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    There is a wrong city name in the game

    Hello development team I apologize in advance for my english, i worked with google translator. I come from the city of Friesoythe in northwest Germany and near "Cloppenburg" and "Oldenburg". When looking at the general map, I noticed that it was not even noted on the map. At the place of Friesoythe there is a place called "Barkentange". However, this is only a small village that in reality belongs to Friesoythe.In my opinion "Barkentange" should be renamed to Friesoythe, as this is the next bigger town in the area. In addition, Friesoythe was an interesting place of the war, although in Barkentange, to my information, no fighting took place. Sincerely, -snip- aka BrutusDerZerstörer Link to sreenschot from the game: Link to Friesoythe at google maps:,7.6921843,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x47b704eadc60afc3:0x91f12e813b10ec83!8m2!3d53.0244916!4d7.8589508