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  1. ElfieWinson

    Dt29 or Maxim ?

    I mostly do rush onto points but I have an avs and a pps43 to do that with, I'm looking for something that would be better for defending and siting in the objective with while shooting people running towards it. And with the dp28 I can do decent with but after hitting people a few times with it it seems like the accuracy of it can't be enough to finish then off before they get into cover, and even after they do get into cover and heal, it feels like it just isnt the best for long range. I'm not looking for an attacking weapon, just something that's good for defending objectives from people running or driving to it from range. Not a fan of using captured weapons, dont have any captured actually because I play all factions and dont like using other factions guns on the faction I'm playing. (Sorry if I quoted all these wrong, I'm new to the forums and still trying to figure out how to use it correctly)
  2. ElfieWinson

    Dt29 or Maxim ?

    I cant play this game much, pretty much only 2 hours every couple of days. After grinding for about 3 weeks I finally have enough credits saved up to get either the dt29 or the Maxim, and I'm not sure what to get. I have the dp28 right now and I'm okay with how it works but its accuracy at range feels a little lack luster. Would you guys recommend me get the dt29 or the maxim ? I'm looking for a gun that is decent at range while defending with my bipod up. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask I'm kinda new to the forums and I mean no disrespect.