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  1. marcushoph

    Weapon enhancements

    The only way the US could compete with the PPsh is if the devs add a Thompson with drum mag.
  2. marcushoph

    (Proving) M2 Carbine is expensive...

    I've not even bought the M2, even though I have it unlocked. I've picked up M2s from dead teammates before, but I would still find it way easier to kill enemies with the Johnson. I guess I just use the Johnson a lot and actually know it quite well?
  3. marcushoph

    M1928 Thompson

    Absolutely. If they are actually adding the M1928 Thompson they'd better have it with a drum mag.
  4. marcushoph

    M1928 Thompson

    American paras in the game can choose between the standard M1 Carbine and the M1A1 Carbine with folding stock. They are virtually the same weapon, with the M1A1 taking up less space in your inventory. This made me wonder: What's stopping the devs from adding the M1928 Thompson, basically the same as the M1 Thompson we already have in the game, just with a vertical front grip and slightly different sights. I'd imagine the way the two guns coexist will be somewhat like how to the two carbines already do. This version of the Thompson would probably take up one more equipment point than the M1 Thompson, due to the frontgrip making it perhaps a tiny bit bigger as a weapon, but has the added benefit of less recoil. What are your thoughts?