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  1. Steingoar


    Don't you get it yet? In this game, everything is badly done. The game is killed
  2. Steingoar


    I don't remember what the developers said about it. It is possible that they will enter back. But it is possible that they will turn it off for good. Because all the players who bought have expired and there is no point in using further
  3. Steingoar

    Polish Content for game
  4. Steingoar

    Soviet Ranks

    Apparently they had no other option to introduce new ranks for the balance between other factions. Do not judge strictly the other faction also has flaws in the ranks
  5. Steingoar

    Assault Team upgrade path.

    For character progress, it will be better to choose a motorized guard
  6. Steingoar

    Stuck on button Continue to the next war

    Bug section:
  7. Dear developers. I want to inform you that after the last update, the search for a battle does not work correctly in the game. Namely, instead of staged battles, the game finds battles in war Also the search time... I waited yesterday for a battle on light tanks (I selected all maps and played prime time) for 40 minutes. At night, I can't even find an infantry fight in 50 minutes Players are complaining about this problem, including me Sorry for my English
  8. Steingoar

    Clan pages on the wiki

    Please remove "The Damned" [TDA] community from Wikipedia (Community removed) I'm sorry and thanks in advance
  9. Steingoar


    I found. The question is cleared
  10. Steingoar


    Tell me pls how to apply to add a community (clan) to the list of clans?
  11. Steingoar

    Login problem

    Do you play through Steam, Epic Games or Reto Launcher?