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    Game freezes dead during the battle

    Thank u for advice! I dont know what the problem is. One year ago i had the same problem, but with other game, not HG. It was Empire: Total War. Then changing of thermopaste in all places helped me. But now i dont have this problem in Empire, only in HG. I will check what you said. My laptop isn't new, already 7 years. I think the same about hardware hanging. Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone. The game started to freeze dead right during the battle. In 99% of cases when I play as a pilot and fly on a plane. When hanging only hard reset helps. I don't know what to do. I already reinstalled the game, selected the program parameter specifically from them in the Nvidia settings and reinstalled driver on this one. I will be glad to receive any hints and help.
  3. Всем доброго дня. Игра начала намертво зависать прямо во время боя. В 99% случаев когда играю за пилота и лечу на самолете. При зависании помогает только hard reset (перезагрузка через кнопку). Не знаю, что делать. Уже и переустанавливал игру, и выбирал в настройках Nvidia программный параметр видюху конкретно от них, и драйвер переустанавливал на нее. Буду рад любым подсказкам и помощи.