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  1. cromandero

    US having German Guns

    stop the grinding grind ! 😂
  2. cromandero

    its alive and well

    stop the crying cry, the bossamass is just a boss 🤣.
  3. https://i.ibb.co/JRNKYD6/image-2021-05-05-193138.png @Reto.Christiano , please, we want a better game not a game where majority of features that you add are just bad.
  4. cromandero

    New stupid players

    Yes, it will come, but probably too late, as always, im not sure that players will come back only for this.
  5. cromandero


    I just installed hng on a new pc and i didnt have that problem, check or change your internet connection.
  6. cromandero

    will you add optimization?

    Прежде чем начать инвестировать в эту игру, убедитесь, что вы можете в нее поиграть, 20 евро это немного, инвестируйте в компьютер.
  7. cromandero

    Why Soviets so OP

    stop the crying cry.
  8. cromandero

    war game, plane and generals

    Hi guys, from your experience, which side (faction) has the most generals that spawn medium plane AT-s ?
  9. cromandero

    Problem z plikami gry i grą

    Spróbuj ponownie zainstalować grę na innej partycji, procesor, który posiadasz, może wymagać wymiany, jeśli masz 30 klatek na sekundę
  10. Just be more careful of where you send your ATs. Therea no bug regarding that kind of thing
  11. cromandero

    дырявая игра как ваша жопа

    В игре уже используется хорошая античит-программа.
  12. cromandero

    Brazilian servers

    You need a majority of players to be from Brazil so you can get a good ping, if the region you came from is a minority forget about that.
  13. cromandero

    Order assault teams

    the short one that has numbers in it.
  14. cromandero

    Graphic problem

    Follow thse steps: 1.Change your resolution 2.Change the video setting you want, for example the quality objects from high to low 3.Change the resolution back to the one you are using. That should somehow reset and change the setting you want And your CPU going to 100% in this game is normal.
  15. cromandero

    Question about "Assault Teams".

    There are two things you can rename on your at, the number and the name, the number gets them reordered not the name.