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    Team Vote Kick

    I've followed this game for awhile and I can't stress enough how powerless it feels to have teammates blow up your mines, run you over, and tip your tanks and not be able to do a damn thing without griefing back. This game has come a very long way and it's been around for a while which is why i can't figure out why there is no vote kick option. Based on how many people play this and how few matches I can join without getting straight back into the same match there should be some relief for the player base. I urge anyone who agrees with a team vote kick feature to +1 this and get the dev attention.
  2. MistakenForce

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    +1 For this but an added idea of just nerfing it by massively dropping damage by range OR tank the bullett drop this could seriously stop my Warhawk from being 2-3 shot out of the sky 5 times in a row.