dude, i playing both sides as pro men, i know them skills and tricks, and now AA guns are literally OP, can melt a plane in 3 seconds, literally, thats not balanced men, wtf men.
  10. ciobanov

    AA guns

    AA guns are too strong, for fucc sake ! nerf them, give them some disadvantages, how can you always do something wrong to this game ! Why did i spent 70euros, if the retos dont listen to me, men i cry and i cry but reto still in the sky(no brain just pain everytime) HELP ME ! @Reto.Christiano @Reto.Hades
  11. ciobanov

    Why Soviets so OP

  12. ciobanov

    Why Soviets so OP

    No, just make it like it was before the nerf !