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  1. recently players had an issue with, this... anti cheat enabled. fetching your profile. and after two days, servers are shut down for maintenance, so the problem should be for servers. not anything else... and I'm still waiting until I can play HnG
  2. When I played h and g for the first time I had this issue and after a few time I learnt that how to fix it. now let's get started for a big job!! ( it's easy ) First go to your control panel then go to Programs ( uninstall a program ) after that select ( Nvidia GRAPHICS driver ) and uninstall it restart your PC Play H and G
  3. alirezapro85

    Stuck at "AntiCheat Enabled... Fetching your profile..."

    most of us have same issue. it should be fixed in next patch just don't worry
  4. alirezapro85


    Most of us have the same problem. don't worry dev. will fix it in next patch... maybe tomorrow or next week
  5. That is quite good
  6. Yo guys! :d sup?? recently I had this issue! so I surf the net for that some people said waiting gonna be good some of them said reinstalling should be better. so is there another way for fixing this... or I have to wait?? until when? a week? thanks for your help guys