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    Stuck at "AntiCheat Enabled... Fetching your profile..."

    Hi Lads I also got info on a different way to stop the automatic login by deleting a folder, the password change didnt even cross my mind ^^ Anyway, I easily managed to log in with my old account yesterday and play with no problem. Curious to see if my old account will get stuck too in a day or two as this seems to happen often too. But I never had this problem before with my old account and I don't think it will get stuck.
  2. Guess that isnt the cause then
  3. How old is your account? do you roughly know? Since this thread has started 2016, I'm guessing accounts from 2016 onwards could be affected, but maybe older than that not?
  4. I can confirm that this seems to affect only newer accounts. I finally managed to delete the folders saving my auto login features and could try my older account. I used that one from 2014 until 2 weeks ago. That one works absolutely fine. When I log out and try to log in with my new one, it gets stuck again.
  5. St.Kdo.Sdt.

    Wont stop loading after login

    I deleted the appdata H&G Desktop folder and could chose the account to log in with. I chose my older account (used it since 2014) and it works! Logged out again, tried to log in with my newer one and it is stuck Closed it, opened it again and I still can log in with my older account.
  6. St.Kdo.Sdt.

    Wont stop loading after login

    Are you using the stand alone launcher, or steam version?
  7. I tried the appdate and reinstalling too, didn't work for me, but I haven't cleared steam's download cache. Gonna try that too. Thanks
  8. Oh wow, I did not expect it to be this low. Is that only steam or standalone included? How did you do manage that? One theory is that older accounts dont have this problem, and I would love to test this with my older account (made my new one just 2 weeks ago
  9. Don't get me wrong, there are probably many, but not enough to justify rolling back the update. After work I will check steam to see how many people are playing, that might be interesting to see.
  10. I also thought about the possiblilty of rolling back the update that seems to have caused this for many people. But based on the fact that they don't do it, I guess the update works for a vast majority of players and we are a unlucky "few". Also they might fear that rolling back this update could set a bad precedence for players unhappy with any update to demand they roll it back.
  11. St.Kdo.Sdt.

    Wont stop loading after login

    Can you tell me how you you managed to switch accounts ? Did you enable "Remember login"? Someone had put forward the possibility, that the probelm is connected to "remember passwort/auto login" features I would love to test that, but i can't log out, only close the game and when I open it again, it of corse immediatly logs me back in.
  12. I've read quite a bit now, that people made tickets and haven't heard back from them for a while and start to get upset - completely understandable, however please consider the sheer amount of tickets that the customer support must have gotten. To answer all of them just isn't possible in a "normal" timeframe. Why the devs don't release an article on the main page at least acknowledging the problem and saying that is being worked on, I don't know. Like this, more and more people will end up at the same problem and write a ticket sooner or later. Could the devs stop this hush hush approach and release a blog post about this?, I think they really could relieve some of the pressure on customer support. and a bit of acknowledgement might calm the occasional frustrated player.
  13. St.Kdo.Sdt.

    Stuck at "AntiCheat Enabled... Fetching your profile..."

    Hi Astronaut When did you create your account? I started playing back in 2014 and can't remember that I ever had that problem. Until about a week back, when I decided to create a new account because name change isn't possible. About 2 days into playing with my new account I too got stuck at that point and it hasn't worked since... And it isn't just the two of us that have this problem - a LOT of people do, seems to be especially bad since last friday. I would love to test if my old account still works, but at the "fetching your profile" stage, I can't log out and switch accounts. How did you do it?