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  1. As the title says, when the match ends, there's no rewards or anything. This is happening to me, and one friend of me, as we play together. So, basically, the interface that usually appears at the end of the game, does not appear.
  2. VTsIK

    OC_Ludwig's Victory Parade Pt.2 (German Loadouts)

    That's what I'll do then, i think Fast Reload will be better for this soldier. Thank you so much! I´ve tried full RoF with the Gewehr and i can´t control it, but i'll try with the SVT or M1 for sure, that playstyle sounds interesting 😁
  3. VTsIK

    OC_Ludwig's Victory Parade Pt.2 (German Loadouts)

    I might try that just for the fun lol, i'm very used to play with Heavy Set always as the first option. I've been working recently in 2 soldiers: -AT. Equipment: G43, Bazooka M1A1 until i unlock the Panzerschreck. Badges: Hoarder & Infantry first. (although Fast Reload looks promising, i haven't grinded it yet) -This other guy i'm using it for Defense or Support, not sure yet. Equipment: G43 (green bullet, scope, trigger, heavy spring, scout II), P08, Medic Pouch. Badges: Heavy Set, and here comes the doubts, i've been using Nimble, Dead-Eye, Pointer Quick Fire, lol. They're both low, like rank 12 or something, but i'm open to suggestions about equipments and badges. Let me know what u think! 😋
  4. VTsIK

    OC_Ludwig's Victory Parade Pt.2 (German Loadouts)

    That's precisely the way i'm using it, hipfiring in close distance, If I use the scope at very close-range, I usually miss a few shots that make me die lol. Anyway i'm also switching to Dead-Eye occasionally! TBH, i still don't fully understand the functioning of Dead-Eye though.
  5. VTsIK

    OC_Ludwig's Victory Parade Pt.2 (German Loadouts)

    Yea i'm using Fast Reload on full RoF StG and Pointer Quick Fire on scoped StG for close encounters, works pretty well!
  6. VTsIK

    OC_Ludwig's Victory Parade Pt.2 (German Loadouts)

    Hey! I was waiting for the post 😁. Damn, there is a lot of variety in your infantry deployment. I have a few questions to ask! Since i only play war and infantry too. About this guy, i have a very similar soldier, but i'm playing with bullet besides the full RoF mods. Most of the time, like 90% of the time i'm playing battles with high ping from US servers (i'm from SA). You think it's not worth using it in that situation? Also, would you reccomend Dead-Eye over Fast Reload? Why? I tend to use Heavy Set+Fast Reload on most of my soldiers. Nice work 👏👏. @OC_Ludwig
  7. Excelente, la esperaré! Saludos!
  8. Me fijé y la invitación del discord no está actualizada digamos, si me podes pasar una nueva genial, gracias!
  9. Hola! Me gustaría jugar con uds. Tengo 1500+ hs, varios soldados y AT para guerra. Saludo!